My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Talking To A Brick Wall

Nan Xing and the higher-up were quickly escorted out of the venue by the security guards. However, that was just the beginning.

Many popular economic media outlets reported the matter instantly with eye-catching headlines: Nanshi Corporation’s Ceo Cursing After Being Attacked At An Event; Nanshi Corporation Accused Of Being An Unscrupulous Developer—Is There Something Fishy Going On? A Rotten Egg Was Thrown At The Nan Family’s Conglomerate!

To make matters worse, even entertainment media outlets reported on the issue. Nan Chen was not in the entertainment industry, but he garnered a lot of attention due to his unbelievably handsome looks.

Moreover, he was rarely involved in any scandals and bore an icy expression all the time. Hence, the press was all too eager to seize upon his mistake and blow it up.

In a flash, the topic of Nan Chen cursing in public was all over the Internet. Someone even created memes of him cursing with the caption: I’ll beat you up!

That was the first time Nan Chen had ever been criticized that badly. Alas, the man in the spotlight had no idea about any of that. He was currently enjoying the warm sunshine in Livingsfill while playing with his children.

The first person in Livingsfill who discovered that Nan Chen was trending was Lu Jingyuan’s eldest daughter, Lu Yunbing.

Nan Chen’s and Nan Xing’s dashing looks were easy to remember, so Lu Yunbing immediately recognized the man on the news as Erbao’s father and told Lu Jingyuan about it.

Lu Jingyuan then told Ning Ran about the incident. Seeing that Nan Chen was having fun with the kids, the latter did not mention anything to him immediately.

It was mainly because she thought Jiang Zhe would call Nan Chen to report the matter to him, so there was no need for her to inform him herself.

After lunch, the kids went to take a nap. Ning Ran then asked, “How should we deal with the matter online?”

To her surprise, Nan Chen knew nothing about it. He arched a brow and questioned, “What matter?”

“Don’t you know?”

“No, I don’t. I didn’t look at my phone as I’m on vacation,” came his answer.

Ning Ran handed him her phone. “Take a look at this.”

Nan Chen read the news article, then threw her phone away.

“What the? This is my phone! How could you throw it away?” Ning Ran exclaimed.

She promptly regretted giving him her new phone. I should’ve given Nan Chen his own phone. Ah, my new phone!

Still furious, Nan Chen grabbed a teacup from the table and threw it out.

It still did not help to vent his anger, so he kicked the table forcefully.

Ning Ran was a little shocked by his actions, for she did not expect him to be that angry.

“You knew about this long ago? Why didn’t you tell me anything?” Nan Chen glowered at her frostily.

Ning Ran was a little scared. “I only got to know about it a while ago when I was scrolling through social media.”

“Nan Xing’s such a good-for-nothing! How could he mess up a matter as small as attending an event!” He then got up and knocked the chair over.

Afraid that he would kick her out of anger, Ning Ran immediately backed away from him.

“Call Jiang Zhe!” Nan Chen roared.

“Oh.” Ning Ran picked up the phone he had thrown away earlier, only to realize the screen was shattered. She could no longer make any calls.

“It’s broken,” she said as she waved her phone innocently.

“Find one!” he roared yet again.

Ning Ran was filled with regret. If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have mentioned anything. Why did I drag myself into the mess? Ugh, I’m going to go deaf if he continues yelling at me.

Unfortunately, Nan Chen was a ball of pure anger, so she dared not say no and left to look for his phone.

When his phone was found, there were dozens of missed call notifications on the screen. Some were from Jiang Zhe.

However, Nan Chen did not take the phone when Ning Ran gave it to him. “I don’t need it anymore.”

That baffled her. He got so furious a while ago and ordered me to get his phone. Now, he doesn’t want it anymore. Has he calmed down that quickly?

Nevertheless, she dared not ask any questions and returned his phone to its original place.

Nan Chen beckoned her over. “Come here!”

Ning Ran cowered away from him. “No!”

His anger rose again. “Why not? Are you afraid I’ll eat you up?”

“No. I’m afraid you’ll throw me out! You’ve lost your mind!” she retorted.

The incensed Nan Chen snarled, “Nonsense. I didn’t lose my mind!”

“You threw and kicked everything that you could. Doesn’t that prove you’ve lost your mind? You were the one who asked Nan Xing to masquerade as you, but you know Nan Xing’s personality is the total opposite of yours. It’s normal for him to curse out loud after someone threw a rotten egg at him!”

After a pause, she added, “If I were in his shoes, I’d do the same. Other than cursing the person, I’d also give him a vicious slap!”

Nan Chen furrowed his brows. Why is she this fierce? She loves slapping people!

At the sight of his scowl, Ning Ran was worried about offending him again, so she hurriedly explained, “I was just joking.”

“I said, come here!” he ordered coldly.

“No!” She refused to do as told.

“Come here so we can discuss the incident. Once Grandpa finds out about this, he’ll definitely ask me what happened. How should I answer him?” Nan Chen uttered.

“Are you sure you only want to have a discussion with me? You won’t hurt me or throw me out, will you?” Ning Ran wanted to be sure.

He hissed, “If you don’t come here now, I’ll throw you out for sure!”

Hearing that, she instantly ran over. “I think it’s perfectly normal for him to curse out loud. Since it has already happened, you shouldn’t blame Nan Xing.”

“I’m worried that people will discover it was Nan Xing masquerading as me after what he did. If that happens, everyone will suspect my identity whenever I show myself in public! Besides, this is bad news for the company. Someone in my position can never curse in front of reporters. My competitors will seize their chance to bring harm to us! This might snowball into something more consequential. We don’t know how serious the negative effects will be,” Nan Chen explained.

Ning Ran finally realized how severe the matter was after hearing his explanation.

People from different positions sure view the matter from different perspectives and angles.

“What do we do now?” she asked, becoming worried as well.

Nan Chen asked her, “How should I answer if my grandpa asks about this?”

“Just be honest with him. He won’t fall for your lies, anyway. Your grandpa knows you and Nan Xing well. I’m sure he would know the truth.” Ning Ran gave a suggestion.

“It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have asked Nan Xing to attend the event on my behalf.”

“I don’t think you did anything wrong.”

Nan Chen glanced at Ning Ran, motioning her to continue.

“I can’t pinpoint the reason, but I think you did nothing wrong,” she explained with a grin.

The man frowned. It’s hard to talk about serious matters with her. I’m boiling with anger, but she’s smiling cheerfully. How can I continue the conversation? Well, indeed, this incident is nothing serious to her. It’s just cursing at someone. She probably does it often.

“By the way, I think you should let Nan Xing deal with this. By solving the problem he caused, he will learn a lesson and never make the same mistake again,” Ning Ran added.

Nan Chen felt like he was talking to a brick wall. I shouldn’t have wasted my time discussing crisis management with her.

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