My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 691

Chapter 691 You Will Know Soon

Nan Xing was stunned by their threat. He had never once imagined that he would one day be threatened by two kids—let alone two kids he genuinely could not afford to offend.

Generally, people believed that children would not lie, so they would surely buy the kids’ story if the two daring children were to go out and tattletale on him, ruining his reputation in the end.

“Uncle Xing, we’re not trying to make things difficult for you. We’re keeping you here because we love you. Mommy has to be on set every day. It’s boring staying here on our own,” Dabao comforted once he was done threatening Nan Xing.

“Yeah. We like playing with you, Uncle Xing. We like it when you bring us out to play and buy us good food!” Erbao agreed with a gentle voice.

“Are you guys seriously giving me a carrot now that I’ve gotten the stick? Both of you just threatened me! I’m not talking to you two anymore,” Nan Xing fumed.

“Come on, Uncle Xing. We didn’t want to. No one will play with us if you leave, so why don’t you stay with us for another month? You can go back after that,” Erbao suggested thoughtfully.

“A month?” Nan Xing shot up. “Are you seriously asking me to stay at this place for a month?”

Dabao glanced at Erbao. “How could you be so thoughtless? One month is too tall an order. Twenty days will be good enough!”

“O-Okay! Twenty days, then!” Erbao quickly agreed.

Ning Ran could not help but smile as she listened on.

The children never used to be that bold despite their craftiness, but ever since they met their father, Nan Chen, who indulged and spoiled them, they had gotten more daring and even had no qualms threatening Master Xing of the Nan family.

“Twenty days is too much. I’m staying for two days at most!” Nan Xing roared.

His statement worried Ning Ran, for she knew Nan Xing was already on the losing side.

Those alternatives were just a high bar the children set to allow more room for themselves to negotiate with Nan Xing later on.

Nan Xing is so dumb to have fallen for it so easily.

“At least a week, then,” Dabao said, bargaining.

“At most three. Nothing more than that.”

Dabao and Erbao exchanged glances, reaching an understanding. “Deal!”

It was then that Ning Ran strolled over to them. “It’s lively in here. What are you guys talking about?”

“Uncle Xing was about to return to Flower City, but he could not bring himself to leave us alone, so he decided to stay,” Erbao announced.

“Oh, really? Did you guys coerce him to stay?” Ning Ran asked with a subtle smile.

“We didn’t!” the two children replied simultaneously.

“They didn’t. I just thought I should probably spend more time with them,” Nan Xing chimed in with an awkward smile.

“That’s very kind of you. I’ll go to work first, then. See you guys tonight,” she answered, relieved that Nan Xing could babysit the children.

“It’s about time we head out too, Uncle Xing. Wait here. I’ll go get changed,” Erbao exclaimed chirpily.

Ning Ran spent the whole day on the set, filming, but it was not a productive day for the team because there were too many issues with the other production team next to them.

Not only were there sound disturbances from the other side, but there were also other thorny issues that both teams failed to see eye to eye on.

The situation almost ended up in a fight when Ning Ran’s production team went over to talk things out, but the opposite side refused to budge, so they called the police, who came only to ask everyone to calm down before leaving.

At that rate, the production progress would be affected if the situation dragged out.

Later that night, Ning Ran asked Lu Jingyuan out after she arrived in Livingsfill.

She was relieved ever since she found out that the man Lu Jingyuan talked about was Nan Xing, but still, Ning Ran wondered whether she should tell Lu Jingyuan that the man who approached her was not Nan Chen but his younger look-alike brother.

The truth was that Lu Jingyuan was repulsed by that man not because he was rude but because she thought he was Nan Chen.

She was dismayed that Nan Chen had asked for her name, complimented her looks, and even asked if she was single when he clearly knew who she was.

Lu Jingyuan would not have been bothered if that man were not Nan Chen. At most, she would just take it as a man trying to make a move on her in a more straightforward manner.

On the other hand, a playboy like Nan Xing would never bother thinking about how he should approach and talk to a woman since he thought she should consider herself lucky that he was even interested in her.

That was why, to him, something simple and direct would suffice when it came to picking up girls. That had always been his modus operandi, but it did not work on Lu Jingyuan.

“You seem like you have a lot on your mind,” Lu Jingyuan noted as she swirled her glass slowly in an elegant way.

Ning Ran hesitated before she replied, “It’s about Nan Chen. There’s something I need to tell you.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to talk about him.”

Lu Jingyuan had her idiosyncrasy in that she would never mention the name of those who sickened her.

“I mean to say that there is a misunderstanding,” Ning Ran said with a smile.

“A misunderstanding? Are you saying this is just a misunderstanding after all he did?” Lu Jingyuan was flustered.

“No. This was never about him.”

“Never about him? Then do you mean to say that I have wrongfully accused him and talked bad about him behind his back?”

Lu Jingyuan’s beautiful and bright eyes widened in a disbelieving glare.

“That’s not what I mean. I know you will never do that to him deliberately. I am just saying there is a misunderstanding.”

“I don’t think this is a misunderstanding. It is what it is.”

“That man you met was not Nan Chen. It was his brother, Nan Xing, who is actually not a bad guy. He just loves beautiful women, so…”

“That man was not Nan Chen? But he looked exactly like him!” Lu Jingyuan exclaimed, shocked.

“Well, both our children look identical. You know the explanation for that, right?” Ning Ran replied with a smile.

“They’re twins?”


Lu Jingyuan finally had a moment of realization. “I see. If that’s the case, I have really wronged Mr. Nan. I thought Mr. Nan was super frivolous for asking for my name. It made more sense that a stranger would do that.”

“Well, you didn’t wrong him, per se. It’s just a misunderstanding. It’s okay. Everyone is clear now.”

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions when I didn’t even figure out the situation. I hope it didn’t cause you any inconvenience.”

“No, it didn’t. Nan Chen is that not petty.”

Despite what Ning Ran said, she knew that Nan Chen was not that forgiving either, considering how he gave Ning Ran the cold shoulder for a few days.

“I want to apologize to him in person if I can. I am really at fault here.”

“It’s no big deal. I’m not worried because of that. I’m just bothered about work.”

Then, Ning Ran told Lu Jingyuan what went down between the two production teams.

Nan Chen had told her earlier that Lu Jingyuan might have a way around the situation. Hence, although Ning Ran was not sure if Lu Jingyuan could help, she still decided to give it a shot and tell Lu Jingyuan about what was happening.

Given Nan Chen’s extensive experience, Ning Ran was confident that Nan Chen’s suggestion would be worthwhile.

“I see. Did you guys report this to the police?” Lu Jingyuan asked after listening to Ning Ran.

“We did, but that did not constitute a crime. It was just a regular disagreement, so all the police did was say a few words before leaving.”

Lu Jingyuan nodded. “You’re right. The police can’t really do anything, but I know someone who can.”

“Who is it?”

“Come with me. We’re going to meet someone,” Lu Jingyuan said, standing up.

“Who is it?”

“Just come with me. You’ll know later.”

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