My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 729

Chapter 729 That Is Another Matter

Of course, Tang Jing could not let Feng Jialing leave just like that. After all, she did not purposely rush back from Livingsfill because she missed Ouyang Qi and wanted to see him. Instead, her true main objective was to meet Feng Jialing.

As for Tang Jing’s motive for doing so, it was, naturally, to interact with Feng Jialing more and have the latter get to know her. In fact, it would be better if they could get close. From there, she would develop their relationship and be deeply involved in the mother-and-son duo’s life. Thus, all her efforts would be wasted if Feng Jialing left.

At that thought, Tang Jing hurriedly said, “Mrs. Ouyang, did I do something wrong? Please go ahead and scold me if I’ve upset you. It is my great honor that you’ve come to stay in this shabby place of mine. I’d offered to prepare a meal for you because you are Qing’s mother. Ouyang Qing and I were schoolmates. In fact, we were best pals back in school. We’re still great friends even after we reunited with each other. She’s unlucky to be set up by the Nan family and is serving a prison sentence. I’m even planning to visit her tomorrow. If you don’t like having me here, I’ll leave now.”

With that, she picked up her bag and got ready to leave. “What’s going on? Why is everyone leaving? What’s wrong with letting Tang Jing make us a meal and enjoy it together?” Ouyang Qi hurriedly voiced.

It was no doubt that Tang Jing was incredible. As soon as she realized Feng Jialing was upset, she quickly put on a humbler attitude and even brought up Ouyang Qing’s matters.

Since Feng Jialing had always adored her second daughter, she would surely waver if Ouyang Qing’s name was mentioned.

Initially, Tang Jing’s plan did not include visiting Ouyang Qing, but she decided to lie to win Feng Jialing’s heart.

As expected, her trick worked. “You’re going to visit Qing? In that case, I’ll buy some stuff tomorrow. Please help me give them to her,” Feng Jialing said.

The older woman then turned to her son and chided, “Learn from Ms. Tang, Ouyang Qi. Even Qing’s friend could think of visiting Qing. What about you? I bet that has never crossed your mind.”

“Thank you so much, Ms. Tang. Please go ahead and start cooking. We can talk more later. Now that you mention you’re Qing’s friend, I’m starting to see some similarities between you two…” All of a sudden, she behaved like a drama queen, her voice becoming tearful.

No one knew if she was acting or if the sight of Tang Jing made her feel melancholy and recall her daughter.

“Don’t be sad, Mrs. Ouyang. Let’s think of a way to reduce Qing’s sentence. But first, you have to take good care of your health. We must let Qing see you in a healthy state when she’s released.”

Feng Jialing was deeply touched by Tang Jing’s words, and she was beginning to think more fondly of her.

“Please get some rest while I cook. By the way, what dishes do you like? I can run to the supermarket downstairs to get the ingredients if I don’t have them,” Tang Jing asked.

“Oh, I’m fine with anything. Just cook whatever you want. Thank you again. Ouyang Qi, help Ms. Tang out,” Feng Jialing replied.

When Ouyang Qi followed Tang Jing to the kitchen, he gave her a thumbs up. “You’re amazing! My mom’s already begun to like you.”

However, Tang Jing could not help but wonder if she had gone overboard and made him think she was the kind of person who had an agenda for everything she did.

“I mean it when I say I want to cook for your mom, but your family is rich, and rich people are the pickiest eaters. I’m afraid I can’t cook anything I want just because your mom said so. Tell me. What does she like? I don’t want to make something that doesn’t suit her palate,” she said.

Ouyang Qi thought for a moment and answered, “Well, she doesn’t like spicy food. Oh, she doesn’t eat meat at all.”

Tang Jing immediately understood the reason behind it. “Right. That’s because she wants to keep her skin healthy. Anything else? What does she like?”

He then thought long and hard. “She likes steamed sweet potatoes. It’s a dish that she always orders when we go out for meals in the past.”

“I have to get some sweet potatoes then. I’ll be right back,” she said in a hurry.

Unfortunately, the supermarket downstairs had limited fresh produce due to its small scale. Thus, Tang Jing failed to buy sweet potatoes there.

That left her no choice but to run to a bigger supermarket outside the neighborhood. Finally, she bought the sweet potatoes and rushed home.

It was already eight in the evening by the time dinner was ready.

Tang Jing flashed Feng Jialing an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry for making you wait so long, Mrs. Ouyang. It’s my fault for being too slow. Here. Please try the food.”

In truth, she did everything very fast. It was just that she spent too much time finding the sweet potatoes.

After taking a bite, Feng Jialing nodded. “It’s delicious! It’s so good! Ms. Tang, you’ve got quite the skills!”

Only then did Tang Jing feel relieved. All her efforts were worth it as long as Feng Jialing liked it.

“Oh, please stop addressing me as Ms. Tang. I’m Qing’s friend, after all. You can just address me by my name or even just Jing,” Tang Jing said with a smile.

“All right. This is one of the happiest meals I’ve had in the past few days. By the way, are you currently filming a movie in another city?” Feng Jialing asked.

Smiling, Tang Jing nodded. “That’s right. I’m filming in Livingsfill, but I’m temporarily on a break because the production team is facing some problems. That’s why I came home. I didn’t think I’d be disturbing you. I’m so sorry for that.”

“This is your house. I’m the one who’s getting in the way. Anyway, don’t worry. I’ll get Ouyang Qi to compensate you. I have a few houses in Pearl City that cost fifty million and above. We aren’t poor, after all.”

Feng Jialing finally had the chance to show off her superiority. She wanted to let Tang Jing know the most important fact—she was not houseless.

“Of course. The Ouyang family is a prestigious family. Since I became friends with Qing, she’s the one who has been taking care of me. If it were not for her, I wouldn’t have the chance to be an actress. Now that she’s in trouble, it’s only right that I perform some of her duties and care for you on her behalf. Naturally, I have personal motives for doing this; I hope you’ll promote me so that I can have better career development,” Tang Jing replied humbly.

Her words delighted Feng Jialing because it sounded as though she looked up to her greatly.

At the same time, Tang Jing humbled herself so much so that it let Feng Jialing feel as if she could look down on her.

As a result, Feng Jialing regained her sense of superiority and even began to take a liking to Tang Jing.

After dinner, Feng Jialing suggested that Tang Jing and Ouyang Qi go for a stroll to let them spend some alone time together.

Of course, that did not mean that she had acknowledged Tang Jing and wanted to treat the latter as her daughter-in-law.

It was just that Feng Jialing found the latter useful and not annoying at the moment. As such, she figured it was all right to let her date Ouyang Qi for a while.

After all, she knew what kind of person her son was. Ouyang Qi was known as the Nine-Fingered Prince and had been with all sorts of women. Therefore, it did not matter if he dated Tang Jing.

Moreover, Ouyang Qi had always fancied Ning Ran, so Feng Jialing welcomed any woman who could make him give up on Ning Ran.

Whether she would let Tang Jing marry Ouyang Qi was another matter altogether.

In fact, it was highly likely that Feng Jialing would disagree with it.

No matter how well Tang Jing performed, she was still an actress.

In terms of looking for an ideal daughter-in-law, Feng Jialing and Bai Hua were similar. They would never let a girl from an ordinary family marry their son.

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