My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 675

Chapter 675 Hypocrite

The following day, Nan Chen flew back to Flower City while Ning Ran resumed shooting.

Ning Ran needed Cheng Xiangyun’s help at work, and no one was available to take care of the kids. Qiao Zhan couldn’t take care of them himself, so he suggested inviting Lu Jingyuan over to help take care of the kids.

Both Ning Ran and Lu Jingyuan agreed to the plan, so the latter brought her daughters to Mountview Inn to meet up with Dabao and Erbao. The four kids were elated as they could play together again.

Erbao and Yunxue clicked, so they watched anime and ate delicious food together. They would also gossip about their siblings occasionally. Dabao and Yunbing, on the other hand, rarely talked, so they didn’t bother interacting with each other. They were busy with their own stuff and ignored one another.

Despite that, they were inwardly delighted to hang out with their friend. After having lunch at noon, the kids were sent to their rooms so they could take a nap. Peace was finally restored in the inn.

Feeling sleepy herself, Lu Jingyuan placed a recliner under the tree in the yard. She placed her hat over her face, prepared to rest for a bit. It was tiring to take care of one kid, let alone four of them. Naturally, she was exhausted.

Gradually, she fell asleep. She was having a dream when a ray of light attacked her eyes. The hat covering her face had been removed, so she jolted awake. When she opened her eyes, the handsome face of a man appeared in her sight.

“Mr. Nan? You’re back?” Lu Jingyuan asked. Nan Xing nodded and inquired, “Yeah. Who are you?”

What’s wrong with Nan Chen? We’ve met twice previously, but he’s asking me who I am. I’m not going to answer such a ridiculous question. After all, he knows who I am. No one will answer that question if they were in my shoes.

With that thought in mind, Lu Jingyuan got to her feet and said, “Mr. Nan, since you’re here, I’ll be leaving.” However, she recalled her daughters were still here. She could only leave after they woke up from their afternoon nap.

Thus, she sat back down. “You’re pretty. Who are you? Do you have a boyfriend?” Nan Xing urged.

He didn’t know who Lu Jingyuan was and assumed she was a guest in the inn. She was young and gorgeous, so he revealed his usual womanizer self to ask for her WeChat account. Lu Jingyuan’s disgust for him grew after she heard his praise.

Nan Chen is a hypocrite, huh? He acts as though he’s in love with Ning Ran before her but does a one-eighty when she isn’t around! Look at how he’s pretending not to know me and praising me for my looks. How could he be this skittish?

In an icy voice, she retorted, “Mr. Nan, please have some self-respect.”

“You know me, but I don’t know you. Have you had lunch? I haven’t had lunch yet. Should we have lunch together?” Nan Xing extended an invitation earnestly.

With his good looks, Nan Xing rarely got turned down whenever he invited ladies to eat with him.

Alas, he got turned down today by Lu Jingyuan, who wore a look of disgust.

“I’ve had lunch. Please don’t disturb me as I’m taking an afternoon nap.”

Lu Jingyuan was pretty upset. I’m your wife’s friend, but you flirted with me behind her back and pretended not to know me. What a despicable man! You look distinguished but turn out to be a hypocrite. I’m thoroughly disappointed.

“You’re having a nap here? Why don’t you sleep inside your room? It’s windy here, so you might catch a cold. I can ask someone to get you a blanket if you insist on sleeping here,” Nan Xing offered.

He meant well, but the more eager he was, the more Lu Jingyuan was repulsed by him.

“No need for that, Mr. Nan. Can you leave instead of disturbing me? I don’t feel like talking to you now,” Lu Jingyuan snapped, her expression icy cold.

Nan Xing felt rather awkward. He tried talking to her nicely, but she was rude to him throughout.

Not only did she refuse to answer any of his questions, but she also appeared annoyed as though someone owed her money.

“All I did was compliment your looks and ask who you are. Do you have to act this way?” Nan Xing said, irritated.

Used to flattery from the other sex, Nan Xing felt a flicker of anger at the sudden cold treatment.

“This is who I am. I don’t like talking to hypocrites,” Lu Jingyuan stated firmly, her voice colder than before.

“Who are you calling a hypocrite? How can you be sure I’m a hypocrite?” Nan Xing hissed furiously.

If she doesn’t want me to flirt with her, fine, but why is she criticizing me? Who does she think she is?

“You’re obviously a two-faced hypocrite,” Lu Jingyuan returned.

She wanted to be harsher but restrained herself in the end. After all, Nan Chen was the CEO of Nanshi Corporation.

If it were some other man, she would’ve called him “shameless” without hesitation.

Nan Xing’s confusion heightened. “What are you talking about? When did I offend you? Why am I a hypocrite?”

Assuming Nan Chen was putting up an act, Lu Jingyuan didn’t feel like talking to him anymore.

She got up to wake the kids up so they could leave.

Nan Xing refused to give up as she didn’t make things clear yet.

There’s no way I’m letting you leave after you criticized me!

Grabbing Lu Jingyuan’s arm, he declared, “Don’t leave and make yourself clear. Why do you hate me this much? When did I offend you?”

“Let go! Don’t touch me!”

“I’m not going to touch you. Even if you want me to touch you, I might not do so!” Nan Xing fumed.

His words infuriated Lu Jingyuan even more. She grabbed a glass of water on the table and splashed the water on his face.

Nan Xing was stunned.

He didn’t expect to receive such a “grand welcome” upon his arrival to Livingsfill.

Where did this hot-tempered woman come from?

“You’re in deep trouble,” Nan Xing warned as he wiped the water off his face.

“You, too!” Lu Jingyuan refused to give in.

“How dare you do this to me? You’ll regret this!”

“You’ll regret your actions, too!”

They both started threatening each other.

Lu Jingyuan knew the Nan family was influential, but she wasn’t afraid at all. She was no pushover, after all.

“Fine, then. We shall see what happens. Dare you tell me your name?” Nan Xing fumed.

“Stop with your act! What a childish and despicable man!”

With that said, Lu Jingyuan stormed to the door as rage got the better of her. I must tell Ning Ran what happened and expose Nan Chen’s true colors!

Nan Xing wanted to stop her from leaving but ultimately decided against it. It wasn’t gentlemanly of him to constantly find fault with a woman. Besides, it would be difficult for him to explain things if she accused him of molesting him or something.

I need to find out who she is before taking any action.

Lu Jingyuan stepped out of the door to see Qiao Zhan, who had just parked the car. The latter didn’t know what was going on.

“Ms. Tang, why are you leaving?” Confused, he looked at the seemingly angry woman.

“Take care of the kids. I’ll be back to pick them up later, okay?” Lu Jingyuan said.

“Of course. That won’t be a problem,” Qiao Zhan agreed.

“Don’t let the pervert in the yard approach the kids. They are having their afternoon nap. Call me right after they wake up,” Lu Jingyuan reminded him.

“Pervert? What pervert?” Qiao Zhan frowned.

Refusing to explain further, Lu Jingyuan strode toward her Jeep and left.

Qiao Zhan had no idea what happened. He entered the inn to see Nan Xing fuming on a chair.

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