My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 669

Chapter 669 Too Big Of A Risk

“Did you get someone to look into Mountain Studios?” inquired Nan Chen. “Yes. It’s an ordinary film and television production company that has released several major online movies. None of them were well-received, though.

The company didn’t produce anything in the last two years and was rumored to be on the verge of bankruptcy and reorganization. I find it hard to believe that a company like that can afford to invest hundreds of millions in a blockbuster film,” stated Jiang Zhe.

“Did you hit your head or something today? What’s so hard to believe about that? What you just told me is precisely why it’s completely believable,” voiced Nan Chen coldly.

It did not take long before the clever assistant caught on. “You mean Mountain Studios have been acquired and that they can afford such an expensive project because they have a new boss now?”

Nan Chen said nothing in response, but that was exactly what he meant. “There are many decent film and television production companies in the industry, so why acquire a second-rate one like Mountain Studios?” muttered Jiang Zhe to himself. “The investor is an amateur looking to acquire a cheap company,” replied Nan Chen briefly.

Immediately, Jiang Zhe understood what was going on. “I see. The investor, who knows nothing about the film and television industry, didn’t want to start from scratch, so to them, buying an established company would be the fastest way to get his feet wet. Someone in a hurry would naturally overlook quality and go for the cheapest option, which just so happened to be Mountain Studios, the company facing imminent reorganization.”

Nan Chen kept quiet again because he knew Jiang Zhe was smart and could understand what he was getting at without needing him to say much.

Sometimes, the assistant could even do that without Nan Chen uttering a word. However, Jiang Zhe was guileful enough to play dumb from time to time so his boss could have a sense of superiority when explaining things to him.

Most leaders would not appreciate being denied the opportunity to do so by subordinates who were quick on the uptake. Nothing good ever came out of those who tried to be smart alecks.

Hence, it was advisable for subordinates to play coy from time to time to avoid trouble. As someone who had been serving as the difficult Nan Chen’s assistant without issues for so long, Jiang Zhe was more than familiar with that life principle.

“What should we do then?” inquired Jiang Zhe humbly. “Find out who acquired Mountain Studios,” instructed Nan Chen. “Yes, Mr. Chen.”

Just when Jiang Zhe was about to leave, Nan Chen added, “Call Qiao Zhan and ask him to ensure that Ning Ran doesn’t return to Flower City.” “Madam wants to return to Flower City?”

“Just call Qiao Zhan.” “Yes, Mr. Chen.” Meanwhile, at Orchid Club, Tang Jing had just reached the door when she heard loud noises coming from inside. It was as if the place was under construction.

Before Tang Jing could make a phone call, she heard a voice from behind. “Are you Tang Jing?”

The woman then turned around to see a lady in a regular outfit with a freckled face. “I am. Are you the one who asked me to come here?” questioned Tang Jing.

“Get in the car. There’s something we should discuss,” said the lady before walking toward an ordinary-looking sedan. However, Tang Jing remained standing. “Who are you, exactly? What do you want from me?”

“I’m the owner of this club, and since the building is under renovation, it’s inconvenient for us to talk here. Let’s do that elsewhere,” suggested Ouyang Li.

Tang Jing was somewhat surprised because she had been to Orchid Club and seen how luxurious it was on the inside. Why would she want to renovate the place?

Dressed ordinarily, Ouyang Li did not even look like someone who could afford admission into Orchid Club, so it was natural that Tang Jing doubted her when she said she owned the club.

“Hurry up. I don’t have time to lose,” urged Ouyang Li.

“Who the heck are you? You said you had something important to talk to me about, so why not do it here?”

“I worry that others would overhear our conversation if we talk here. I know all about the things you and Ouyang Qing had planned and that you’re her accomplice. I have proof,” informed Ouyang Li.

At that point, Tang Jing was even more shocked because she thought she would be fine after Ouyang Qing got locked away.

She immediately got into Ouyang Li’s car as told after realizing what the woman knew.

“Did Ouyang Qing ever tell you that she has a sister?” inquired Ouyang Li.

“No,” answered Tang Jing honestly since she had never heard anyone mention that Ouyang Qing had a sister.

“That’d be me. I’m Ouyang Duo’s eldest daughter and also the head of the Ouyang family now,” revealed Ouyang Li briefly but clearly.

Of course, Tang Jing did not buy it because Ouyang Qing was beautiful and elegant, while the woman before her looked ordinary and lacked fashion sense. How could she possibly be an Ouyang? She can’t just simply say that she is and expect me to believe her.

“You don’t believe me?” asked Ouyang Li as she looked at Tang Jing.

“I’ve never seen you.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. You and Ouyang Qing poisoned the Nans’ children, but you still have your freedom even though Ouyang Qing got locked away. I just need to make a phone call, and the police will have you arrested in no time,” uttered Ouyang Li.

“I’m innocent! Ouyang Qing tried to make me do it, but I didn’t. She did it herself!” exclaimed Tang Jing.

“I have proof and Ouyang Qing as a witness. You and she worked together for a while. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a chance to appear in the film. Still, I heard you weren’t given much screen time. Isn’t that right? I mean, you’re here while they’re still shooting in Livingsfill.”

Tang Jing was rendered utterly speechless, for she had no idea how much dirt Ouyang Li had on her.

Even though Tang Jing was not directly responsible for poisoning the two children, she did help Ouyang Qing with the scheme.

The Nans will probably come after me if Ouyang Qing insists that I had a hand in the plot. Tang Jing knew she would be doomed if the Nan family were to intervene.

“What do you want?” questioned Tang Jing directly because she was ready to do whatever it took to save herself, no matter what evidence Ouyang Li had.

“Tell me everything about Ouyang Qing.” Ouyang Li’s request was simple.

“Don’t you know that already?” inquired Tang Jing curiously.

“There are still things I don’t know about her, and you’re going to tell me. Besides that, I want to know everything about the movie you worked on,” replied Ouyang Li.

“Why would you want to know about all that? What are you planning?”

“That’s none of your concern. All you have to do is cooperate with me as you did with Ouyang Qing. Whatever she promised you but failed to deliver, I’ll make it happen.”

After hearing that, Tang Jing knew she was in trouble once more. I got nothing in return for putting myself on the line by working with Ouyang Qing, and now I have to do it all over again with someone else? Besides, this woman looks nothing like who she claimed to be. Still, I can’t risk rejecting her. What will I do if she does turn out to be Ouyang Qing’s sister and actually has dirt on me? I can’t take that big of a risk.

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