My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Bargaining At A Young Age

Ning Ran dialed Nan Chen’s number, but he did not answer the call. Why is he not picking up his phone? Is he still throwing a tantrum? She dialed his number again. Finally, she heard Nan Chen’s leisurely voice saying, “Speak.”

Ever since Ning Ran called him shameless for no reason, Nan Chen had been acting indifferently toward her. Things at work had been busier recently. Nan Chen figured he could play along since Ning Ran liked giving him the cold shoulder.

Little did he know, Ning Ran called him that day to extend an olive branch and stop giving him the cold shoulder instead of dragging it on. “Are you busy? Did I disrupt your work?” Ning Ran asked softly.

“You did,” Nan Chen said coldly. Hearing that, Ning Ran was at a loss for words. She felt complicated emotions crossing her heart at that moment. With him sounding disinterested in carrying on a conversation with her over the phone, she wondered what else she could say.

“Should I call you back later?” In the end, Ning Ran had no choice but to give in. After all, she was the one who wronged him two days ago. “You will only disrupt me more later. What makes you think later would be a better time to talk?” Nan Chen retorted.

Ning Ran did not feel like talking to him anymore after sensing his hostile reaction toward her. But then, I have to talk to him if I want to communicate better with him.

“Can you stop talking to me like that?” Ning Ran compromised. “Sure,” Nan Chen replied briefly. Then, he remained silent and stopped talking. Ning Ran was frustrated. I told you not to talk to me so coldly, but I didn’t tell you not to talk at all!

“I am calling to tell you I saw that person from the production team.” “Okay,” Nan Chen responded with one word again.

“That person is very strange. It’s a woman. She seems to hate me a lot but also wants me to join their movie, saying she can pay me more. I can’t read through her motives. Since you’re smarter than me, I figured I could ask for your opinion.”

Sensing that Nan Chen treated her indifferently, she had no choice but to flatter him more. Sure enough, that tactic was somewhat effective. Nan Chen’s tone seemed to have softened slightly as he said, “I can’t read through that motive either.”

“Then what should I do now?” Ning Ran asked. “Nothing. Just focus on your filming and ignore her,” Nan Chen answered briefly. “But their production team has been affecting our filming progress. We can’t let them continue with this.”

“Well, this isn’t something up to your concern, and I’m too busy to bother about something so insignificant,” Nan Chen said.

Hearing that, Ning Ran agreed too. Nan Chen was a busy man and had to deal with a multitude of different things every single day, so he would not have time to interfere with her problem.

“Can you perhaps give me an idea on how to solve this? I am involved in this, after all, and I wish to wrap up my filming as soon as possible to return to Flower City,” said Ning Ran tenderly.

“Find Lu Jingyuan. She will know what to do,” said Nan Chen.

“Oh, that’s right. Speaking of Lu Jingyuan, I want to explain something to you.”

“Go on.”

“Well… Didn’t I call you shameless before? That was a misunderstanding—”

“There’s no misunderstanding. I am indeed shameless,” said Nan Chen.

Ning Ran was dumbfounded again.

What’s wrong with him? Did he call himself shameless? Is he throwing a tantrum to get back at me?

“Sir Chen, don’t say that. It’s my fault this time, but this is truly a misunderstanding.”

“There’s no misunderstanding. It is exactly what you think,” Nan Chen said.

Ning Ran felt defeated again.

She had refused to listen when Nan Chen wanted to explain, so it was only fair that Nan Chen also refused to listen to her explanation now. Nan Chen was clearly sulking.

Whatever she said and thought was what she wanted to believe in, so who am I to tell her otherwise?

“I am really sorry. It’s my fault. Please forgive me. I know you aren’t what I said you were. I was too tired from filming and couldn’t think straight at that moment, especially when I had to watch the kids. It was so exhausting that I felt like my IQ had dropped significantly too!”

“Your IQ has always been low,” Nan Chen chimed in.

