My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Strong Alliance

Within a certain prison located in Flower City, Ouyang Qing was surprised to see Tang Jing visiting her. In the past, she never saw Tang Jing as anything but a lapdog or someone to be ordered around. As for Tang Jing, she almost never disobeyed Ouyang Qing in order to obtain material support.

Ouyang Qing was aware that her relationship with Tang Jing was strictly based on their need to use each other. Neither she nor Tang Jing treated the other party as friends. In the past, Tang Jing was the one who didn’t deserve to be her friend. However, at that moment, it was hard to tell the situation.

Tang Jing appeared to be as calm as she always was. “I brought you something. They’re currently being examined by the prison guards. Once the examination is over, the guards will hand them to you.”

Suspicions crept into Ouyang Qing’s eyes as she stared at Tang Jing. “I didn’t expect you to visit me. Why?”

“Because we’re best buds. Didn’t you always say that?” Tang Jing smiled.

Ouyang Qing smirked too. “You believed that?”

“I always do. Not only that, our relationship will only become even more intimate and better.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, I may be your sister-in-law in the future,” Tang Jing replied seriously.

Hearing that stunned Ouyang Qing for a few seconds before she laughed. “You are actually hooking up with that wastrel Ouyang Qi? How is that possible?”

Instead of getting angered by that remark, Tang Jing lifted her glasses. “Please don’t use a phrase like that to describe our relationship. To be precise, he was the one who chased after me. Also, I must correct you on something. Ouyang Qi isn’t a wastrel. You’re the one who deserves that title now because you’re a prisoner who can’t do anything.”

If it were in the past, Ouyang Qing would’ve been aggravated by that.

However, she had become a lot calmer compared to before.

It wasn’t because she had achieved some spiritual enlightenment. Rather, it was the strict authority within the walls of the prison that resulted in her calm demeanor and reflected on her past behavior as well as her current situation.

She stared silently at Tang Jing for a long while.

With a grin, Tang Jing questioned, “Why are you looking at me like that? Do you think I don’t deserve Ouyang Qi?”

“No. He’s the one who doesn’t deserve you. He only knows how to enjoy life lavishly. In fact, he got one of his fingers chopped off because he was having an affair with another man’s wife. He’s a useless, disabled person.” Ouyang Qing was quite objective with her description of her brother because that was the terrible impression he left in the outside world.

“You should treat your brother better instead of looking down on him because only then will he return the favor, which will benefit you. You’ll be able to leave here earlier than you’re supposed to and maybe even marry a good man. That’s why Ouyang Qi is my hope and yours, too.”

I think I understand what she’s trying to say now. Ouyang Qing laughed again. “You want to reach greater heights by using Ouyang Qi. I’m sorry to tell you this, but he’s useless beyond saving. You can’t count on him to achieve your goal.”

“I think you don’t understand your brother that well. He’s more powerful than any of you, primarily because he has someone mighty on his side. His strong alliance with that person will no doubt make him successful.”

Ouyang Qi chuckled again. “Are you saying you’re the one who has a strong alliance with him?”

The edges of Tang Jing’s mouth curved into a smile. “Do I not fit the bill?”

“How’s your progress, then? What have you obtained?”

Tang Jing shook her head before replying confidently, “I’m not an impatient woman, nor am I only interested in the small benefits presented before me. What I want is something big. Not too long ago, your brother was fired by Ouyang Li. However, thanks to my tactics, I was able to help him return to Sunshine Corporation to work. Even if he’s useless, he’s still Ouyang Duo’s son and the heir to the Ouyang family. If he’s willing to work hard, he’ll soon garner a group of his family’s supporters and replace Ouyang Li to become the representative of the Ouyang family’s interest.”

It was then Ouyang Qing started to believe perhaps Tang Jing could pull it off. “Why are you telling me this?”

“I want to share my achievements with you because we’re friends. I can’t tell this to anyone else because they’ll spill the beans. You’re fine because you can’t get out of this prison. So, no matter what I say to you will remain safe.”

“Is that all? What else do you want me to do? I know you have more to say.”

“I’ve asked my lawyer, and they say if you submit the names of your accomplices, you’ll be rendering a meritorious service. That can be used as a basis to reduce your sentence. If I utilize more resources on top of that, you’ll be able to get out of here sooner than you were expected to.”

Ouyang Qing grasped what Tang Jing truly meant. “Whose name do you want me to submit?”

Gazing intently at Ouyang Qing, Tang Jing uttered, “Ouyang Li, of course. Wasn’t she the one who ordered you to harm Nan Chen’s children?”

“Eh?” That dumbfounded Ouyang Qing because Ouyang Li had no knowledge of what they did back in Flower City.

“Ouyang Li’s the mastermind while you’re just an accessory to the crime. If you surrender her, you’ll be rendering a meritorious service.”

It was then Ouyang Qing fully understood what Tang Jing was getting at.

Tang Jing continued, “Back then, when Ouyang Li ordered you to do those things, there were two employees in Sunshine Corporation who witnessed that scene. They are willing to testify and confirm this. The case will be very complicated, and the police will need a very long time to re-investigate the case. In fact, it’s possible that Ouyang Li will be declared innocent anyway. However, there’s no way she’ll be able to keep her position as the acting CEO during the investigation. Ouyang Qi said high-ranking officials involved in criminal cases would be temporarily suspended according to the company’s by-laws. Is that right?”

Ouyang Qing cackled. So, she’s here today because she wants my cooperation to indict Ouyang Li. I bet Ouyang Li must be very stressed right now. No doubt people from different levels of the company have a problem with her. If she is involved in a criminal case, she’ll no doubt get temporarily suspended from work. With no other choice, she’ll have to remove herself from the position of CEO before she can even get a hang of it. Once that happens, it’ll be very difficult for her to return to that position again.

With a cold voice, she uttered, “You’re a cruel woman, Tang Jing. You want me to stir up chaos in the Ouyang family and attack my own people?”

“Your people? When did Ouyang Li see you as her people? Did she do that when she took your shares away? I promise on behalf of your brother that if you cooperate with us and help him gain control of Sunshine Corporation, you’ll get your shares back. We’re not in a rush, so you’re free to take your time mulling over your decision,” Tang Jing offered.

“I don’t need to consider anything. If you’re sincere about this, you’ll get me out of here first. Once I’m out, I’ll help you take down Ouyang Li.”

“No can do. The Nan family’s keeping an eye on you. You’ve offended them, so there’s no way you can get out that easily. The best we can do is to lighten your sentence.”

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