My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Ultimate Flatterer

At seven at night, at Flower City’s airport, Jiang Zhe walked over to the stoic Nan Xing and asked, “Mr. Xing, it’s you?”

Jiang Zhe had nearly been unable to recognize Nan Xing with that stern look on his face. Nan Xing even changed into the usual black suit that Nan Chen wore.

How did he recognize me right away? Am I that lousy at pretending to be my brother?

“I’m Nan Chen,” Nan Xing coldly uttered. “Sure. Whatever you like,” Jiang Zhe said in resignation. “When will Sir Chen be coming back?”

Nan Xing snapped, “Did you not hear what I said? I said I’m Nan Chen, so why are you asking when Nan Chen is coming back?”

At that, Jiang Zhe lowered his voice and said, “But you really aren’t Sir Chen. What are you trying to do?”

Nan Xing gave up when he realized that he could not fool Jiang Zhe. Thus, he whispered back, “That’s a question you should be asking my brother instead.”

Jiang Zhe promptly figured out what was going on. “So Sir Chen isn’t planning to attend the event tomorrow and has gotten you to take his place?”

Nan Xing nodded with a sigh. “Oh my goodness, how can we do this?” Jiang Zhe gasped. Nan Xing was irked to hear the gasp. “Are you saying that I’m too lousy to pretend to be my brother?”

That was indeed the truth, and Nan Xing knew it. However, it did not mean others could voice that out loud.

If someone did that, he would feel that they were disrespecting and looking down on him. Knowing that Nan Xing was not someone he could afford to cross, Jiang Zhe quickly clarified, “That wasn’t what I meant. I just think that…”

“That I’m not suitable for this?” “Of course not! You and Mr. Chen are both excellent individuals, but you excel in different ways.”

“So you’re saying that my brother excels in everything while I excel in being useless?” Nan Xing was relentless.

He had been set up at Livingsfill and forced to take Nan Chen’s place, and he was still fuming about that.

Now that the opportunity for him to vent his anger had appeared, he was not going to let it just slip by him.

“Of course not!” Jiang Zhe hastily denied.

“Then do tell me what my brother excels in and what I excel in. If you can’t tell me anything today, you’re going to have to walk back. You’re not allowed to take the cab, the subway, or the bicycle.”

Hearing that, Jiang Zhe instantly figured out that Nan Xing was furious and that he was unlucky enough to encounter Nan Xing when the latter needed an outlet to release his pent-up anger.

I shouldn’t have come to pick him up. I only have myself to blame for stepping right onto a landmine.

Nevertheless, coaxing and flattering another was not something that would stump Jiang Zhe.

“Mr. Xing, do you really want to hear my answer?”

“Cut the cr*p and spit it out.”

“Let’s talk about Mr. Chen first. Of course, he’s steady and intelligent like a victorious king who knows how to plan ahead—”

Nan Xing interrupted Jiang Zhe, “Why don’t you just talk about me now? I’ll be left with nothing good if you use all those great descriptors on my brother.”

“No, no, no. Master Xing, you’re free-spirited and laid-back. You always maintain your composure, even in the face of trouble. You’re akin to a victorious king who knows how to plan ahead—”

“Hold up! Aren’t the last words the same as what you said for Chen? Have you run out of vocabulary? Is that why you’re reusing the descriptors meant for my brother? You’re a hypocrite!” Nan Xing cried out.

“No, no, no. Even though the two of you are different, you’ll both end up walking the same path as men who are capable of attaining great achievements. That’s why I said you’re victorious kings who know how to plan ahead.”

There was nothing Nan Xing could say to that. Qiao Zhan had always said that Jiang Zhe was the world’s ultimate flatterer, and it seemed like that was true.

Jiang Zhe was too witty, and Nan Xing could not bring himself to stay mad at him.

“Also, there are some things that you have that Sir Chen doesn’t. For example, you know when to retreat and when to go on. You’re also more charming to the opposite sex. These are things that Sir Chen cannot—”

“Wait! I’m going to record it to let my brother hear this later!” Nan Xing fished out his phone.

Jiang Zhe instantly clamped his mouth shut. No way. I’m never going to let Sir Chen hear this.

“Come on. Why did you stop? Didn’t you say that my brother’s not as good as me?”

“Sir Chen, please enter the car. I’ve already prepared the draft for you, and it’s best for you to familiarize yourself with it. Also, it’ll be even better if you can improvise, for you rarely stick to the script when you make a speech,” Jiang Zhe said, quickly changing the topic.

At that, Nan Xing let out a howl of misery. He was terrified of needing to speak diplomatic words while looking at the camera with a solemn expression. Needing to improvise for the speech was not helping with his feelings of despair.

While Jiang Zhe and Nan Xing were walking toward the parking lot, a woman who had pulled her cap low was watching them from afar.

That woman was Tang Jing. She had been on the same plane as Nan Xing, but she had been in the business class cabin while Nan Xing had been in the first-class cabin. That was why they did not bump into each other.

Tang Jing was filled with regret. If she had known that she would be able to encounter the son of the Nan family on the plane, she would have spent a little more money to get a seat in the first-class cabin. She had let the golden opportunity slip by her!

Nevertheless, Nan Xing was wearing black that day, so she thought he was Nan Chen. Not long after she started stalking him, she left.

The Nan family’s bodyguards were too good at their jobs. If she continued tailing him, she would soon be discovered and captured.

After exiting the airport, she hailed a cab and went to her apartment.

The night before, she had received Ouyang Qi’s call. When she found out that Feng Jialing was currently living in her house, she instantly realized that this was one of the best opportunities she had ever encountered.

Moreover, both Ouyang Qi and Feng Jialing were at the lowest points of their lives. As long as she stepped into their worlds and provided them with care and concern, half of her mission would be completed.

Tang Jing knew well that even the strongest man had their moments of fragility.

Investing her time and effort into those mighty beings while they were at their weakest time would let her reap a great harvest.

Back when she had gotten Ouyang Qi, Tang Jing was fifty percent sure about emerging victorious.

Now that Ouyang Qi had brought Feng Jialing to her, Tang Jing speculated that her chances of winning had risen to seventy percent.

That was a high percentage for an investment.

Furthermore, Tang Jing had not invested too much in Ouyang Qi—she only gave him more than a million and a place to stay.

It was not a lot for Tang Jing, and if Tang Jing were to rely on that sum only, she would never be able to become part of a wealthy family and could never enter upper-class society.

On the other hand, if she succeeded with her investment, she would no longer be a normal star and would enter the upscale social circle she had always wanted to be in.

When Tang Jing arrived at the entrance of the neighborhood, she took a trip to the nearby stores to buy some groceries. She was going to cook for Feng Jialing. She was going to hold herself to the standards of the Ouyang family’s future daughter-in-law.

She knew how hard it was for an actress to marry into a wealthy family. Even Ning Ran, who had given birth to two of the Nan family’s children, was still not legally married to Nan Chen.

Ning Ran was Tang Jing’s role model, but Tang Jing did not want to stop where Ning Ran was. She wanted more.

Tang Jing even looked down on Ning Ran for not using the magnificent resources the latter had; Ning Ran had received too little for the amount she had given.

Therefore, Tang Jing was going to learn from Ning Ran’s mistake. She was going to take on an even more aggressive stance to reach her goal.

She was certain that the one who took the initiative would be the one to succeed.

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