My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 667

Chapter 667 For Real

“Mom, you’re not being fair to me by saying that. What do you mean by I’m trying to oust you? So, you’re saying you want to hold on to your shares? By all means, I will support you. But you’ll have to take the helm and run the company. Are you up for it?” Ouyang Li was getting frustrated. “No, I’m not.” Feng Jialing was well aware of her limitations and shortcomings.

“Aren’t we doomed then? If you’re not up for it, then who do you think is suitable? Ouyang Qing, who’s currently in prison? Or Ouyang Qi—the good-for-nothing who only knows how to pick up girls? If nobody is suitable, are we just going to let the company be taken over by outsiders?” Ouyang Li rattled on.

Feng Jialing had no answers to all of Ouyang Li’s questions. It seemed like Ouyang Li was making sense; other than her, there was no suitable person to take over Sunshine Corporation.

“If you don’t want to transfer your shares to me, then you can just watch Sunshine Corporation be taken over by outsiders. I bet Dad won’t be able to rest in peace.” Ouyang Li continued to exert pressure on her mother.

“What if the relatives on the board of directors don’t agree with the transfer?” Feng Jialing questioned. “That’ll be my problem; I’ll find a way to settle them. Let me ask you again, are you going to transfer your shares to me?” Ouyang Li asked.

“I need to consider.” “Okay, take your time to consider.” With that, Ouyang Li turned around and left. An hour later, Ouyang Li appeared in front of Ouyang Qing.

Ouyang Li had already reserved a visitation slot a few days ago. She also sought outside help to settle the authorities so that she could meet Ouyang Qing directly.

Ouyang Qing was not pleased to see her sister. Growing up, she had never thought highly of the latter. She felt that Ouyang Li was a plain Jane inside and out; from her looks to her personality and her sense of fashion, she was downright dull.

If she were part of an ordinary family, nobody would blame her for being average.

However, the Ouyang family was a prestigious family. Being average was equivalent to bringing shame to the family.

That was why Ouyang Li was practically non-existent in the family while Ouyang Qing was adored by everyone.

Thus, Ouyang Qing rarely made direct eye contact with her sister. In fact, she did not even tell people that she had a sister.

Even if she was in prison serving her sentence now, she continued to look down on this sister of hers.

“What are you doing here?” Ouyang Qing’s tone was cold and distant.

“I’m here to see you, of course. Do you think I like coming to a place like this?” Ouyang Li retorted.

“Well, since you’re here, help me with a matter.”

“No, I’m not doing it,” Ouyang Li refused flatly.

“You’re outright rejecting me when I haven’t said anything?”

“Your attitude is lacking. So no matter what you say, I won’t agree to it.” Ouyang Li raised her brows.

Ouyang Qing was startled for a moment. In her memory, Ouyang Li was not this aggressive.

Ouyang Li’s retaliation hit hard on Ouyang Qing. She suddenly realized that she had a lower hand, given her current situation. Hence, she could not afford to act tough against Ouyang Li.

“What if I beg you?” Ouyang Qing softened her stance.

“No way,” Ouyang Li persisted.

“There’s no grudge between us; why are you treating me like this?” Ouyang Qing got fed up.

“When I first walked in, you won’t even look me in the eye. Now that you need my help, do you expect me to agree right away just because you beg me? What a joke. Don’t forget why you’re here in the first place; you instigated someone to poison a child. Do you think the Nan family will let you walk out of here? At the present moment, who can you rely on except me? However, I’m not obliged to do you a favor unless there’s a significant reason for me to do so.”

“But you’re my elder sister!” Ouyang Qing was getting exasperated.

“You never treated me as your elder sister. So why should I see you as my younger sister now?” Ouyang Li retorted.

“What is your true agenda for coming here then?” Ouyang Qing was enraged.

“Mom sent me here to ask you to sign a document.”

“What document?”

“A document stating that you agree to relinquish the inheritance of Sunshine Corporation shares.”

