My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Flying Pigs

Ning Ran returned to the inn, only to find that Nan Xing was also back. Nan Xing had been keeping himself busy after he came to Livingsfill. He drove to the surrounding cities and had fun at each place. Finally, he officially returned to Livingsfill that day.

Livingsfill had insanely beautiful views, but it was just a small border town. Nan Xing, who had been used to the vibrant and lively city life, still felt that this place was a bit too deserted. Therefore, he was ready to go back.

Before he left, he had something to ask Ning Ran. After acting solicitously and asking her about things like whether she was tired from filming, he finally went straight to the point.

“I heard you have formed a close bond with someone called Lu Jingyuan in Livingsfill.” “Did Qiao Zhan tell you that?”

“Yeah, I was told that she’s stunning,” Nan Xing replied with a smile. “Yes. If she weren’t beautiful, Nan Chen wouldn’t have secretly made a move on her,” Ning Ran mindlessly let it slip. “What? My brother made a move on her?”

Nan Xing’s eyes lit up. Excitement instantly crept up on him. He couldn’t believe that he had missed such a huge gossip. Ning Ran was furious upon seeing Nan Xing’s reaction.

“Why are you so excited? You don’t condemn his actions even after learning that he has hooked up with my friend? Indeed, birds of a feather flock together,” Ning Ran scolded.

In truth, Nan Xing didn’t mean to react that way. He just found the matter interesting.

Nan Chen was renowned for living a chaste life in Flower City. He had ignored countless women that offered themselves to him. Thus, Nan Xing found it hard to believe that Nan Chen would take the initiative to hit on a woman.

It was like seeing pigs fly, which was why Nan Xing found it enthralling.

However, upon hearing Ning Ran’s words, he immediately realized that he had lost his cool.

He shouldn’t have responded that way in such a situation.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was just curious as to why my brother would do things like that!”

“So, are you implying that I’m accusing him?”

Nan Xing pretended to huff angrily, “No, that’s not what I mean. If my brother has done such a thing, I won’t let him off. This is something that I can do, but he can’t.”

“Then why are you defending him?”

“I’m not defending him. I just feel sorry for him. He is ruining his reputation. That said, he is still young…”

When he saw Ning Ran shooting a glare in his direction, Nan Xing immediately shut his mouth.

I don’t think it’s right to say that, but how should I react? And what should I say?

“Anyways, I don’t approve of his actions, and he has crossed the line. This is simply horrible! Furthermore, that woman is super fierce, so it’s not even worth it for him to do that.”

Unsettled, Nan Xing mindlessly blurted those words out.

“How did you know that she was fierce?”

Ning Ran was smart. Naturally, she wouldn’t miss out on such important information.

Nan Xing covered his mouth. The urge to send two slaps to his face seized him.

“Do you think you can keep silent by covering your mouth?” Ning Ran roared.

Nan Xing had no choice but to remove the hand covering his mouth, looking at Ning Ran innocently.

“Stop acting pitiful in front of me. Spill it! How did you know that she was fierce?” Ning Ran asked.

“When I came over the other day, the kids were catnapping. Then, I saw a beautiful woman lying there napping…”

At that, Nan Xing went silent.

“Then, what happened next?”

“That’s it.” Nan Xing shrugged.

“That’s it? How’s that possible? Oh, so you saw a beautiful woman taking a nap, and that was all?”


Nan Xing didn’t want to talk about it as the next scene was him being doused with water.

How could he talk about such an embarrassing moment?

After all, he made a name for himself as a well-known playboy in Flower City, yet he got turned down in Livingsfill. Consequently, he didn’t want others to know about it.

No matter how Ning Ran pressed him to elaborate, Nan Xing still couldn’t bring himself to tell her.

“You refuse to tell me the whole truth, right? Fine, let me help you jog your memory.”

Taking a sip of tea, Ning Ran adjusted her sitting posture and began to solve the case.

“Considering your character, I doubt you could have refrained from chatting up a woman when you saw one.”

Nan Xing blinked innocently, saying nothing.

“Okay! So, you did talk to her. I suppose you had asked her for her name and whether she had a boyfriend while complimenting her, right?”

Her words startled Nan Xing.

Wow, she is narrating what happened that day down to the last detail. How did she guess it correctly? Could it be that Lu Jingyuan told her so? If that’s the case, that’s so embarrassing.

“Am I such a shallow person?” Nan Xing replied with a sullen face.

“Are you not? Don’t playboys act that way upon seeing pretty women?” Ning Ran responded with disdain.

“Naturally, everyone has an affection for beauty, but I’m not as lecherous as you think I am.” Nan Xing felt immensely awkward.

“And then? Lu Jingyuan ignored you, but you kept hitting on her shamelessly…”

“I didn’t! I did ask for her name and whether she had a boyfriend, but I didn’t pester her shamelessly!” Nan Xing shouted.

“You did! Did you compliment her on her beauty?” Ning Ran probed.

“Yes, I did do that,” Nan Xing admitted to it.

Ning Ran abruptly smacked her forehead. “D*mn it! So, that’s what happened then!”

Silly me! Why didn’t I think that the person who hit on Lu Jingyuan was Nan Xing? Lu Jingyuan has no idea who this man is, but I should have guessed it. There is no way a haughty man like Nan Chen would hit on a woman shamelessly.

“What’s wrong?” Nan Xing could tell that something was not right with Ning Ran.

This time, it was Ning Ran’s turn to stay silent. It was too embarrassing—she couldn’t let Nan Xing know about it.

I mocked him earlier. If he learned about the truth, he would surely make fun of me in return.

“Nothing. You can continue.” Ning Ran pretended as if nothing had happened.

“Wait a minute! Something is not right with you. You just don’t want to say it.” Nan Xing was unwilling to give up.

“I’m fine. Don’t overthink it.” Ning Ran continued to pretend that nothing was wrong.

“All right, then. I’m glad to hear that you’re okay. Anyways, I didn’t flirt with Lu Jingyuan. On the contrary, she was mean to me.”

“Is that why you said that she was fierce? She doesn’t know you. Isn’t it normal for her to be hostile toward you? Are you expecting her to treat you affectionately on your first meeting? You must have overthought it, no?” Ning Ran remarked with a look of disgust on her face.

“Even so, she can’t just dump water on me!” Nan Xing yelled.

“What? You were splashed with water? Hahaha…” Ning Ran burst into laughter.

Seeing Ning Ran laughing, Nan Xing was furious.

It was similar to when Ning Ran was infuriated upon seeing him laughing a moment ago.

“Ning Ran, we are family. Is it right to feel happy after learning I was splashed with water?” Nan Xing looked rather aggrieved.

Ning Ran immediately withdrew her smile. “I’m not laughing at you. I just feel sorry for you.”

“Enough of that. Is laughing out loud your way of expressing sympathy for me?” Nan Xing looked hurt.

“Hey, you’re a man! Why are you being so particular? Besides, the one who flirted with Lu Jingyuan was you, right?”

“I didn’t flirt with her!” Nan Xing denied it again.

“Okay, you didn’t flirt with her, but you struck up a conversation with her, right?”


“All right! I’m done.” With that, Ning Ran rose to her feet.

Nan Xing stared at her blankly. “That’s it? I mean… Could you tell your friend that I’m not that kind of person?”

“Then what kind of person are you?” Ning Ran countered.

“Well, at the very least, I’m not lecherous, and I won’t take advantage of someone. I’m actually a mature person, and I only talked to her because I have a soft spot for beauty…”

“I got it. I will relay this message to her.”

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