My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 692

Chapter 692 The Netizens Will Be Interested

Following Lu Jingyuan, Ning Ran arrived at a rowdy disco filled with men and women bopping wildly to the music on the dimly-lit dance floor.

A feeling of suffocation overtook Ning Ran because she was not used to the deafening music. Lu Jingyuan said something to her, but with the music blasting in her ears, Ning Ran could not hear a thing.

Then, Lu Jingyuan grabbed her hand and pulled her to a corner further away from the dance floor, where a group of people could be seen drinking. Sitting right in the center was the thug called Li Xiaolong.

“Yo, Mr. Xiaolong! Look over there. There are two beautiful angels!” the drunkards yelled as if they had just discovered some treasures. “Where? This is my turf—any pretty lady here would surely have already slept with—”

Li Xiaolong was stunned when he saw two dashing ladies—peerlessly dashing ladies. He was sure those two were the most attractive women in that whole place.

Although Li Xiaolong had his own disco, he was tired of seeing the same girls all the time, so he would go around different entertainment spots in Livingsfill, hoping to meet more beautiful women.

Seeing that it was Lu Jingyuan, Li Xiaolong was so flustered he shot up from his chair and almost fell. “M-Ms. Lu! Is that really you?”

Everyone around him roared at the sight, “Whoa, Mr. Xiaolong! Do you know her? Is she your girlfriend?” “Shut the f*ck up! She’s like my older sister!” Li Xiaolong berated for fear of his men saying something more indecent.

“Oh? Both of them?” they teased, laughing. “I said shut up! Don’t make me repeat myself!” Li Xiaolong raised and waved a bottle of beer at his men, and the lot finally shushed.

“Have a seat, girls. How about a drink? It’s on me,” Li Xiaolong greeted with a polite attitude that was completely different from that when they last met. Since Ning Ran had a grudge against that man, she gave him an attitude.

“Come on. Don’t be angry. What happened last time was my fault. I won’t do it again,” Li Xiaolong said ingratiatingly. “You should just talk to me face to face if you’re unhappy about me. Why do you have to do things behind my back?” Lu Jingyuan questioned.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Li Xiaolong was puzzled. “Tell me. Did you do something behind my back?” Lu Jingyuan interrogated. Lu Jingyuan might look charming and gentle, but she could be fierce when she meant business.

“What are you talking about, Yuan? What did I do?” Li Xiaolong was still clueless. “Why do you have to mess things up for people when they are filming? Why did you ask your men to bother them?” Lu Jingyuan asked.

“What exactly are you talking about?” Li Xiaolong was even more confused.

“Her production team is filming at the foot of the mountain. Everything went smoothly until another production team camped near them a few days ago and started disturbing them. Their production schedule was interrupted, and it even sparked a few confrontations. Those people from the other production team said you had their back, and I bet they do. Nobody would have the guts to do something outrageous unless they had your support, after all.”

“Ah. I understand now. So, you’re saying some people are disturbing you guys in my name?” Li Xiaolong asked.

“They said you had their backs! Don’t tell me you’re still upset about what happened last time. Is that why you’re taking revenge now? Do you think this is fun?” Ning Ran weighed in with sharp remarks when she understood what Lu Jingyuan was trying to do.

“It’s not me! I have nothing to do with this. I don’t even know who you’re talking about!” Li Xiaolong exclaimed.

“Really? Then why did they say you ordered them to do that?”

“They must’ve used my name because I am influential here, and there’s nothing I can’t do in Livingsfill!” Li Xiaolong announced proudly.

“Really?” Ning Ran and Lu Jingyuan expressed their doubt concurrently.

“Yeah, right?” Li Xiaolong asked his men.

“Yes! There’s nothing he can’t do!” his lackeys agreed to show support.

“If that is the case, does it mean that you will ensure they won’t do it again?” Lu Jingyuan asked.

“Of course. I will ask them to scram tomorrow!” Li Xiaolong promised, beating his chest.

“Do you believe what he said?” Lu Jingyuan asked Ning Ran.

“Not really,” Ning Ran responded, shaking her head.

“Yeah. I don’t believe it either.” Lu Jingyuan also shook her head.

“I bet he is just bluffing. Anyone can say that,” Ning Ran commented casually.

“Pfft! Since both of you refuse to believe me, I’ll show you what I can do. I’ll change my family name if I can’t do this, so you guys can just sit back and wait for the good news!”

Early the following day, Ning Ran saw the staff talking chirpily among themselves when she arrived at the set.

Even the director seemed to be in a phenomenal mood. “We can finally film in peace. Those people left for another place as far as six miles away, so they won’t be a nuisance to us anymore.”

“Why?” Ning Ran asked, feigning ignorance.

“A group of men came yesterday night, smashed their devices, and burned their equipment. A conflict erupted between them and the security team, injuring a few guards. Those men told the team to leave or they would come again today to break everything. The production team called the police, but they left after only taking a glance. As soon as the police left, those gangsters returned and caused a bigger scene. All their equipment has to be repaired and replaced, so the team won’t be able to resume work anytime soon. I heard they have moved to another place to film,” the director narrated happily.

“I see. Do you know who those people are?” Ning Ran asked.

“Seriously? I thought you were the one who asked them to come?” the director asked softly.


“Yeah. Those people warned the team that they wouldn’t survive in Livingsfill if they crossed Ms. Ning.”

Ning Ran was deeply shocked. That bunch of hooligans. Why did they even bring me into it when they threatened people?

“It was not me. There must be a misunderstanding,” Ning Ran quickly corrected, but Cheng Xiangyun walked over at that moment and weighed in, “Did you see the news about you online?”

“What news? I’m not aware of it.”

“Uh, it’s not some good news. See it for yourself,” Cheng Xiangyun replied, handing Ning Ran her phone.

The gist of the news was that Ning Ran was spotted colluding with local thugs to bully some production team shooting in Livingsfill.

It was also mentioned that Ning Ran was romantically involved with their leader.

The news was even attached with a photo which—despite being blurry—showed Ning Ran standing next to a group of oddly-dressed gangsters.

The photo was neither made up nor edited, for it showed the exact scene at the disco the night before when no one realized someone was stealing a shot in the crowd.

Lu Jingyuan was also caught on camera talking to Li Xiaolong, but only her profile could be seen in the photo.

Since the news was freshly released, it had not garnered much attention, for if it had, it would bring great harm to Ning Ran and her new work.

After all, it was common within showbiz that female celebrities kissed up to big bosses at gatherings and sometimes even offered other favors.

News like this would intrigue the netizens the most.

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