Ouyang Qing gasped in shock. “Why must I sign this?”

“That’s because you’re a criminal, and your reputation is tainted. The company will only get better if you sever all ties with Sunshine Corporation and the Ouyang family. Once you relinquish all inheritance rights, you will no longer pose a threat to me. And when you no longer pose a threat to anybody, you will be safe too. I mean, nobody will care about whether a good-for-nothing is alive or dead, right?” Ouyang Li said matter-of-factly.

“Are you saying that if I refuse to sign, I’ll be dead?” Ouyang Qing uttered in shock.


“You’re threatening me?”

“Yes,” Ouyang Li answered. “But this is also for your own good.”

“What can you do to me? Don’t tell me you’re going to come in here and kill me?”

Ouyang Li shook her head calmly. “Of course, I’ll not be doing that. But if the reward is high enough, I’m sure there’ll be someone who is willing to take the risk and try to get close to you. This is not totally unachievable. It’s challenging but still possible if the reward is handsome.”

Ouyang Li paused for a moment before continuing, “However, if you do as I say, I will engage the best attorney to fight your case and ask for a reduced sentence. Once you’re out, Sunshine Corporation will be in good shape. Perhaps, I can consider offering you a position then. But in order to benefit from this arrangement, you’ll have to listen to me. You said you have a favor to ask. I suppose it’s about getting you the best attorney, right? So, other than engaging the best attorney for you, I’ll use connections to make your stay here more comfortable.”

Seeing Ouyang Qing was listening attentively, Ouyang Li was pleased. “This is also Mom’s wish. You can start to think about it now. I will not come again, and I will not try to convince you. You have three minutes to decide. If you don’t agree, I’ll leave immediately, and you’ll never see me again.”

With that, Ouyang Li stopped talking and began to look at her watch.

“Is this really Mom’s wish? Why is she doing this?” Ouyang Qing was doubtful that her mother would be so cruel to her.

“Didn’t I explain it clearly earlier? You’re a criminal now. It’s for the good of our Ouyang family if we sever all ties with you. It’s only right that you pay the price for your foolishness, but why drag our family in as well? I don’t want to waste any more time on you. Decide quickly whether you want to sign the document or not.”

Ouyang Qing trembled as she watched Ouyang Li making all these threats. This was not the Ouyang Li that she knew. Since when had she become so ruthless?

Ouyang Qing was not willing to sign the document, but she did not have a choice.

“Will I really be safe if I sign the document?”

“Of course. If you sign the document, you’re as good as useless, a burden off everyone’s shoulders. When this incident dies down, you can feign some illness, and I’ll spend a bit of money to bail you out for treatment. This way, you won’t even need to serve your jail term,” Ouyang Li assured Ouyang Qing and threw more bait to convince her.

“Will you really do that?” Ouyang Qing was tempted.

Freedom was the most important thing to her right now. If this plan worked out, she was confident of making a comeback in the future.

Ouyang Li might have the upper hand currently, but once she was out of this place, she would find a way to claim her shares back.

“Okay, I’ll sign if you promise that you can bail me out based on medical reasons.” Ouyang Qing tried to negotiate in her favor.

“No, sign first. Then, I’ll consider whether to bail you out based on medical reasons. There’s only one minute left. You better decide now. Otherwise, I’ll leave.” Ouyang Li was not going to let Ouyang Qing call the shots.

Ouyang Qing panicked; she could see that Ouyang Li was not joking around.

Further, she was not confident that Ouyang Li would find a way to get her out if she agreed to relinquish her share.

On the other hand, if she refused to sign the document, she was worried that Ouyang Li would hire a hitman to eliminate her.

Don’t underestimate the power of money. I’m sure someone will take the job if the reward is attractive. I can’t afford to take this risk. I’m still young; I can’t die like this.

“All right, I’ll sign.” Ouyang Qing finally made up her mind.

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