My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 671

Chapter 671 I Am A Downright Genius

“I love you, too. You and Erbao are my greatest treasure. When I have you both, I’ve got the entire world,” Ning Ran declared.

“You’ve also got Daddy,” Dabao whispered into her ear. Ning Ran’s face promptly flamed. “You know nothing!”

“That isn’t true! You and Daddy are a match made in heaven, and no one can stop you two from being together,” Dabao announced. “Where did you learn that?”

In response, Dabao giggled. “I learned it myself from books. I’m smart because I’m your child! And because I’m Daddy’s child, I’m a downright genius!”

He sounded reasonable, complimenting everyone so that all would be happy. “Look at that! How glib of you!” Ning Ran hugged her son tightly.

Despite stubbornly claiming otherwise, she actually didn’t plan on returning to Flower City recklessly. The next day, Ning Ran filmed as usual and was busy for the whole day.

When she had finally finished filming and left the set, she climbed into Qiao Zhan’s car. As she was truly rather tired, she closed her eyes to rest after getting into the car without paying any attention to the person in the driver’s seat.

Only when the driver’s phone vibrated and he took the call did she realize that the voice wasn’t quite right. She opened her eyes, only to see Nan Chen. Utter shock inundated her. “Why is it you? Aren’t you crippled? Yet, you can still drive?”

Turning his head to the side, Nan Chen glowered at her. “You didn’t even bother looking at the driver before getting into the car. What if I were a kidnapper? Would you similarly keep your eyes closed and allow me to drive you away? Your vigilance level is really on par with that of a pig!”

“I… How could you say that? What do you mean by being on par with a pig? Isn’t this Qiao Zhan’s car? So, I got in without paying much attention. Is there a problem with that? No!” Ning Ran huffed.

“Couldn’t someone else be driving if it’s his car? What if the person in the driver’s seat was a villain? What would you do now?”

“I…” Honestly, Ning Ran had never contemplated that issue.

“Next time, knock on the car window first if you can’t make out the driver. Only get in after you recognize the person. This is a preventive measure even kids know.”

At his remark, helplessness flooded Ning Ran. Indeed, I failed to take note of this today. Unexpectedly, he caught me red-handed.

“Stop berating me. You shouldn’t be driving when you’re crippled. You’re simply endangering my life!”

“My leg is almost healed. Besides, I injured my left leg, and this car is an automatic transmission, so there’s no need to step on the clutch. As such, my leg injury won’t affect my driving. I know what I’m doing, unlike you!”

Nan Chen continued lecturing Ning Ran as though he was her homeroom teacher.

At the same time, Ning Ran realized that the man seemed to be increasingly fond of admonishing her.

Ever since I experienced that crisis with him, he had been exceptionally talkative, frequently transforming into a homeroom teacher and lecturing me. It’s as though he had held himself back for too long in the past that he now wants to voice everything he had previously kept to himself.

“Fine, you know what you’re doing. Everything you say and do is right. Okay?”

“Okay!” Nan Chen replied unceremoniously.

“Go slower. I feel anxious having a crippled man at the wheel,” Ning Ran urged.

“As I said, my leg is almost healed.”

“The word ‘almost’ means it hasn’t yet healed completely. In other words, you’re still a cripple.”

Aware that Ning Ran was deliberately picking fault with him, Nan Chen ignored her.

In truth, Ning Ran was over the moon to see him despite bickering with him, for she hadn’t expected him to fly over to Livingsfill to visit them so soon.

“By the way, I had Qiao Zhan and the others prepare some food. Give Ms. Lu a call and invite her over to have dinner together. Remember to tell her to bring both her kids along,” Nan Chen instructed.

Ning Ran’s heart skipped a beat. So, he didn’t come to see me but to see someone else?

At once, chagrin swamped her.

I was just wondering why he was so zealous to fly over. It turned out that he came to see her! No, that isn’t right. Other than her, he also wants to see her two kids!

Nonetheless, she didn’t blow up at him immediately. Instead, she questioned calmly, “Why do you want to invite them to dinner?”

“Shouldn’t I thank her for taking care of you? But mainly, it’s because I want to see the twins,” Nan Chen admitted without keeping anything from her.

“You’re pretty concerned about them. You’ve got twins yourself, yet you’re being a saint and worrying about other people’s kids instead?”

At long last, Nan Chen caught on to the displeasure in Ning Ran’s voice. This time, his reaction was a touch slow.

“I merely feel that they’re about the same age as our kids, so they should interact and play together more. Ms. Lu is your friend. Is there a problem with having dinner with your friend?” he asked.

“That’s a question for you. How would I know?” By then, Ning Ran’s tone had turned sarcastic.

Pulling over by the roadside, Nan Chen turned and looked at her.

“What’s wrong with you?”

““What’s wrong with you?” Ning Ran countered.

“Nothing. I just wanted to invite your friend and her kids over to have dinner together. Is that a problem?”

“You think it’s not a problem?”

Exasperated, Nan Chen turned away. “Okay, forget it, then. Let’s not invite them anymore.”

Then, he went silent, making it evident that he was disgruntled as he continued driving forward.

Calming down, Ning Ran felt that she had seemingly been too sensitive indeed.

If he’s really having an affair with Lu Jingyuan, he wouldn’t have put it on the table. He could’ve just invited her to eat together behind my back. That aside, he even wanted her to bring her kids.

“How about I eat with the kids alone while you go and have dinner with Ms. Lu? It’ll be easier for you to communicate with her about things without anyone else there.” Her tone eased slightly.

“What do you mean by that?” Nan Chen couldn’t stand listening anymore.

“And what do you mean?”

Once more, Nan Chen pulled over. This time, he was really infuriated.

Initially, I wanted to give her a surprise, so I personally drove over to fetch her home. Unexpectedly, she simply won’t stop harping on this matter!

“Back then, Ms. Lu told me that she found me familiar. Besides, you can also tell that her kids resemble Dabao and Erbao closely. Who knows, we might be relatives. What’s the problem with having more interaction between us? Furthermore, those two kids are really cute. I had someone buy some presents for them from Flower City and planned to have Erbao and Dabao hand the gifts to them in person. Erbao and Dabao haven’t had many friends throughout the years, no? They don’t know how to be considerate either. That’s why Erbao always has conflicts with others at the kindergarten. Now that they have friends of the same age, having them give others gifts to learn to be considerate and share will be of great significance to the construction of their personalities. What’s wrong with that?”

Following the man’s admonishment, Ning Ran backed down.

Judging from everything he said, it indeed makes sense. Could it be that I overthought things?

“I didn’t say anything either. It was your attitude that was the problem. I’ll give her a call right now.”

“Forget it if you’re reluctant to have her over for dinner,” said Nan Chen with resignation.

In a flash, Ning Ran’s temper spiked. Reason is obviously on my side, but why does he seem justified instead now?

Taking out her phone, she gave Lu Jingyuan a call.

She spelled things out, bluntly stating that it was Nan Chen’s idea to invite them over for dinner.

As Nan Chen listened beside her, he shook his head. What on earth is she thinking? She could’ve just said that the invitation came from her. Why did she have to mention me?

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