My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Motives

“You’re the stupid one!” Ning Ran argued. “If you were so smart, you should’ve gone to find out what those troublemakers wanted and tell me about it. If you’re still scared, let Qiao Zhan go with you. Get Qiao Zhan to beat up whoever dares to disrespect you.”

“Beat up? Don’t I need to be responsible for that?” “That’s not something you need to worry about. Just get him to beat up anyone you want. Remember to inform me after you find out what’s going on. That’s all. I’m hanging up.”

Nan Chen hung up the phone without waiting for Ning Ran’s response. Holding the phone, Ning Ran was stunned for a while. Once she had come back to her senses, she realized that Nan Chen had a point. What could they possibly do to me in broad daylight? Kill me? Who would dare to do that?

With that in mind, she went to look for the director and told him she was ready to meet the other production team. The director thought he heard her wrong. “Didn’t you say you didn’t want to go?”

“I’ve changed my mind.” Ning Ran flashed a smile. “Okay. I’ll send some people to go with you.”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll set the time and place. What makes them think they can meet me whenever they want? Tell them I’ll meet them at seven tonight. I’ll inform them of the meeting location later,” Ning Ran answered.

Although she knew things were not as dire as she initially thought, it was still wiser to be more cautious. What if those people go nuts and attack me? To be safe, I’ll pick the location.

In the end, Ning Ran decided to meet the other production team at a club in Livingsfill. Before the meeting, Qiao Zhan sent some people over to sweep the place and make sure the place was safe.

Still, Ning Ran was wracked with worry, so she told Qiao Zhan and the others to wait by the entrance. Ning Ran arrived at the location first, and she saw a glamorous lady walk in around ten minutes later.

Although Ning Ran didn’t recognize the lady, she found the lady’s gaze rather familiar. “I’m Ding Fei. My director told me to come,” the lady said. With that, she sat down right away and stared at Ning Ran.

Ning Ran noticed the malice in Ding Fei’s eyes. What’s with her? I’ve never met her. Why does she look like she wants to devour me? “Ding Fei?” Ning Ran asked. “Yes. I know you’re Ding Mi. Oh, wait. You’re Ning Ran.”

“I am. You guys wanted to talk to me, right? What would you like to say?” Ning Ran asked directly. Ding Fei went silent and kept staring at Ning Ran. Her gaze was so hostile that Ning Ran couldn’t help but feel threatened.

Having said that, Ning Ran wasn’t afraid because she knew Qiao Zhan and the others were right outside. If they hear me shout, those skilled fighters will come to my rescue.

In a vicious tone, Ding Fei asked, “The production team offered you a role in our movie, right? Why did you reject it? Is twenty million too little for you? Do you think you’re worth that much?”

At first, Ning Ran wanted to explain herself, but she quickly changed her mind after seeing how rude Ding Fei was.

Besides, she believed in Nan Chen’s judgment. They must’ve had ulterior motives when they offered me the role.

“You don’t have the right to decide how much I’m worth. I didn’t feel like accepting the role, so I rejected it,” Ning Ran answered. Have I been around Nan Chen for too long? Why am I talking like him?

“Do you really think you’re all that? You’re nothing without Nan Chen!” Ding Fei roared.

Ning Ran was stumped when she heard that. Why is she so hostile toward me?

“It seems like you’ve come to pick a fight with me. In that case, we have nothing to talk about.” Ning Ran stood up.

“Sit down. We’re not done yet.” Ding Fei stood up as well.

“If you want to talk, I’ll talk. However, I’m not going to show you mercy if you disrespect me again!” Ning Ran roared.

“Why are you so proud of yourself? Didn’t you get where you are now by relying on a man?”

“You’re right. So what if I relied on a man? I like how it is now. What’s wrong with that? I’ve never even met you. Why are you treating me as if we’re enemies?” Ning Ran glared at Ding Fei.

“I just don’t like how shameless you are. You’re nothing but an ordinary actress.”

“You’re the shameless one! What do you want? You said you wanted to talk to me, but you ended up picking a fight with me. Are you insane?” Ning Ran had been bickering with Nan Chen over the past few days, and she had a lot of anger piled up within. I haven’t gotten a chance to vent my anger yet. This lady came out of nowhere and talked trash about me. Fine! I’ll vent my frustration on her!

Ding Fei was so pissed that her lips were trembling, causing her initially beautiful face to look slightly weird.

“I talked to you nicely, didn’t I? You just had to provoke me. Do you think insulting people is your specialty? Say what you need to say. Otherwise, I’m out of here.” Ning Ran had never been one to get aggressive, so she was prepared to let the matter slide after seeing how angry Ding Fei was.

“I came here today to convince you to give up on the movie you’re working on and act in our movie as a second female lead,” Ding Fei said.

Ning Ran was perplexed. “I’ve already rejected that role. Do you think I’m going to change my mind now that you’ve insulted me?”

“Sleep on it. I’ll give you three days.”

“There’s no need for that. I’m giving you my answer now. I refuse your offer!”

“Fine. If that’s what you want, you’re going to regret it.”

“Oh? Really? Let’s see, shall we? Is there anything else? If that’s all, then I’m leaving.” Ning Ran was about to leave.

“As I’ve said, you’re going to regret it!” Ding Fei repeated angrily.

“If you threaten me once more, you’re going to regret it too,” Ning Ran replied.

Ning Ran wanted to leave, but Ding Fei suddenly stood before her and stopped her.

“What exactly do you want?” Ning Ran panicked.

“If you act in our movie, I can convince the producer to pay you more,” Ding Fei said.

Ning Ran was utterly confused. It’s so obvious this lady hates me to the bones. Why is she so eager to have me act in their movie? She’s even offering me more money.

“Don’t you hate me? Why are you offering me more money? Why do you want me to act in your movie so badly?” Ning Ran questioned.

“I think you suit the role of a second female lead, so I’m hoping you would join us.” Ding Fei’s attitude softened.

“But I don’t want to do that. Didn’t I make myself clear?”

“Why? Nobody sane would turn down money. Why do you not want to join us?” Ding Fei refused to give up.

“I don’t like the role! Are you happy now?”

“How much money do you want?” Ding Fei wouldn’t give up.

Right then, Ning Ran became even more suspicious. What are her motives?

“Are you asking me to give up on the movie I’m working on right now to become a second female lead in your movie?” Ning Ran queried.

“You don’t have to do that. You can do both at once. It’s quite normal for actors and actresses to film for two movies at once.”

“You allow me to be in both movies, and you’re offering me more money? It’s so obvious you despise me. Why are you offering me the chance to make more money?” Ning Ran asked.

Ding Fei paced around a little and answered, “That’s because I think you’re only good enough to take up a supporting role instead of the main role.”

Ding Fei’s reasoning was beyond ridiculous.

“Fine. I’ll think about it.” Ning Ran decided to not waste another second on her. I need to tell Nan Chen about this. I can’t seem to figure out what this lady’s intention is. Let’s see if Nan Chen knows what’s cooking.

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