My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Heartwarming

Meanwhile, in Livingsfill, Ning Ran returned to the inn after she was done filming. After taking a shower and changing into a fresh pair of clothes, she began calling Nan Chen again.

If Nan Chen continued to ignore her, she would fly back to Flower City right after she was done with the filming session tomorrow morning. She wanted to question his decision and rationale for prohibiting her from accepting that job worth twenty million.

However, Nan Chen still didn’t pick up her calls. In a fury, she started packing her luggage and prepared to go back to Flower City the next day and meet up with Nan Chen in person to confront him.

At that moment, she seemed to hear voices coming from Dabao’s room. When she entered the room, Ning Ran saw Dabao talking to Nan Chen via a video call.

The finding sent her into a rage. Apparently, he’s not busy. He’s just avoiding my calls on purpose. She strode up to the camera at once. “Why didn’t you answer my phone calls?”

Nan Chen replied disdainfully, “I’m in a conversation with Dabao. Where are your manners?” Dabao didn’t know what happened between his mommy and daddy, so he had no choice but to let Ning Ran take over the video call.

“Are you intentionally dodging my calls because you’re feeling guilty? Ning Ran was beside herself. “What do I have to feel guilty of?”

“Because you stopped me from taking up that job offer. This is an opportunity for me to secure a twenty-million contract. Am I supposed to follow your instruction blindly and reject that offer?”

“Is twenty million a significant amount?” he asked. “That money may be negligible to you, but it is a lot for an actress like me. Besides, this is not just about the pay. This is also a chance to prove my worth as an actress!”

“You can only prove your worth by participating in an outstanding film, not just focusing on the remuneration,” he corrected her. Ning Ran was stumped because there wasn’t any flaw in his logic.

“A high-paying job and a masterpiece are not conflicting possibilities. Instead, the combination is a win-win situation.” She finally found the right words to counter his statement.

“A win-win situation? What is your basis for saying that?” “What is your reasoning for saying this can’t be a win-win situation then?” she retorted.

“Fine. With your qualifications, do you think you’re capable of securing a contract worth twenty million?” he asked. “I-I’m still a rookie. I haven’t participated in a lot of films, and my most honorable award is the Best Newcomer Award—”

“It seems like you still have some self-awareness of your worth and realize you don’t deserve the twenty million payment,” he interjected her.

“What do you mean by that? How am I not deserving of the money if they’re willing to pay me, and I’m willing to take the job?”

Nan Chen recognized his choices of words were too harsh, so he rectified himself. “I meant to say that with your experiences, it is very unlikely for you to be offered a role with such a high remuneration.”

“That’s why I’m happy, and all the more reason I should treasure this opportunity.”

“No. You need to be more level-headed, especially when you’re overjoyed. Why do you think you deserve the high earnings?” Nan Chen said.

Ning Ran couldn’t produce an answer. That’s right. Why do I deserve the high earnings? Is it because I’m pretty? Well, there are so many other gorgeous actresses in the entertainment industry. Is it because of my good acting skills, then? There are plenty of talented actresses too. Moreover, even recruiting those famous stars with established reputations won’t require such lucrative pay. So, what is the reason? I’ve really never considered this question.

“Do you see it now? When you calm down and mull over this matter, you’ll realize no one would offer such a high payment to an actress at your level. However, someone has put forward this proffer now, and there are three possibilities behind this. The first being the other party is simply a loaded fool. The second reason is that you’re the chosen actress. They have excluded every other candidate and only want you to be featured in their film. Thirdly, the other party has an ulterior motive, and they are merely tempting you with extravagant remuneration to deceive you.”

He paused briefly before continuing, “Of course, I am inclined to believe in the third possibility. This is why I rejected the offer in your stead.”

It was rare for a taciturn person like Nan Chen to speak in such a lengthy and elaborate manner.

“Do you have evidence to support your claim, then?”

“I don’t have evidence for the time being,” he answered with alacrity.

“Who are you to turn down that contract then, since you don’t have any proof?”

“Okay. Let’s say we plan to go hiking one day. When we reach the foot of the mountain, one of the villagers tells us there may be wild tigers lurking in the forest, but no one can verify the tigers’ presence. Will you still choose to hike that mountain in that case? If you choose to walk away, you may miss out on the chance to hike the mountain this time. However, you have the alternative of climbing other tiger-free hills. Let’s assume you insist on conquering the mountain, and there are really tigers there. Will others consider you a valiant, adventurous hero when the tiger devours you? I don’t think so. Conversely, you’ll be nothing but a stubborn fool.”

Then, he explained that matter from another perspective, “Similarly, in managing a business, many people assume making a profit is their utmost priority, but that’s not the case. On the contrary, avoiding loss is the first concern. Therefore, I made this decision for you to circumvent risk before exploring other prospects. Do you have any more questions?”

Ning Ran was rendered speechless and dazed. He’s so annoying! There’s no way to win against untalkative people like him in an argument once they are determined to speak.

“A-Anyway, I’m unwilling to accept your decision.”

“Your acceptance is of the least importance. I am the boss, so I’m authorized to have the final say. I already ordered Jiang Zhe to contact Qiao Zhan. Qiao Zhan will never allow you to leave Livingsfill, so you’re forbidden to return here without my permission. Perhaps you’re thinking about what control Qiao Zhan has over you and that there’s no way he’ll manhandle you, right? Well, you’re right. However, if he fails to stop you, that means he’s neglectful of his duties, so he’ll be dismissed. Qiao Zhan has been safeguarding you and the kids. Can you bring yourself to see him get fired? If you can, then you are free to do as you wish. Having said that, I should remind you to think this matter through. Who will protect you and the kids if Qiao Zhan loses his job? Deliberate well before you make any decisions. That’s all I have to say. I have other work to attend to, so I’m hanging up now.”

With that, Nan Chen ended the video call without waiting for Ning Ran’s response.

Dabao was amused, listening to the conversation between his father and mother.

Although he was still very young, he could understand everything his parents mentioned.

He even fell deep into his thought after listening to them.

“Mommy, are you planning to leave Erbao and me here while you secretly sneak back to Flower City?” Dabao touched on the delicate subject.

“No. Don’t listen to his nonsense.”

“Daddy never spouts nonsense,” Dabao uttered solemnly.

“You’re siding with him again. Do you know he’s bullying me?” Ning Ran said.

“I think Daddy’s right. A noble person should make their wealth in just and ethical means.”

She laughed in exasperation. Dabao has, without a doubt, inherited Nan Chen’s genes. His manner of speech is so similar to his, always pontificating these principles and sayings. It seems like he has even surpassed Nan Chen in this aspect!

“Don’t laugh, Mommy. You’re intelligent, so you should already fathom Daddy is right. You’re just reluctant to admit it. Once you calm down and ponder on this matter, you’ll understand Daddy has your best interest at heart,” Dabao persuaded her.

In fact, Ning Ran didn’t have to give that matter a second thought to know that Nan Chen was right. She was simply unwilling to admit her erroneous judgment.

“That’s enough. I’ll reconsider. It’s getting late, so you should get some rest now,” she said to her son.

“Mommy, you won’t secretly run away, right?” he asked dubiously.

“Do I strike you as such an unreasonable person? Don’t worry. I won’t.”

Dabao stepped forward and hugged his mother’s neck. “Mommy, I love you.”

His sudden heartwarming action touched Ning Ran, prompting the hint of anger lingering in her chest to dissipate entirely.

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