My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 736

Chapter 736 A Lesson On Crisis Management

In the end, Nan Zhengde decided against phoning Nan Chen after Feng Wan’s persuasion. Instead, Nan Chen took the initiative to call him later that day.

He gave a detailed description of the situation to Nan Zhengde. To put it simply, he just didn’t want to disappoint the children.

Nan Zhengde also subtly expressed his concern over the phone, reminding Nan Chen that he shouldn’t be swayed by a woman.

Upon hearing that, Nan Chen made it clear that it was his decision alone and that he would take full accountability.

After the call with Nan Zhengde ended, Nan Chen stood before the window in prolonged silence. He was aware of his grandfather’s displeasure and the implicature in what was said.

Apparently, someone was trying to stir up trouble. It wasn’t hard to guess that Bai Hua was the perpetrator. That didn’t sit well with Nan Chen, for the woman was his mother.

Due to their relationship, he couldn’t be as merciless as he would toward outsiders and had constantly exercised forbearance and tolerance.

However, Bai Hua never put herself in check that she caused one trouble after another. It was a shame that he couldn’t do much to her.

However, she would most certainly stir up huge trouble if he let her be. By then, Ning Ran entered to inform him that dinner was ready and it was time for their meal.

She felt pressured when she noticed the brooding look on his face. “Had that incident left a huge aftermath?”

“It’s okay. Let’s eat,” said Nan Chen.

“I’ve given it some thought. If the incident causes massive repercussions, we should deal with it flexibly and issue an apology statement. If someone were to hold this against us, then–”

“But you were the one who insisted on not apologizing. We shouldn’t be apologizing anyway when we’ve done no wrong. You said that we need to hold our ground. It’s okay. Let’s eat.”



Nan Xing, who had gone into hiding in a hotel, jolted awake at the sound of the doorbell at noon the next day.

It wasn’t until he saw Jiang Zhe outside through the peephole that he opened the door.

The room reeked of alcohol, eliciting a frown from Jiang Zhe. “Mr. Xing, we have an emergency, and yet here you are, drowned in booze.”

Nan Xing went into the bathroom. “I’m trying to drown my sorrows here. I failed miserably at the task he delegated to me. He must be so utterly disappointed in me and would holler at me if he could. But I just couldn’t hold myself back at that time. That person had thrown a disgusting rotten egg at me! I must yell at him!”

“All right, all right, Mr. Xing. I came with splendid news.” Jiang Zhe chuckled.

“What is it? What good news can you possibly have about my current predicament?” Nan Xing probed.

“The company’s public relations department had decided against issuing an apology statement due to Ms. Ning prohibiting it during their initial decision to do so. Everyone in the company worried that online critics would cause company stocks to plummet. To their surprise, stocks for the company listed abroad saw a surge in prices last night, and we were able to rise far beyond the recent upheaval. Stocks for the company listed within the country saw a similar surge today. It is also the highest increase in a single day in recent times. Aren’t you shocked? Isn’t this amazing?” Jiang Zhe laughed.

“D*mn! Are you for real?” Nan Xing yelped.

“Of course! Neither did we expect things to turn out like this. It is such a surprise.”

“This means my outburst didn’t affect the company’s image and had even generated a surge in stock prices. Wow, I’ve done a great deed!” Nan Xing was feeling jolly.

“Besides, public opinion has swayed in your favor. A lot of netizens are on your side. Compared to hypocrites who hide their anger behind a mask, they appreciate a CEO who has emotions and finds you realistic. Thus, a lot of them have expressed their support for Nanshi Corporation and you. Fortunately, we haven’t issued an apology statement. This wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

“Hahaha!” Nan Xing burst into laughter. “They’re smart enough to appreciate my charming personality!”

“Yeah. Things took such an unexpected turn. None of us saw this coming.”

“I had foreseen the outcome and knew this was the right decision!” Nan Xing cracked up.

“By the way, Mr. Chen would be arriving at Flower City this afternoon, so you no longer need to assume his identity and can show up as yourself.”

“Why is he coming back so soon? Does he not wish to spend more time with his family? I think I did a good job pretending to be him so he can take a few more days off,” Nan Xing suggested.

“If that’s the case, please take this call.” Jiang Zhe handed the phone he was holding to Nan Xing abruptly.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, Mr. Chen just called and I was still on the phone. You can speak to him!” Jiang Zhe quipped.

“D*mn! You messed with me! Where are you, Chen?”

“I’m at Livingsfill. I was planning on returning to Flower City, but I’m relieved when you said you can handle things alone. I already had Qiao Zhan cancel my flight ticket. That’ll be all. I’m taking my kids for a swim.”

Nan Chen hung up after saying a few words with Nan Xing.

“Hey, he left me to clean up after him! How dare you toy with me, Jiang Zhe! You called him so that he could overhear our conversation, and now I’m doing his job while he’s having fun!” Nan Xing cried.

“You said so yourself. It was because you claimed to be able to settle everything on your own that Mr. Chen decided he wouldn’t have to hurry back here. However, you have nothing to worry about. There’s nothing else on the schedule aside from the dozens of documents that require your attention. Please wash up and head to the headquarters for work. The incident about you is trending online, so you have to show up at the company as if nothing happened.”

“Dozens of documents? This is murder! Tell my brother that he is to return according to schedule. I can’t possibly handle this!” Nan Xing was in distress.

“Mr. Chen had switched off his phone, so we can only turn to you. You have to assume his responsibilities”

“By the way, did the investigation on the person who humiliated me bear any results? We can’t just let things slide, can we?” Nan Xing inquired.

“He’s an employee from Sunshine Corporation who smuggled himself in using a fabricated press pass. During an interview yesterday afternoon, Ouyang Li mentioned that you deserved to be humiliated, so the public speculates that she’s behind this,” Jiang Zhe reported.

“D*mn that woman! She’ll be punished!”

“Mr. Chen had urged you to remain calm. He will handle it personally,” Jiang Zhe stated.

“So how is he going to handle matters? Is he going to get someone to throw rotten eggs at Ouyang Li in public too?”

Jiang Zhe let out a chuckle. “That is kind of low and doesn’t do much damage either. We shall not do unto others what they did to us. Mr. Chen has his ways.”

“So how is he going to handle it? The Ouyang family has been finding fault with the Nan family, so they needed to be taught a lesson! Otherwise, she would definitely look down on us!”

“Don’t worry. Mr. Chen will teach Ouyang Li a lesson on crisis management.”

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