My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 673

Chapter 673 A Powerful Character

Finding it an excellent idea, Nan Chen likewise turned his gaze to Lu Jingyuan. “I’m afraid I’ve got to disappoint you. Frankly speaking, I only managed to settle down here thanks to my family’s support. I couldn’t have done it alone. I’ve built a house here and established an inn, so I can’t just leave on a whim. Even if I were to leave, I could only go back to the capital. But I don’t want to do so.”

Lu Jingyuan was a person with a complicated past, for there were many things she was reluctant to speak of in detail. However, there must be something holding her back. That was for certain.

In reality, everyone had something holding them back. “I think it’s worthwhile to sacrifice some things for the sake of the kids,” Ning Ran murmured, expressing her point of view.

“It’s not that I’m unwilling to make sacrifices, but I have an agreement with my family. They’re sure that I can’t last for three years here. If… Never mind, let’s not talk about this. Anyway, I can’t leave. Furthermore, it’s also not easy to go to another city and find a job, starting from scratch. I haven’t really worked seriously for a few years, so I’ve grown rusty in a lot of things. Besides, I’ve got kids now. I don’t have much of an advantage anymore in the business world.”

“I remember you saying that you’re a designer?” Ning Ran queried. “I used to do designing in the past, architectural design, specifically,” Lu Jingyuan answered.

“Nanshi Corporation has its own real estate company. If you don’t mind, Ms. Lu, you can join us. I can provide you with a suitable job,” Nan Chen interjected.

Ning Ran agreed with that suggestion, gushing, “Yes, that’s right! Nanshi Corporation has a lot of subsidiary companies, so it’s a piece of cake to find you a job.”

“Thank you, but this matter is quite complicated, so I’ve still got to think about it. Honestly, I haven’t worked in a few years. In the past, I’ve never worked continuously either. Basically, I worked part-time, making a break for it after earning enough money. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like being tied to a job.”

“Making a break for it?” Nan Chen mused. “I either switched jobs or resigned, then left to travel and explore. If it weren’t because I’ve got kids now, I might still be in some corner of the world, never settling down. My present life isn’t one I want. I’m only staying temporarily for the sake of my kids.”

When Lu Jingyuan spoke of that, her usual poise was all but gone. Life came into her eyes, and they lit up. As a matter of fact, there were truly people who loved the feeling of being on the road. In her world, the most meaningful life was still the ideal life she yearned for.

However, there was something even more important than that—obligation. She had specific duties and responsibilities as a mother. “I think you’ll have a chance of living the life you want if you leave this place,” Nan Chen ventured.

Lu Jingyuan and Ning Ran both swung their gazes at him in concert, not quite understanding the meaning of his words.

“You can contract out the inn here and rent out the house. By doing so, you’ll have a fixed income every month. Besides, you can hire someone to oversee things here and manage everything for you. Then, you can work part-time at Nanshi Corporation. Again, you’ll make a fixed sum monthly. The money will be enough for you to go out and travel for a while from time to time. Ultimately, Ms. Lu, you’re an outstanding talent who had once received a design award abroad, so it’s a veritable waste for you to work as an innkeeper here.”

Nan Chen’s final remark took Lu Jingyuan aback. “You investigated me?”

“Sorry, but everyone close to the children of the Nan family has to be investigated. However, we won’t leak the results of the investigation. I believe that your family had also investigated Ning Ran, Qiao Zhan, and the others, yes, Ms. Lu?” Nan Chen replied.

Lu Jingyuan said nothing, so it was considered a tacit admittance. All of a sudden, Ning Ran felt as though she was a fool.

So, they’ve both investigated each other, and I’m the only one in the dark? At the end of the day, I’m the most foolish among us all. We’re of different statuses, so our thoughts and way of doing things are indeed different. It’s difficult for me to change.

“I’ll consider your suggestion, Mr. Nan. No matter my final decision, thank you for your kindness,” Lu Jingyuan murmured with a smile.

Nan Chen said nothing, merely inclining his head slightly.

Just then, his phone started vibrating. Picking up his phone, he went into another room to take the call.

“I’m sorry about that. Are you highly offended that my family investigated you?” Lu Jingyuan apologized to Ning Ran.

“No, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m not some big shot, so investigating me or otherwise makes no difference.” Ning Ran shrugged.

“You’re no small fry either,” Lu Jingyuan countered.

“I’m no small fry? I can’t find anyone more insignificant than me,” Ning Ran quipped with a chuckle.

“You’ll definitely become a superstar in the future, and an international one at that.”

“Thank you! Let’s drink to that.” Ning Ran raised her glass.


The two women chatted for a long time, but Nan Chen still didn’t make an appearance.

Seeing that it was late, Lu Jingyuan called her two daughters over. After thanking Ning Ran, she excused herself to go home.

Since she had imbibed and couldn’t drive, Qiao Zhan volunteered to be the driver and sent them home personally.

Ning Ran took a shower before going to the study room, only to see that Nan Chen was still working in front of the computer.

“Did something happen?” Ning Ran inquired worriedly.

“Something came up. I initially planned to spend some time with the kids, but I’ve got to leave first thing tomorrow morning because of an urgent matter,” Nan Chen admitted.

“Is it work? Or is it a personal matter?”

“Both. Take a look at this.”

Pushing the computer over, Nan Chen showed Ning Ran a video.

It seemed to be a press conference. A plain-looking woman was speaking at the press conference while a man was beside her, nodding and applauding every so often.

“Who’s this? I don’t know her even if you show it to me. What exactly happened?” Ning Ran asked in puzzlement.

“This woman is Ouyang Li. She’s Ouyang Duo’s daughter.”

“Huh? Isn’t his daughter Ouyang Qing? And isn’t she in prison right now? Another daughter popped out?” Surprise swept over Ning Ran.

“This is his older daughter. She rarely appears in the public eye, but she has always been working at Sunshine Corporation, holding the post of deputy CEO, if I’m not mistaken. After he died, she suddenly popped out.”

“What? Ouyang Duo is dead?” Again, shock flooded Ning Ran.

“Yeah. It seems that he met with a car crash while escaping and died. Following that, Ouyang Li rose to prominence overnight and became the Ouyang family’s spokesperson in Sunshine Corporation. Ouyang Qi and Ouyang Qing didn’t retain any of the shares Ouyang Duo left behind but gave them all to her. As such, she became Sunshine Corporation’s biggest shareholder,” Nan Chen explained.

“She looks ordinary, but she’s exceedingly capable. She has probably waited for this opportunity for an eternity, huh?”

Nan Chen agreed with that, seconding, “I think so, too. Guess who Sunshine Corporation’s second biggest shareholder is.”

Ning Ran pondered for a moment before surmising, “You said Rong Yi bought Sunshine Corporation’s shares by the bucket back then. Don’t tell me he’s Sunshine Corporation’s second biggest shareholder?”

“Bingo. Prosperity Holdings is the second biggest shareholder, but they’re taking on the identity of a corporate shareholder. I’d always thought Rong Yi wanted to acquire Sunshine Corporation, but that wasn’t what happened. He merely became the second biggest shareholder. This has me seeing him in a different light. Verily, he’s a powerful character.”

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