My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Pressured

The next day, Feng Jialing received a call from Ouyang Li saying that she wanted to meet up. The two had never spoken on the phone since Feng Jialing was kicked out by her cruel eldest daughter.

Feng Jialing thought Ouyang Li would never take the initiative to contact her again, so she was surprised to receive the latter’s call.

After all, they were related by blood. She could not help but care and worry for Ouyang Li. Without hesitation, Feng Jialing agreed to meet Ouyang Li and asked Ouyang Qi to send her to Orchid Club.

The clubhouse had been fully renovated, and the signboard with the wording Orchid Club had also been changed to “Lily Club.” Ouyang Li was slowly eradicating Ouyang Duo’s influence on the Ouyang family and was beginning to establish her image as a core member.

However, she encountered some problems even before the opening.

Starting yesterday, articles criticizing Ouyang Li began to surface on the internet, accusing her of ordering her subordinates to attack Nan Chen, who participated in an event. Her action violated the principle of fair competition and was deemed despicable.

Then, the articles dug in deeper, listing out the horrible deeds the late Ouyang Duo and Ouyang Qing, who were thrown behind the bar, had done to the Nan family. They believed that the Ouyang family was terrible to the bone and suggested that Sunshine Corporation remove all of them from the management team.

Several influential financial official accounts had written professional articles, making in-depth analyses of the current predicament of Sunshine Corporation.

The articles made the same conclusion that Sunshine Corporation would collapse if the company remained in the hand of Ouyang Li.

Many directors of Sunshine Corporation had always wanted to drive Ouyang Li out of management. Thus, they were overjoyed when articles supporting their scheme appeared.

Not to mention, many companies that had an in-depth collaboration with Sunshine Corporation announced the termination of contracts with them out of the blue. The reason was that Nanshi Corporation gave them notice to do so, or else they would terminate all their collaboration projects with those who continued to work with Sunshine Corporation.

In other words, those companies had to pick between Sunshine Corporation and Nanshi Corporation. Naturally, they had chosen to side with Nanshi Corporation since it had more influence on Flower City.

Ouyang Li felt pressured and would be forced to resign if she couldn’t solve these problems.

Even if she doesn’t resign, the board of directors could forcibly remove her from her position as CEO through a meeting.

She was left with no one to rely on when faced with such a circumstance and finally thought of her mother.

Hence, she asked to meet Feng Jialing, wishing to get advice on how to deal with these crises.

However, she got upset when she saw Ouyang Qi coming along with Feng Jialing.

Ouyang Li told Ouyang Qi to leave since she had something to tell Feng Jialing in private.

To that, Feng Jialing chimed in, “Your brother sent me here, so I want him to stay beside me. I’ll leave too if you ask him to leave.”

Then, she got up as she spoke and gestured for Ouyang Qi to leave with her.

Ouyang Qi immediately held his mother’s hand and got prepared to leave.

“Fine, I’ll let him stay. It’s not like he will understand anything.” Ouyang Li was irritated.

Feng Jialing sat down and said, “What do you want to say? Go on.”

“I’m under a lot of pressure now. Someone attacked Nan Chen when he was attending an event. Now, I’m being blamed for it. Several companies announced the termination of contracts with us, and the board of directors asked me to settle it. But those companies refuse to talk to me at all. Hence, the Nan family must have put pressure on them.”

“I’ve heard about it. Why did you ask someone to attack Nan Chen? This is so immature of you. Must you do this just because you lost the bidding? Did you gain anything other than getting your revenge?” Feng Jialing asked.

“It wasn’t me. I only said it serves him right during an interview. The person who threw the egg is Sunshine Corporation’s employee. So everyone assumed that I ordered him to do it. I wasn’t aware of it at all and was wronged. Now, I can’t clear my name.”

Feng Jialing sighed. “Do you think Nan Chen staged this himself? To put on a pity act?”

“It’s possible. After Nan Chen got attacked, Nanshi Corporation’s share price rocketed. The Nan family is shameless and they will do anything to achieve their goal,” Ouyang Li fumed.

“So why did you ask to see me? Are you asking me to find a solution for you? I have no idea what to do.” Feng Jialing shook her head.

“Mom, you and Dad were in the business industry for a long time. You must have experienced many things before. I’m sure you know how to solve this. Please don’t let me deal with this alone. I’m your daughter,” Ouyang Li said anxiously.

“Now you remember I’m your mom? Why didn’t you think of that when you kicked me out?” Feng Jialing snapped.

“I didn’t kick you out. I only wanted you to rest. Can you meet some of the directors and explain my situation to them? Tell them that Nan Chen’s attack wasn’t my doing.”

Still, Feng Jialing shook her head. “It’s useless. Those directors have plans to take over the company since your dad passed away. If the Rong family didn’t become the second largest shareholder and show their support to you, they would have taken action a long time ago.”

Now that they have the chance to take you down, there’s no way they will let you off. How dare you kick out your family, thinking that you can control everything? There’s no one you can blame but yourself for this.

“What’s the use of saying this now? You have to help me! Or they’ll vote me out!” Ouyang Li panicked.

“There’s nothing I can do. Your dad could have put them under control if he were alive. Now that your dad is gone, and I have no shares, I can’t help you. Do you think the board of directors will listen to me?” Feng Jialing retorted.

Ouyang Li fell silent after hearing that.

“I have an idea,” Ouyang Qi chimed in.

“You? You only know how to have fun. What do you know?”

“You can blame me and tell people I was the one who ordered the attack on Nan Chen. I’ll admit it openly too. Then you won’t be blamed for it anymore. That will lessen the pressure you’re facing,” Ouyang Qi said.

Ouyang Li looked doubtfully at Ouyang Qi. “Why are you willing to help me?”

“I have a condition. You have to reinstate me. But this time, I’m not going to be your driver anymore. I want to be your assistant,” Ouyang Qi explained.

Ouyang Li was suddenly on guard. “So you want to return to the company. What’s your motive?”

“My motive is to protect the interests of the Ouyang family in Sunshine Corporation. Is there anything wrong with that? Just forget it if you disagree.”

On the side, Feng Jialing chimed in, “You two are siblings. It’s only right for you to work together. Why are you hesitating when he volunteers to take the blame for you? He can share your burdens if he works in the company. Isn’t that great?”

Ouyang Li agreed after thinking about it for a while.

“Okay, deal,” Ouyang Li said.

Ouyang Qi was overjoyed. He was amazed by Tang Jing’s trick. Now, he could return to work in the company after secretly ordering someone to attack Nan Chen.

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