My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Get Lost

Back in Flower City, Nan Zhengde was having some tea at Commoner Residence when Nan Zhiyuan and Bai Hua showed up.

“We’re in trouble, Dad. Everyone’s bashing Nan Chen and Nanshi Corporation online now! What are we going to do if this keeps up?” Nan Zhiyuan exclaimed.

The elderly man took a sip of his tea before glancing up at the couple. “Since when did you two ever care about Nanshi Corporation?”

“Dad, I know we had made some bad decisions in the past, but we’ve always thought of ourselves as part of the Nan family,” explained Nan Zhiyuan. “That’s why it’s only natural that we’re concerned, right? We came here to ask you how to deal with this problem.”

“I’m already retired, and neither of you is part of the company. Don’t you think it’s strange for you to come over and talk about this? The public relations department will take care of everything, so what are you even worried about?” Nan Zhengde asked in return.

Nan Zhengde and Bai Hua exchanged glances, feeling at a loss due to the old man’s frankness.

“Well, this may not be any of our business, Dad, but we’re just showing our concern. You don’t have to be so harsh,” Bai Hua insisted. “Besides, surely you can tell that it wasn’t Nan Chen who stirred up all that ruckus. It was Nan Xing! Given Nan Chen’s character, there’s no way he’d ever get caught causing such a scene in public. Others may not be able to tell, but can’t you? We just want to know why Nan Xing took Nan Chen’s place and dealt with everything. Where did Nan Chen go? Did something happen to him?”

“Do you want something to happen to him?” Nan Zhengde countered.

“How could you assume that? Nan Chen’s my son. I’d never wish anything bad upon him. I just want to know the truth and share the Nan family’s burden.”

The old man scoffed. “You want to share the Nan family’s burden? Ha! You’re the burden here! How about you both get lost instead of muddying the waters?”

“Dad, we really just want to know what on earth happened. How could you say we’re muddying the waters?” Nan Zhiyuan began to feel unhappy.

“I told you this before, no matter what happens, Nan Chen and the others will take care of everything. There’s no need for you to interfere. Stay out of this. And if you’re thinking of using this chance to try anything funny, you’d best be prepared for the consequences!”

Nan Zhengde was so obstinate that his own son didn’t know what to do anymore.

The latter turned to Bai Hua, signaling that his hands were tied.

“Dad, we just want to make sure Nan Chen’s okay,” Bai Hua assured, this time in a much gentler tone. “We haven’t been able to reach him at all. Could you please tell us what’s going on?”

“I’m still in the midst of figuring it out myself, so I’m not sure either. But I believe Nan Chen will do whatever is necessary. You can leave now. I’m tired,” the elderly man responded, waving them off.

The couple stood in place, feeling indignant.

Out of guilt over certain matters, they had both been avoiding the spotlight for a while now.

However, they certainly didn’t want to be treated like outcasts either and kept finding ways to take part in the family’s affairs.

That was why they had approached Nan Zhengde as soon as the opportunity arose—only to be given a ruthless lecture.

“Why do you keep shutting us out, Dad? Are you done giving us chances?” Bai Hua raised her voice.


Nan Zhengde slammed a hand on the desk. “I gave you your chance, but you didn’t take it! I have even allowed you to return to the country. What more do you want from me? Are you expecting me to hand Nan Chen’s position as CEO to you both and watch you bring the entire family down?”

“We’re just concerned about the family! Why are you treating us like this? Ning Ran’s currently filming a movie at Livingsfill, so Nan Chen must’ve gone to see her. That’s why he’s getting Nan Xing to attend all the events in his place! The one who’s constantly bringing trouble to the family is that woman, but instead of giving a d*mn about her, all you do is yell at us! I’ve had enough. If you want us to stay out of this, we’ll do just that. Let’s go, Zhiyuan!”

Unable to control her temper any longer, Bai Hua turned to leave while tugging Nan Zhiyuan along.

The latter remained slightly hesitant, but he ultimately walked away after his father yelled at him to leave.

Feng Wan was in the courtyard admiring the flowers that had just bloomed when a housekeeper told her about Nan Zhengde’s fit of rage.

She rushed over and patted her husband on the back. “What are you getting so worked up about at this age? Calm down!”

“Call Nan Chen! I need to talk to him,” the old man huffed.

“Oh, stop getting all riled up already. Nan Chen always knows what he’s doing, so I’m sure he has something up his sleeve for whatever that is happening now,” Feng Wan consoled. “Are you thinking of yelling at him?”

“I just want to ask him if Ning Ran’s making him stay in Livingsfill. I had a pretty good impression of that girl at first, but I didn’t think she’d be this inconsiderate! Look at the mess she’s caused us! This is outrageous!”

The elderly woman’s face fell immediately. “Why are you blaming this on Ning Ran? What does she have to do with it?”

“Isn’t Nan Chen in Livingsfill because she’s there filming a movie? Would he have gotten Nan Xing to take his place if he didn’t have to keep her company there?” Nan Zhengde bellowed.

“You heard this from Bai Hua, didn’t you?” questioned Feng Wan.

“Well, I think she has a point! We have to get Ning Ran to come back and teach her a lesson, but if she keeps this up, we’ll make her leave Nan Chen! Give her a lump sum of money so she can live comfortably for the rest of her life without having to star in any more films.”

“Are you serious? Do you actually think Bai Hua has a point? I think you’re losing it, Zhengde! She’s always wanted Zhiyuan to be involved in the company’s affairs just so they could gain more power. Why else do you think they were so close to the Ouyang family and wanted Ouyang Qing to marry Nan Chen? They were trying to use the Ouyangs to get back into the company. But now that the Ouyangs have fallen and the marriage isn’t happening, Bai Hua’s been plotting against Ning Ran all this while! If Ning Ran doesn’t marry Nan Chen, that means Bai Hua would be able to find herself another potential daughter-in-law who’d stand with her. Don’t you understand that? And yet, you’re putting the blame on Ning Ran just after hearing a few words from Bai Hua? You really must be getting senile!”

Nan Zhengde began to calm down after being reprimanded by his wife.

He could certainly make sense of what she had just told him.

In fact, it was because realization had dawned on him that he became furious again.

Still, he was worried that Nan Chen might be too subservient to Ning Ran.

Our family will be in trouble if it turns out that Ning Ran’s up to no good. Bai Hua’s the perfect example of a mistake that should never be repeated. I don’t think Ning Ran has any ulterior motive for the time being, but it’s best to be careful. We can’t allow all the things that Bai Hua and Zhiyuan did in the past to happen again.

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