My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 666

Chapter 666 What A Joke

Meanwhile, the door of Orchid Club in Flower City, the high-end club where celebrities usually gathered, was closed. The closed sign had been hanging for several days.

An ordinary mid-range car drove up to the entrance of the club. An average-looking woman in a regular outfit with a few freckles on her face got out of the vehicle.

She was Ouyang Li, the eldest daughter of the Ouyang family and a young lady whose existence always got overlooked. Ouyang Li stood at the door and glanced at the plaque of Orchid Club with a complicated expression.

She had long known that the Ouyang family had such a base in Flower City, but she had never been here, nor had anyone had the idea of taking her here before.

And today, she was finally here. She wanted to reopen Orchid Club. She opened the door and was immediately dazzled by the interior’s luxury in front of her eyes.

Her ordinary attire even seemed a little out of place here. Feng Jialing walked out at the sound and asked, “Why are you here?”

Ouyang Li replied, “Am I not welcomed?” “Of course not. What are you here for?” Feng Jialing asked.

“I told you when Dad was buried two days ago that I want to move the headquarters of Sunshine Corporation to Flower City, but I haven’t got the approval of the board of directors yet. I’m here to discuss this matter with you.” Ouyang Li said indifferently. “Moving the headquarters? Why?”

“That’s because I’m going to stay in Flower City for a long time. I will live here so that I can have the opportunity to avenge Dad. Don’t you also live here all the time?”

“I stay here only because Qing is serving her sentence here. I visit her from time to time and bring her stuff.” Ouyang Li sneered, “You care so much for a prisoner. What an affectionate display of motherly love.”

“Li, how can you say that about your sister? She is a prisoner now, but she is in this dilemma for the sake of the Ouyang family,” Feng Jialing exclaimed angrily.

“Are you sure she did all that for the Ouyang family but not for her own good? Her dream all along was to marry Nan Chen. Unfortunately, Nan Chen didn’t like her, so she went all down and dirty and finally doomed herself. Her stupidity not only led to the downfall of herself but also to Dad and the Ouyang family! I can’t believe you feel sorry for such a b*tch who is no help at all. What a joke…”


After Ouyang Li said that, Feng Jialing landed a slap on her cheek.

Ouyang Li burst out laughing. “You slapped me just because I said a few words about your precious daughter? Go on then, hit me more. You can vent your anger on me, but it won’t change the fact that you guys have failed!”

“You…” Feng Jialing trembled with fury.

“Ever since I was young, you have only seen Ouyang Qing as your daughter. I don’t mind it. But why are you still protecting her after she wrecked the Ouyang family? Are you nuts? Are you blind?” Ouyang Li roared.

“How dare you talk to me like this? I’m your mom!”

“Have you ever seen me as your daughter? Ouyang Qing went abroad to study while I joined the corporation as soon as I graduated. I started from the bottom and gradually climbed my way to the position of deputy CEO. Yet, you never praised me for my achievements. I have done so much in silence for the Ouyang family, but in your eyes, you can only see Ouyang Qing! I’ve told you guys before that Ouyang Qing can never achieve anything. You didn’t believe me. Look at how things are now. My dad even lost his life. Ouyang Qing is now in prison, and Ouyang Qi is nothing but a useless man. You can only rely on me now. Don’t you understand? How dare you hit me? Who do you think will look after you when you get old?” Ouyang Li flipped out and roared at Feng Jialing.

Feng Jialing was taken aback. Her eldest daughter was usually taciturn. She didn’t expect her outburst.

“What do you want?” Feng Jialing asked.

“Let me ask you, do you want to revive Sunshine Corporation? Do you want to avenge Dad?” Ouyang Li pointed at Feng Jialing.

“What do you mean?”

“Now the stock price of Sunshine Corporation has plummeted to its lowest in five years. If it continues to fall like this, it will soon be deemed junk stock! Yet, you’re here doing nothing but cleaning. What’s the point?”

“What can I do? I don’t know how to run the company. Over the years, your dad has not allowed me to interfere in the company’s affairs. I can’t do anything now!”

“I know how to run the company. I started from the bottom of the company and worked my way up step by step. Do you believe that I know more about the company’s business than my dad? You can only rely on me now! You have to listen to me. Move the company’s headquarters from Pearl City. We don’t need to avoid the Nan family anymore. We will hang out under their noses and let them see that the Ouyang family’s Sunshine Corporation is still thriving!”

Feng Jialing looked at her eldest daughter. The ever-so-inconspicuous Ouyang Li suddenly looked so unfamiliar to her.

“Are you sure it can work? Your dad had deliberately avoided going head-to-head with Nanshi Corporation for so many years, but he still lost in the end,” Feng Jialing expressed her doubts.

“Dad failed miserably because of the fear in his heart. I’m different. I’m not afraid of the Nan family and will defeat them. Besides, things have become different.” Ouyang Li scoffed.

“What’s that?”

“In the past, Flower City was dominated by Nanshi Corporation, but now it’s not. Prosperity Holdings has also returned to Flower City. Of course, they are aiming at Nanshi Corporation. If we also make our comeback, we can join forces with them and launch an attack on Nanshi Corporation. No matter how powerful Nanshi Corporation is, they are no match for us.”

Feng Jialing pondered for a moment. “But your dad had contacted the Rong family before and wanted to join forces with them, but they turned him away. They ignored us when your dad was still alive. Now that your dad is gone and Sunshine Corporation is at its low ebb, are you sure they will agree to work with us?”

“Time is different now. The Rong family did not agree before because they knew they had no chance of winning. They didn’t believe that Dad could defeat the Nan family. Most importantly, they were not ready at that time. They will not act rashly until they are ready. Now they have moved the headquarters back to Flower City. What does this tell us? They are ready now. Moreover, the Rong family had secretly acquired a large portion of Sunshine Corporation’s shares. They have now become the major shareholder of Sunshine Corporation. We now have the same commonality of interest. Naturally, they will join forces with us to deal with Nanshi Corporation!”

Feng Jialing now looked at her eldest daughter in a new light. The latter was so astute about the whole situation. Does she have other plans and ideas all along?

“How do you know about this?” Feng Jialing was stunned.

“You don’t have to worry about how it came to my knowledge. There is a problem now. If I want to do things according to my wishes, then I must be in control of Sunshine Corporation. Dad had always been the first major shareholder of the corporation. Now that he has passed away, you are the first in the order of succession to his shares. I hope that you can give me these shares so that I can carry on Dad’s behest and destroy Nanshi Corporation!”

Feng Jialing’s eyes widened. “You want your dad’s inheritance? Are you here to oust me?”

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