My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Startled

Ouyang Qi did not get mad even when he was regarded with disdain by Ouyang Li. He was surprised to find out how patient he could be. If this had happened in the past, he would have flown into a rage already. “Indeed, I don’t have any serious business to tend to. So, I was hoping you could perhaps give me something to do, Li,” said Ouyang Qi.

“You want a job? Haven’t I told you that you’re not suited to get a job? You’re not equipped with the proper capability to work. Do you not know what kind of person you are? With the way you are now, what can you even do? Stop causing me trouble. I don’t have time to entertain your nonsensical ramblings,” uttered Ouyang Li bluntly.

“Li, I have no job and no income right now. My card was suspended, and I can only find lodging at my friend’s house.”

“So, you’ve come to me for money, is that it? It’s all because Dad spoiled you back then. You’ve idled around every day and all you know is wasting money! Now that Dad is no longer around, I won’t ever be like him and allow you to do as you please! You’re a man. Figure out how to make a living yourself. Also, don’t come to me anymore!” she snapped.

“Stop the car!” She then motioned for the driver to pull over before chasing Ouyang Qi out of the vehicle.

However, Ouyang Qi did not budge. Instead, he remained in the car and refused to move a muscle.

“Are you getting out of the car or not?” Ouyang Li asked.

“No, I’m not getting out. I wasn’t done talking yet. I’ll head to the company with you, and then I’ll get lost,” Ouyang Qi replied.

Not knowing what to do with her stubborn brother, Ouyang Li had no choice but to ask the driver to continue driving.

Soon, Ouyang Li spoke up. “Whatever it is you want to say, say it.”

“I’ve already said it. I want a job to make some money so I can provide for myself. Otherwise, I won’t be able to survive. Back then, Dad was there to support me. Now that I don’t have anyone providing for me, I need to provide for myself.”

“But you know nothing about working. What kind of job do you want me to give you? That’s enough. Let’s drop this matter. I’ll give you twenty thousand every month. That should be enough for you to survive,” Ouyang Li said impatiently.

“No, I can’t let you do that. I no longer want to reap without sowing. I need to rely on my own capability to provide for myself.”

“But you don’t have expertise in anything! Do you not understand what I’m trying to say?” Ouyang Li remarked angrily.

“Well, if you put it that way, I still have something to capitalize on. My identity. I could use my identity as Ouyang Duo’s son to receive interviews with the media. I could also utilize my identity as a down-and-out young heir to participate in various variety shows. You know this, I go by the moniker ‘Nine-Fingered Prince’ in the entertainment industry. I’m currently buzzworthy, so I’m capable of utilizing such resources to make money. Making two hundred thousand a month isn’t a problem, let alone twenty thousand,” Ouyang Qi said smilingly.

“I won’t allow you to do such things! If you rely on your appearance to make money, wouldn’t that tarnish the image of the Ouyang family? Have you no shame?” Ouyang Li became increasingly furious.

Ouyang Qi replied, “Li, if survivability becomes an issue, having shame or not doesn’t matter anymore. I have nothing much to say. You either give me a job to let me provide for myself, or you could leave me to my own devices, and I’ll enter the entertainment industry of my own accord. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get a writer to write my autobiography. Young people nowadays are envious of the lives of wealthy kids. If I were to publish a book, it would surely gain much traction. That way, I would have another profitable venture, and my life would be carefree.”

“I forbid you to do such things. I’ll give you a job. Stop the car!”

The driver quickly pulled over as soon as he heard her command.

“Get out of the car. Let him drive,” Ouyang Li said to the driver.

“Ms. Ouyang…”

“Get out of the car!” Ouyang Li bellowed angrily at the driver.

The driver obediently got out of the car as he did not dare provoke his superior.

“You drive. Aren’t you looking for a job? You’ll be my driver from today onwards,” Ouyang Li said.

Ouyang Qi was stunned for a moment. He had never expected Ouyang Li to assign him a job like that.

I’m the only son of the Ouyang family! Now I’m reduced to the role of a driver? This job is too humiliating for me!

Ouyang Qi knew that Ouyang Li did this on purpose to mess with him. She assumed he would find such an embarrassing job to be unbearable.

Therefore, Ouyang Qi had to put up with it. Besides, this job was quite beneficial to him.

One would surely question why it was beneficial.

For starters, the job didn’t require technical skills as all he needed to do was drive the car around. To Ouyang Qi, this did not pose any difficulties whatsoever.

If he were immediately assigned the role of an executive, he would instead be worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

However, working as a driver was a simple feat for him.

Besides, the best thing about this job was that he could often stay by Ouyang Li’s side to learn from her and simultaneously have a grasp of her whereabouts.

He would also get to know the people Ouyang Li kept in contact with and the places she went.

Simply put, this was the best entry point into the company for Ouyang Qi which he initially never thought about.

He gladly opened the car door and got out of the vehicle. After that, he hopped into the driver’s seat and began driving.

Ouyang Li thought Ouyang Qi would fly into a rage if he was assigned such a menial job.

However, his behavior differed from her expectations, rendering her astonished.

Three days had passed in Livingsfill, and Ning Ran hadn’t been in touch with Nan Chen for the past two days. Nan Chen tried calling her several times, but Ning Ran never picked up.

In actuality, her anger had somewhat subsided. However, the thought of Nan Chen praising Lu Jingyuan’s beauty behind her back would still upset Ning Ran from time to time.

The actress on Ning Ran’s production team who shared a similar name with Lu Jingyuan had also arrived the day before. The two of them even had a meal together.

The world was indeed a strange place, for Ning Ran happened to know two people with similar names. One was named Jing with the surname Tang, whereas the other had the additional word “Yuan” in her name, and her full name was Lu Jingyuan.

Because of the similarity of their names, Ning Ran would sometimes have the impression that Tang Jing and Lu Jingyuan looked slightly similar.

They both possessed the disposition of an intellectual and were both charming.

At that moment, Tang Jing walked in. “Ding, aren’t you going to bring your two little cuties to the production team for some fun? I haven’t seen them for a long time and I miss them.”

Ning Ran chuckled and said, “They’re at home, so it’s not very convenient to bring them here. Erbao came two days ago to film, though. You haven’t arrived yet at that time.”

“I heard from our colleagues in the production team. They praised Erbao for her impressive performance. Her acting skills are simply top-notch. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to see it. Did she perhaps grow taller again?”

Tang Jing intended to visit the place where Ning Ran stayed and build a closer relationship with the latter, for it would benefit her greatly.

However, Ning Ran did not even think of inviting her over and merely smiled in response.

As the two chatted, the director walked over with a solemn expression and motioned for Ning Ran to talk to him in private.

Tang Jing stepped away tactfully although she was also curious as to why the director wanted to talk to Ning Ran.

Ning Ran asked, “Are my acting skills not up to par? Just tell me directly. I’ll do my best to improve.”

The director replied, “No, it’s not that. A new production team has arrived not far from us, and I heard they’re also here to shoot a movie. Their staff members kept coming over and got into a scuffle with our staff members, who are in charge of security outside. We tried to reason with them and asked them not to film simultaneously with us, as we would end up affecting one another and getting in each other’s way. We also gave them another option of moving their set further away from us because although both teams are filming an outdoor scene in the same location, we don’t necessarily need to huddle together. However, they disagree with us.”

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