“Yes, I do acknowledge that. My IQ is low, and that’s why I misunderstood you. Can you forgive me now?”

Silence descended upon them for a couple of seconds. Then, he said over the phone, “I don’t accept your apology.”

Stop testing my patience!

Ning Ran felt like she could no longer hold back and blurted out, “Shouldn’t I feel angry when Lu Jingyuan told me you flirted with her? How would I know Nan Xing was the one who did that? He looks exactly like you. How could I not feel anything when Lu Jingyuan complained to me about you asking for her name and calling her pretty? Like I said, this is only a misunderstanding. Do you have to hold it against me for so long?”

“Everyone knows Nan Xing has many girlfriends. If all of them went to you and told you I was the one seeing them, would you believe them?” Nan Chen asked.

“Of course not!” Ning Ran answered without hesitation.


“Because you’re a decent man. You’re full of pride and would never see so many women at once. So even if they shamelessly throw themselves at you, I know you won’t pay any attention to them, Sir Chen!”

Left with no choice, Ning Ran could only flatter him to the extreme.

That seemed to have been effective. Nan Chen’s tone finally returned to his usual one as he said, “Well, you can explain things to Lu Jingyuan and tell her about your issue with the production team. She should know what to do.”

“All right. I’ll get it done right away.” Ning Ran heaved a sigh of relief.

She could finally sleep at ease, knowing that their silent treatment had come to an end.

“By the way, how did the production team find out about your filming location?” Nan Chen asked.

“I don’t know. I’m wondering about that too.”

“I guess someone inside your current production team has leaked information to them. You should be more careful.”

“Again? Why does it feel like there are spies everywhere? Who could it be?”

“I have no idea, but I think the other production team knows everything that happens within your current production team.”

“That sounds serious! What should I do?”

“You can think of it yourself.”

With that, Nan Chen ended the call.

Ning Ran almost smashed her phone in anger. She would not bother asking him in the first place if she knew what to do.

Early the next morning, Nan Xing prepared to return to Flower City.

However, Erbao and Dabao blocked his path.

Erbao climbed on top of Nan Xing’s suitcase and refused to get down.

“Daddy told you to look after us, but you always go out without bringing us along. So it’s funny that you think you can leave again by abandoning us here!” Dabao spoke righteously.

Meanwhile, Ning Ran was about to leave for her filming, but she did not want to miss such an entertaining scene. Hence, she stood aside and quietly watched the scene unfold.

“That’s right! We respect and love you so much, Uncle Xing, but I don’t think you love us any more!” Erbao pouted.

“Hey, hey, since when did I say I don’t love you anymore? I have to leave because I have things to deal with at work. Yes, it’s true that your daddy told me to come and watch you kids. But then, you should understand that my work will keep accumulating if I leave work for too long. I have to go back and deal with it now!” Nan Xing pleaded with the kids.

“You’ve been going out to play ever since you came here. You didn’t even make time for us. We are always locked at home. I don’t care. You can’t leave before you accomplish your mission!” Dabao said.

“Come on. Kids, you don’t understand. I have my adult responsibilities. I can’t stay here just because you told me so. Let me go, or I’ll tell this to your daddy!” Nan Xing threatened.

“Daddy told us we can decide for ourselves in this situation,” Dabao refuted.

Standing aside, Ning Ran secretly drew a sharp breath when she heard that.

How can Poker Face spoil the kids to the extent of letting them decide what to do in situations like this? What solutions can the kids offer? Kids will only want adults to spend more time playing with them.

“So, you must stay with us for a few more days. You can’t go out without bringing us along!” Erbao said loudly.

“What if I refuse?” Nan Xing asked.

Erbao did not know what to say, so she looked at her brother.

“Then we will tell them you teased Ms. Lu! We will tell Daddy, Great-Grandma, and Great-Grandpa!” Dabao said.

“That’s right!” Erbao immediately echoed that statement.

Nan Xing was shocked.

Where did these kids learn how to bargain at such a young age? What terrible adults will they grow up to become in the future?

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