My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Dabao Asking An Important Question

Qiao Zhan initially wanted to pick Nan Xing up at the airport but got stuck in a traffic jam. Hence, Nan Xing took the airport bus and arrived before he did.

“Mr. Xing, you’re here. I’ll ask someone to prepare your meal,” Qiao Zhan said. “Where are the kids? Are they taking a nap?” Nan Xing asked.

“Yes, they are taking a nap. They were tired after playing too much and will sleep longer today.” “Then don’t wake them up. Prepare me some food, though. I’m starving.”

Nan Xing didn’t ask about Lu Jingyuan for he was scolded after flirting with her. Feeling embarrassed, he didn’t mention her to Qiao Zhan. As he didn’t mention anything, Qiao Zhan dared not ask any questions.

Ms. Lu was furious and called him a “pervert.” Something must’ve happened. Nevertheless, Qiao Zhan couldn’t ask what Nan Xing did to infuriate Lu Jingyuan.

Moreover, there was a strange wet stain on Nan Xing’s white suit. That further proved that something had happened. Did Master Xing pounce on Ms. Lu when no one was around? That’s not acceptable! If that’s the case, Ms. Lu has every right to be mad at him!

Qiao Zhan regarded Lu Jingyuan as his goddess, so if Nan Xing did try to force himself on her, Qiao Zhan would definitely side with Lu Jingyuan. Thus, he didn’t ask questions and pretended he didn’t see anything.

After lunch, Nan Xing took a short nap. The kids were still asleep when he woke up. Getting bored, he got the car keys from Qiao Zhan and went out for a drive.

Meanwhile, Lu Jingyuan went back to her house. She couldn’t help feeling that something was off. I got mad and left, but my children are still at the inn. Will the pervert vent his anger on them after I offended him?

Realizing that she had made a wrong decision, she drove back to Mountview Inn. A few minutes after Nan Xing left, Lu Jingyuan arrived at the inn. They missed each other and avoided another conflict.

This time, Lu Jingyuan woke her daughters so they could go home together. The girls were in a daze and didn’t know what happened, but since their mother insisted that they return home with her, they had no choice but to obey.

Dabao and Erbao were still asleep when Lu Jingyuan brought Lu Yunxue and Lu Yunbing away. Qiao Zhan saw them out and asked, “Ms. Lu, what happened?”

“I’m fine. Some people wanted to bully me and my kids because we’re alone and helpless, but I won’t let him succeed!” Lu Jingyuan huffed angrily.

Qiao Zhan offered a placating smile. “You’re not alone or helpless. Please don’t put yourself down. Who offended you? Was it our young master?”

“I don’t want to mention him. He’s disgusting!” Lu Jingyuan helped her kids put on their seatbelts and drove away. Qiao Zhan watched as her car disappeared into the distance, utterly baffled.

Did our young master do something to Ms. Lu? She’s usually gentle, but look how furious she was earlier. Mr. Xing isn’t as capable as Mr. Chen, but he’s a gentleman. How could he force himself on Ms. Lu? Has he gone crazy?

Qiao Zhan returned to the inn to discover that Erbao had woken up. The little girl was usually sensible, but after taking a longer-than-usual nap, she woke up groggy and grumpy.

Realizing that Lu Yunbing and Lu Yunxue weren’t around, she got upset and demanded to know why her friends were gone. “Their mommy brought them home. I had nothing to do with this,” Qiao Zhan replied innocently.

“But Ms. Lu promised to keep us company all day. She promised Mommy that she’ll take care of us. Why did she leave suddenly? Did you make her angry?” Erbao demanded furiously.

Qian Zhan protested, “I dare not make Ms. Lu angry. I didn’t do anything!” “Then why did Ms. Lu leave suddenly?” Erbao refused to buy his explanation.

“Well, I have no idea.” Qiao Zhan surmised that Nan Xing and Lu Jingyuan had a fight, but it was just a guess. He dared not reveal his thoughts without any evidence to support him.

Erbao might be a child, but if he were to reveal anything to her, she would betray him any minute. “There’s no way you know nothing,” Dabao stated icily as he came out to give Qiao Zhan a doubtful stare.

The weak-willed Qiao Zhan immediately felt guilty when he met Dabao’s solemn gaze. A chill ran down his spine as he found Dabao’s glare eerily similar to Nan Chen’s.

“I…” Qiao Zhan was at a loss for words. “Man, up and spill the truth. Why are you stuttering?” Dabao demanded. Qiao Zhan got even more perplexed. It was challenging enough to handle one kid, but there were two kids before him now.

“I guess something cropped up, and she left. You were sleeping, so she didn’t want to disturb you and left without telling you. I think that was what happened,” he mustered a reply.

“Really?” Dabao didn’t believe him. “Yes.” Qiao Zhan forced himself to stay calm. “All right. You don’t want to spill the truth, right? I’ll call Ms. Lu and find out what happened. If you offended her, I’ll tell Daddy what you did,” Dabao warned.

“Didn’t I tell you I dare not offend Ms. Lu? I wasn’t the one who offended her!” Qiao Zhan insisted.

“Oh, I know what happened!” Erbao yelled without warning.

Dabao asked sternly, “What do you know?”

He had always disliked his sister’s habit of yelling out loud without warning.

Erbao inched nearer to him and whispered something into his ear.

Dabao’s eyes widened after he heard her words and stared at Qiao Zhan.

Deep down, Qiao Zhan was startled. What did she say? It seems that she was talking about me.

“Uncle Qiao, I think I need to talk to you,” Dabao said with a steely expression.

Qiao Zhan’s panic grew. Erbao must’ve told him something about me! I wonder what she said.

Dabao walked to a corner, so Qiao Zhan had to follow him.

Erbao wanted to tag along but was stopped by Dabao.

Left without a choice, she had to halt in her tracks and watch pitifully as Qiao Zhan and Dabao had a talk.

“Uncle Qiao, we’re both men and can confide in each other, right?” Dabao asked solemnly.

“Little Master, what do you want to talk about? What did Little Miss say about me?”

Dabao returned, “How did you know she was talking about you?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Of course she was talking about me. Otherwise, why would you want to talk to me in private?” Qiao Zhan asked with a bitter expression.

“Did you do it?” Dabao questioned.

“Huh? Do what?” Qiao Zhan didn’t understand his question.

Dabao demanded, “Don’t you know what you did? Or are you putting up an act?”

Qiao Zhan grew increasingly nervous. “What did I do? I didn’t do anything.”

“But I think Erbao’s words make sense,” Dabao told him.

“What did Little Miss say? Did she speak ill of me?”

“Erbao said you’re in love with Ms. Lu and did something to her since no one was around today. That was why she left angrily. Was that the case?”

Qiao Zhan was frightened. “Little Master, you’re wrong! Please don’t make baseless accusations. I didn’t do anything to her! Even if someone did violate her, it should be your Uncle Xing, not me!”

Forced into a corner, Qiao Zhan had no choice but to reveal what was on his mind.

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