My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Too Late To Regret

“Okay. The company’s name is Secure Logistics, and its owner is Ruan Anxi. He’s very famous in M Nation. Rumor has it that he is the illegitimate son of a royal household member, so he has the power to mobilize many national resources in M Nation. Hence, his company developed rapidly, having thousands of armed personnel. These people have one similarity—they have a poppy flower tattoo on their arms.

Because Ruan Anxi is an influential man, people from other associations in M Nation dare not provoke those with this tattoo on their arms. They stay away from these people as they cannot afford to offend Ruan Anxi. As a result, many who do not work for Ruan Anxi got the same tattoo. We can’t be sure if that guy worked for Ruan Anxi, as he could have faked his identity.”

Qiao Zhan revealed a lot of information in a short amount of time. He knew that was a lot to digest, but some things had to be explained in detail. “Secure Logistics? We have projects in M Nation, but why haven’t I heard about this company?” Nan Chen asked.

“This company is famous in the underworld as it’s involved in many shady deals. Otherwise, there’s no need for them to hire so many people. Basically, Ruan Anxi is a gangster. He runs a few legal businesses, but they only take up a small percentage of his business empire,” Qiao Zhan explained.

Nan Chen said nothing and fell into deep thought. “If that person worked for Ruan Anxi, why would he harm Ning Ran? Ning Ran couldn’t have had anything to do with him,” he then said.

“That’s true. Besides, Nanshi Corporation is only involved in legal businesses and has never gotten into any conflict with the underworld. I don’t understand why they would harm Madam for no reason. Of course, we can’t be sure if he worked for Ruan Anxi,” Qiao Zhan replied.

“Got it. You may leave now. Remember to tell our men to be careful,” Nan Chen ordered with a wave of his hand.

The following day, Nan Xing arrived at Nanshi Corporation’s headquarters, clad in a black suit. He went to the CEO’s office and sat in the chair.

On the surface, he did not look any different from Nan Chen. In fact, he was the spitting image of the latter.

“Do I look like him?” Nan Xing asked Jiang Zhe, still feeling a little worried.

“Yes,” Jiang Zhe replied firmly.

“This is so stressful. Chen is too serious, while I’m not that serious. It’s inhuman to have me pose as my brother,” Nan Xing complained.

Jiang Zhe stifled his laughter. “It’s fine. You can do it. Have you memorized the speech?”

“No,” came Nan Xing’s quick answer.

“That’s fine. You can read the speech at the event. Just make sure you don’t make any mistakes.”

Jiang Zhe felt helpless. Sir Chen never reads from a script and always speaks spontaneously, but his twin’s masquerading as him now. I have no choice but to ask Mr. Xing to read from the script.

“That was a lie. I’ve already memorized it. Are you looking down on me?” Nan Xing glared at him.

“I wouldn’t dare look down on you, Mr. Xing. I knew you could do it.”

“What else do I need to pay attention to? You’ve worked for my brother for a long time, so you know him well. Your opinion matters a lot,” Nan Xing urged.

“Mm. Let me think about it.”

A while later, Jiang Zhe continued, “Oh, I got it. Mr. Chen rarely smiles or reveals his true emotions. No matter how interesting the matter is, you cannot smile.”

Nan Xing wailed, “What is all this? Can’t I even smile? What if I feel the urge to smile? I don’t get it. Does Chen never find anything amusing, or does he like to suppress his laughter? If it’s the latter, he must be tired after doing that for years. There’s no need to go to that extent.”

Jiang Zhe did not have an answer to his question. “I’m not sure why. Perhaps he just doesn’t like to smile. Anyway, Mr. Chen has never smiled in front of reporters. You’ll get caught if you smile!”

“What if I feel the urge to smile? What should I do? We don’t know what will happen, do we?” Nan Xing protested.

“You’ll have to hold back your smile. That’s the only way.” Jiang Zhe shrugged.

“Should I wear a mask? If I wear a mask, the reporters won’t realize that I’m smiling.”

Jiang Zhe immediately talked him out of it. “That won’t do. There will be many reporters at the event. If you wear a mask, they will assume you’re ill. A news report on your illness will cause the stock prices of the listed companies under Nanshi Corporation to drop. That can’t happen.”

“I cannot do anything. How annoying!”

Jiang Zhe exhorted patiently, “It’s just for one day. Just bear with it. Remember not to reveal your emotions. That’s very important.”

“Okay, got it.”

“Let’s go. It’s almost time,” Jiang Zhe urged.

Half an hour later, “Nan Chen” arrived at the venue.

As his best effort to look cool, Nan Xing wore a poker face. He said nothing despite the reporters’ relentless questions.

Jiang Zhe deliberately told him not to answer any questions from the reporters to lower the risk of exposing the act.

After all, Nan Chen was not the type to talk a lot in front of the cameras, so doing that would lower the risk as well as allow Nan Xing to act accordingly to his elder twin’s usual image.

The event began with Nan Xing shaking hands with a higher-up and chatting with him briefly.

After the higher-up delivered his speech, it was Nan Xing’s turn. Everything went on smoothly.

Nan Xing was good at memorizing stuff, so he delivered his speech successfully without missing any words.

When he was almost done, someone among the reporters beneath the stage threw something at him.

Caught off guard, Nan Xing got hit directly.

A pungent smell attacked his nostrils—it was a rotten egg!

Alas, his high-end custom-made suit was ruined.

The stench was too horrible. In fact, Nan Xing had never smelled something that bad. His stomach churned so badly that he nearly puked onstage.

Furious, Nan Xing forgot he was masquerading as Nan Chen and parted his lips to curse. “What the f*ck is going on? Who the h*ll did this? I’ll have him killed!”

Although a commotion ensued, many people heard what he said. Someone even recorded him.

In truth, Nan Xing was a gentleman. Despite being a playboy, he was not the type who would curse easily.

Nevertheless, he could not be bothered about his image as he was overwhelmed with anger. As a result, he cursed out loud without thinking much.

It was rare to see Nan Xing yelling at someone else. In his whole life, he had only done that a handful of times.

Yet, that time around, it happened in public and was recorded.

Most importantly, Nan Xing was assuming Nan Chen’s identity.

The security guards swiftly captured the person who threw the rotten egg. The person screamed, “Nanshi Corporation is an evil capitalist and unscrupulous developer! Go to h*ll!”

The reporters were delighted at the turn of events. After all, recording Nan Chen cursing out loud was equivalent to hitting the jackpot!

Nan Xing felt a gush of regret right after he cursed out loud, but it was too late to turn back time.

He was not a deep person who could conceal his emotions. When fury washed over him, he expressed it by cursing out loud.

Since it was a done deed, there was no point crying over spilled milk.

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