My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Amazed Beyond Words

However, Nan Chen didn’t want to continue arguing with Ning Ran, so he remained silent. He vaguely sensed that she was exhibiting signs of the so-called emotion of jealousy.

Unlike Nan Xing, he had few scandals and rarely had any romantic entanglements with women, so he had little knowledge regarding jealousy and the like.

In other words, he wouldn’t be bothered even if women were to be jealous because of him since he was all too powerful. Thus, he was indeed pretty dense when it came to discerning women’s emotions.

His own emotions were far more important to him, so how others felt didn’t matter much to him. However, things were seemingly different then. He started growing concerned over Ning Ran’s reaction.

That was why he spent so much effort explaining things to her, rambling throughout the drive. Interestingly, he discovered that too many explanations couldn’t calm her down. Conversely, she would become even more emotional and object all the more vehemently.

Therefore, he decided to revert to his usual style and remain silent, allowing her to interpret things however she liked. Consequently, Ning Ran went silent.

She wasn’t insane, so she couldn’t prattle on alone. When the car reached the entrance of Mountview Inn, Lu Jingyuan also happened to arrive in her car.

As soon as her two children alighted from the car, Lu Yunxue dashed over to Nan Chen. “You’re here, Mr. Handsome?” She was one of those who treated someone according to his looks, so she addressed the man as “Mr. Handsome” directly instead of “Mr. Nan.”

“Hello, Yunxue,” Nan Chen replied gently, for once. Lu Yunbing, on the other hand, was much more serious. Bowing slightly, she inclined her head a fraction and greeted politely, “Hello, Mr. Nan.”

Inside the house, Erbao heard their voices and came flying out. “Mommy, Daddy, Ms. Lu, Yunxue, Yunbing… you’re here!” It wasn’t easy for her to greet so many people in a single breath, but fortunately, she still managed to do it.

As though long-lost friends, Erbao and Lu Yunxue hugged each other and twirled around in circles. The adorable sight had Ning Ran and Lu Jingyuan smiling from ear to ear.

Mountview Inn was established by Lu Jingyuan, while Ning Ran and Nan Chen were merely renting it. For that reason, Lu Jingyuan was actually more familiar with the place than they were.

The food was prepared by the chef Nan Chen brought over because Erbao loved that chef’s cooking the most. She was especially hooked on the desserts he made.

When the food was served, even Lu Jingyuan praised the fare to the skies, saying that it was incredibly delicious. They all chatted as they ate. Erbao ate the fastest, for she was in a hurry to finish eating and proceed to the next segment—gift-giving.

Nan Chen had many presents prepared, including dolls, books, children’s computers, and also snacks. Erbao took them out one by one, gifting them to Lu Yunxue and Lu Yunbing personally.

Even the usually indifferent Lu Yunbing was touched. For the first time, she hugged Erbao, her eyes red-rimmed. Puzzlement deluged Ning Ran. “Why is Yunbing crying?”

Lu Jingyuan wasn’t quite sure what was happening either. “She seldom allows her emotions to show. What’s going on here?”

Lu Yunbing’s eyes were merely red-rimmed at first, but after she heard that exchange, tears escaped her eyes.

Erbao promptly panicked. “What’s wrong? Do you not like these presents? What do you like, then? I’ll give it to you. Dabao and I will give you anything you want as long as it’s something we have.”

Lu Yunbing shook her head but said nothing. Nan Chen had been observing from the side, but he kept silent as well, for he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Lu Yunbing.

Finally, someone spoke. It was Dabao, who hadn’t said anything thus far. Walking over to Lu Yunbing, he took her hand and patted the back of it in consolation. “We’re only giving you presents. We’re not leaving.”

Lu Yunbing, who had been keeping her head hung low, lifted her head and looked at him. She sought confirmation with her eyes. In response, Dabao nodded. “We’re really not leaving. At least, not for the time being. We’re only giving you presents to express our fondness for you, not to bid you farewell.”

Only then did Lu Yunbing lower her head once more. She stroked the plush doll Erbao gave her, the sorrow on her face gone without a trace. Everyone gaped at Dabao, amazed beyond words.

What’s a soulmate? This is exactly it! And who said he’s young? He’s far more astute than us all. No one could unravel the mystery, but he saw right through it!

“I had a feeling, but I didn’t dare voice it,” Lu Yunxue remarked belatedly.

Nevertheless, it might also be true since she was Lu Yunbing’s twin. As such, they naturally understood each other better than others.

However, Lu Yunbing was more withdrawn in nature. It was entirely possible that Lu Yunxue fathomed her sister’s thoughts but didn’t dare voice them.

As though to prove that, Lu Yunbing swung her gaze over, scaring Lu Yunxue so much that she hastily zipped her mouth.

“Don’t worry. We haven’t finished filming yet. Even when we do finish filming, we’ll tell you before leaving,” Ning Ran assured smilingly.

A tad embarrassed after Dabao exposed her, Lu Yunbing shot to her feet and ran off.

Both Dabao and Erbao chased after her. Lu Yunxue likewise started moving and chased after them from behind.

All four children went off to play by themselves. Hence, only Ning Ran, Nan Chen, and Lu Jingyuan remained at the dining table.

“The kids are already attached to each other. How rare!” Ning Ran commented.

“Yeah. I didn’t expect Yunbing to be so attached. She rarely acts like that. Right now, I feel somewhat guilty. Perhaps I like living in Livingsfill, but they might not necessarily like it. The same goes for my way of living at present. It’s only to my liking, but unnecessarily theirs. I’ve never asked them for their opinion. Maybe I’ve really been too selfish.”

Lu Jingyuan appeared rather despondent.

“That isn’t true. I can tell that they’re also very happy,” Ning Ran consoled.

However, Lu Jingyuan shook her head. “Thinking about it now, they haven’t been all that happy. This is a small town, so most of the children here are locals. Many of them speak the local dialect, but my two kids can’t speak it. A few times, I asked them what exactly happened when they had conflicts with other children at the kindergarten, but they refused to say anything. I suspect they might have been bullied. Well, girls are prone to being targets of bullying anyway, much less Yunbing who’s eccentric and doesn’t fit in. Thus, she hardly has any friends. Now, she finally has Dabao and Erbao to keep her company. That’s why she’s worried that you’ll all leave anytime.”

Nan Chen couldn’t empathize with that, for he was too powerful. He had no idea how it felt to be picked on.

More accurately speaking, he had only ever been the aggressor, so he couldn’t understand the feeling of being on the receiving end of bullying.

Contrarily, Ning Ran knew that Lu Jingyuan must have faced many indescribable difficulties when she was a single mother raising two daughters.

No matter how strong she was, she was still a woman at the end of the day.

And regardless of how strong a woman was, there were many things men could easily accomplish that a woman couldn’t do.

“In that case, why don’t you leave with us? Aren’t you a designer? Look for a job in Flower City and put down roots there. Then, the kids can grow up together. What do you think?” Such an idea occurred to Ning Ran out of the blue.

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