My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 683

Chapter 683 That Much Is A Fact

Ouyang Qi was not a complete loser. He had his own opinions; he just had no idea what to do. “I understand now. Wow, you’ve really had it tough. So, what are your plans now?” Tang Jing asked.

“Plans? None.” The look in Ouyang Qi’s gaze was blank. “You can’t remain aimless forever, right?” “I’ve been a playboy for too long, and I can’t get a job because I know nothing. Having fun and spending money extravagantly is what I do best,” Ouyang Qi declared with unabashed frankness.

“No,” Tang Jing insisted, “it’s impossible that you know nothing, given your upbringing in a family like that. You just never had the chance to demonstrate your skills. You know, you should be more proactive. Return to work at your father’s company and protect the family business.”

Taking note of Ouyang Qi’s silence, Tang Jing was jubilant. I seem to have swayed Ouyang Qi. I’m about to succeed! “My sister will never agree to this. She wants to keep me away,” Ouyang Qi said resignedly. “You can fight for it.” “How am I supposed to fight for it?”

“Tell her that you hope she would give you a job and an income to sustain yourself. If she refuses, you’ll tell the reporters that she’s edging you out and trying to take charge of the family. Having just ascended to the helm, she would not have settled in yet. Any threat to her position would force her to comply with your request. As to what sort of job she will give you, I do not know. But as long as you land a job at Sunshine Corporation, you would have succeeded halfway. You are the son of Mr. Ouyang, the chairman. As far as the veteran employees are concerned, you are still the heir. That much is a fact. Just keep your head down and inch your way forward. As long as you are patient, an opportunity will present itself. You only need to grab hold of it when the time comes, and you will be able to turn things around.”

Tang Jing’s last sentence was said as much to herself as it was to Ouyang Qi. She had spent years working hard and waiting for the right opportunity.

Occasionally, she would lose her patience and wonder if she should persevere when her opportunity to venture into high society still had not shown itself. She used to tell herself that there would be an opportunity as long as she was willing to wait.

Ouyang Qi’s predicament is both his and my opportunity. I can achieve my goals through him. Ouyang Qi did not speak. “Where are you currently living?”

Tang Jing changed the subject, feeling that it was time to drop the serious subject, for Ouyang Qi needed time to digest it. It would rouse Ouyang Qi’s suspicion if I pushed too hard, which might cause my plan to backfire.

“I was living in the Orchid Club, but I have no place to stay now that the club is undergoing renovation. The hotel has kicked me out for overdue fees,” Ouyang Qi answered.

“You could stay here if you don’t mind. I am a good friend of Ouyang Qing’s. You can think of me as your friend, too,” Tang Jing said warmly.

Ouyang Qi appeared suspicious. “Why are you so nice to me? Could you have fallen for me? It can’t be, as I have nothing. Why would you?”

Tang Jing did not answer immediately.

She had always thought that Ouyang Qi was not just a loser. One who grew up in an immensely wealthy family could not have been a loser.

He was well-educated, and he had valuable connections with elites. Under the influence of the people around him, he would never be an average Joe, let alone a loser.

That was why she thought he was worth the wager.

It is a low-cost bid with the potential for huge payoffs. A perfect investment opportunity.

“There are several reasons that I’ve decided to help you. One of them is on the account of my friendship with Ouyang Qing. Another is that if I were to help you now, you have the possibility of giving me the biggest repayment in the future. An additional friend guarantees an additional option, doesn’t it?”

Verily, Tang Jing could not call herself a saint and tell him that she helped purely out of kindness.

If she told him that, Ouyang Qi would not believe her and would instead suspect her motives.

I might as well be more sincere since it would be more believable. Ouyang Qi would also find it palatable.

Ouyang Qi nodded. “I understand. You’re right. I should be doing something.”

Tang Jing smiled.

She knew she could convince him, for she was very persuasive.

People who are down are weak-minded, so they’re even easier to persuade and take control of.

“Would you like to stay here? I’ll be over at Livingsfill to shoot a scene over the next two days, so the house will be empty. You could help me tidy up while you’re here…”

She suddenly paused because she realized her guest was a pampered young man who may not know how to do chores.

Sure enough, Ouyang Qi shrugged. “I don’t know how. Seriously.”

“No problem. I’ll leave you the cleaner’s contact, and you can have her come over to do it. I have only one rule for your stay here: you cannot bring girls over to spend the night,” Tang Jing said sternly.

Ouyang Qi chuckled. “While it’s true that many girls would call me back then, things are different now. They may not come even if I asked them out, and spending the night is beside the question. So, rest assured, no girls would come here. There is something I should clarify, though. I would not have the money to pay you rent any time soon.”

Tang Jing laughed in response. She once again realized how handsome Ouyang Qi was.

He has the indolence and insolence typical of playboys as well as indifference toward everything.

Such a demeanor was different from men of ordinary backgrounds, as most of them did not have the right to be indifferent toward everything.

Instead, they had to carefully obey societal laws to avoid being shunned and left behind.

Only wealthy heirs with access to vast resources could indulge in the free expression of their true colors.

Because of their wealth, they were endowed with the power to act carefreely without restraint.

Ouyang Qi’s name was once renowned in the entertainment industry for how brazen he was when it came to flirting with women.

There were no limits to his proclivity. It did not matter if the women were taken or married. Once he took an interest in them, he would not be deterred.

Even though he could no longer do as he pleased now that he was in dire straits and without resources, that unruly aura of his remained.

Tang Jing reveled in that quality of his, probably because that was what she lacked most: the ability to do as she pleased.

I have to grab hold of the opportunity that Ouyang Qi presents so that one day, I would be able to do as I please just like Ouyang Qi once did.

“What would you like for lunch? I’ll cook for you,” Tang Jing offered with a smile at Ouyang Qi.

“You know how to cook?”

“I do. I can do everything, even laundry and mopping the floor. I can do every household chore. I’ve done what you rich people deem dirty work,” she boasted.

“You befriended Ouyang Qing for money, didn’t you?” Ouyang Qi inferred.

Tang Jing was frank in her confession. “That’s right. To be honest, I’ve only been able to be part of I Am You’s production team with Ouyang Qing’s help. Even though she is now in prison, her name still carries weight because she is the film’s investor. If you could persuade Ouyang Qing to hand over her investment, you could become the film’s investor instead.”

Deep down, Ouyang Qi felt that the woman before him was not as simple as she appeared.

She is different from the women I used to flirt with. This one knows what to do to get what she wants.

“Very well. One day, I will turn you into a superstar like Nan Chen once did for Ning Ran,” declared Ouyang Qi.

“I believe you could do it.”

Tang Jing did not believe in Ouyang Qi’s ability to succeed. Instead, she believed in her own ability to succeed by using Ouyang Qi.

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