My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Trust

As Nan Chen hardly ever praised anyone, Ning Ran asked curiously, “Why are you impressed that he didn’t acquire Sunshine Corporation?”

“If he had acquired the company while the Ouyang family was having trouble, it might not sit well with the other directors and upper management of Sunshine corporation. They might even go against Rong Yi because of that.

Besides, Sunshine Corporation is a large organization. To acquire the company, a huge amount of capital is required. It’s unlikely that Prosperity Holdings would have sufficient cash flow. As such, their only way to complete the acquisition is through debt financing. However, if Sunshine Corporation fails to perform well after the acquisition, the company would end up in a very risky position.”

Ning Ran nodded and replied, “Oh, I get it now. It’s like, if we force ourselves to eat when we are already full, we would end up getting indigestion. You’ve told me the analogy before. So Rong Yi is actually very smart. He chose not to acquire the company but to become a shareholder instead and observe the situation.”

Nan Chen looked at Ning Ran approvingly, acting like her homeroom teacher again.

However, he was not intending to lecture her but was instead, giving her a silent compliment.

“But there’s something I still don’t understand,” Ning Ran said, looking toward Nan Chen.

“What is it?”

“Even though Rong Yi did not acquire Sunshine Corporation, he had injected a lot of capital into it. If the company continues to be in a dump, wouldn’t he make a loss as well?” Ning Ran asked.

“That’s why that was just the first step. The woman at the press conference was Ouyang Li, and the man was Rong Rui, Prosperity Holdings’ deputy CEO. He’s also Rong Yi’s younger brother. Prosperity Holdings and Sunshine Corporation held the combined press conference to officially announce their strategic partnership as well as their reallocation of resources in various areas. Among the three major corporations in our province, Nanshi Corporation is currently the largest, followed by Sunshine Corporation, then Prosperity Holdings. Now that the second and third place had formed a strategic alliance, Nanshi Corporation would naturally be under a lot of pressure. Because of the new partnership, the shares of those two companies have rocketed. As such, not only had Prosperity Holdings made money, but they had also gotten themselves a great ally to go up against Nanshi Corporation. Previously, I wasn’t able to figure out why they would suddenly return to Flower City, but the reason is clear now. Very impressive indeed.”

Initially, Ning Ran was still rather confused, but after listening to Nan Chen’s explanation, she fully understood the situation.

“So the alliance of the second and third place is threatening the leader’s position?”

“Well, Nanshi Corporation had never intended to be the leader. We have just been focusing on our business and have never thought of being a threat to anyone. However, obviously, others do not think the same way. It’s clear that they are ganging up against Nanshi Corporation. Things have been going too smoothly for Nanshi Corporation for the past few years. I was worried that a major crisis would hit us sooner or later as things seemed too good to be true. Sure enough, the crisis has arrived,” Nan Chen said with a worried expression.

Nan Chen was an extremely strong and capable man. The fact that he was worried about the partnership between the other two companies meant that it was a serious matter.

It would certainly change the dynamics of the business arena in the province.

Previously, it was a tripartite situation. However, after two of the three companies joined forces, it would definitely put pressure on Nanshi Corporation.

More importantly, Nanshi Corporation had bad blood with both companies.

“Don’t worry too much. Nanshi Corporation will be all right with you around.”

Nan Chen paced around a little before replying “Of course, I’m not afraid of them. I just think that it’s too much of a coincidence. Immediately after I dealt with Sunshine Corporation, Rong Yi bought their shares at a low price and became the second largest shareholder of Sunshine Corporation. Just when our feud with the Ouyang family was finally about to be over, Ouyang Duo had suddenly run away and ended up dying along the way. Although it was his choice to escape, it was unavoidable for the Ouyang family to blame his death on the Nan family. Naturally, they would hate the Nan family to the core. Subsequently, Prosperity Holdings suddenly returned to Flower City. On the surface, it seemed like a coincidence, but every step felt like it was carefully planned. If that’s really the case, it means that Nanshi Corporation has fallen into a meticulously designed scheme. How many resources would be required to carry out such an elaborate scheme? How powerful is the person who designed the scheme?”

Of course, Nan Chen was just thinking out loud and not asking for Ning Ran’s opinion.

“Could it be that you’re overthinking?” Ning Ran asked softly.

“I hope so.”

“I’m sure that even if the Ouyang family and the Rong family combine forces, they won’t be able to inflict harm on Nanshi Corporation,” Ning Ran said, showing her support for Nan Chen.

The man glanced at her and asked, “Do you have that much trust in me?”

“Of course,” Ning Ran answered without hesitation.

“But why? Why do you trust me so much?”

“Because you’re not just any ordinary person. You’re Sir Chen! I remember that when we were trapped on that island back then, you weren’t able to walk and were practically crippled. Even so, you were still able to help us escape. Now that you are functioning perfectly, I’m sure this little bit of stress is nothing to you. You’ve got this!” Ning Ran exclaimed.

Nan Chen enjoyed listening to Ning Ran’s flattery, although it was slightly exaggerated.

“You’re right. I’ll be heading back to Flower City tomorrow. Nan Xing is coming over. He misses the kids and wants to visit them here. Don’t worry about anything and just focus on filming. Most importantly, be safe,” Nan Chen reminded.

“I will. You have to stay safe as well, okay? By the way, you mentioned that you would give Ms. Tang a job. Did you mean it?” Ning Ran asked.

“Of course I meant it. Why would I lie? She’s gotten numerous design awards in Epea and is very famous in the industry. She just keeps a low profile and appears rather mysterious.”


“Yup. We tried running a background check on her, but we were unable to find any information on her family. Her family is registered in the capital, but other than herself, there’s no one else in her household registry. However, judging from our conversation with her, it seems like she does have a family. Moreover, I believe that she doesn’t come from an ordinary family,” Nan Chen explained.

“Wow! Could we have encountered a formidable figure?”

“I’m not sure if she’s formidable, but she’s definitely capable. If we can get her to join Nanshi Corporation, it would definitely be good news for us. I will definitely offer her a senior position with a competitive salary. Besides, our kids and her kids can grow up together. That way, they wouldn’t be lonely. I think it sounds great. You should try to persuade her as well.”

Ning Ran realized that Nan Chen had become more sensitive. Perhaps, it was because of the fact that he had been spending more time with the kids.

“Sure. I will look for an opportunity to talk to her and get her to join Nanshi Corporation. However, she is someone who has a mind of her own, and it wouldn’t be easy for me to convince her.”

“Just try your best. Oh, has Rong Rong left? Are you still in contact with her?” Nan Chen asked.

“We are not in touch currently. I haven’t seen her ever since our last meal together. I guess Rong Yi told her not to contact me after knowing about my relationship with you,” Ning Ran replied with a sigh.

“How are you related to me?” Nan Chen asked.

“How would I know!” Ning Ran was rendered speechless.

“If she contacts you, no matter what it is about, you have to let me know,” Nan Chen said.

“Are you wary of Rong Rong? Even if there’s bad blood between the Rong family and the Nan family, I don’t think they would make use of Rong Rong to deal with us!”

“I’m just saying. I’m not suspecting her.”

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