My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Extremely Excited

“Yes, I’m suspicious of that,” Ouyang Li admitted. “If we were the ones who caused your dad’s death, we would have just tossed his corpse into the wilderness. Why would we bother to send it all the way back and let you think that we are the culprits? There’s no need for us to do that.”

“It’s precisely because it’s suspicious that I’m seeking clarification. It’s not that I don’t believe you. I’m grateful that you brought his body back, but I have the right to get to the bottom of this.”

“You have the right to ask, and I’ve already given you a clear answer. My husband was your dad’s friend. He’s helping you because he’s loyal. Do you understand now?”

The woman called Jin Fei was very arrogant, and it was extremely annoying. Ouyang Li disliked her too. However, as Jin Fei mentioned she could help her get revenge, Ouyang Li had to tolerate her behavior.

“What do you need me to do now?” “Buy a film production company and invest in the filming of a movie. I want Huang Zichao to be the male lead, Zheng Lunlun to be the supporting male lead, and Ning Ran to be the supporting female lead.”

“Invest in a movie? I’ve never done that, and Sunshine Corporation doesn’t usually dabble in film.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t do it, right? I’ll come up with the money while you are in charge of the operations. It doesn’t really matter if the movie turns a profit or not. The money is mine, after all, so it’s fine even if we make a loss,” Jin Fei responded.

Upon hearing that, Ouyang Li was even more confused. Making a profit was the end goal of producing a movie. Why would she not care if it didn’t?

“Why do you want to do this?”

“Don’t ask so many questions, and just do as you’re told. The movie’s budget will be three hundred million and can be increased if needed. I want a lot of celebrities to star in the movie. You’ll be responsible for coordinating the production. As for the rest, you may leave it to the professionals,” Jin Fei said.

“You’ve mentioned who you want to play the supporting characters, but you didn’t say who would be playing the female lead.”

Jin Fei scoffed coldly. “Do you even have to ask? Of course, I’ll be the lead. I wouldn’t invest so much money or be unbothered about whether it will turn a profit otherwise.”

So, she’s spending this much money to make herself famous? But isn’t the point of being famous getting rich? Why would she go through all this trouble if she’s already loaded?

Ouyang Li could not understand her motives. However, she knew that even if she asked, Jin Fei would not give her an honest answer.

“Is this how you want me to repay you for bringing back my dad’s body? If I do this for you, we’ll be even?” Ouyang Li asked.

“Are you in that much of a hurry to not owe any favors? The Nan family didn’t directly cause your father’s death. But if it weren’t for them, he would still be alive. I promised that I would help you get revenge on the condition that you follow my instructions. Now that your father is gone, many people will be trying to seize power over Sunshine Corporation. If I’m not here to help you, you definitely wouldn’t be able to keep what your father left behind. Therefore, if you want to take revenge, you will need my support,” Jin Fei replied.

“That won’t be necessary. I don’t need anyone’s support.” Ouyang Li surprisingly turned down her offer.

“Oh? You’ve got some guts. Why don’t you give it a try, then?”

A week later, Nan Chen returned to Flower City from Livingsfill and resumed his endlessly busy life.

After the morning meeting ended, Nan Chen went back to his office and was greeted by Jiang Zhe, who had bought lunch for him.

As he had been insanely busy lately, he had been returning home in the wee hours of the morning and making do with whatever he could for lunch.

Ever since he came back from Livingsfill, he had not eaten a proper meal.

Nan Chen opened the lunch box, took a look at its contents, and frowned. “Take it away. I don’t want to eat this.”

“Is it not to your liking?” Jiang Zhe asked cautiously.

“No, I just don’t want to eat this. Take it away.”

Jiang Zhe could only do as he was told. “But you can’t just have coffee. You must eat something, or it will damage your stomach.”

After thinking about it, Nan Chen felt that what he said made sense. “Give it to me.”

He took back the lunch box and had a few mouthfuls of food.

“Is it because you’re used to eating Ms. Ding’s food that you’re unable to stomach someone else’s?” Jiang Zhe asked.

Nan Chen glared at him, which instantly made him shut up.

“By the way, the manager from Star Entertainment visited earlier, but you were still in a meeting. The visit was about Ms. Ding. A company called Mountain Studios would like to invite her to star in a movie. They are offering a twenty-million contract. This is the most valuable contract that has been offered ever since Ms. Ding’s debut. The manager from Star Entertainment would like to know if you plan on taking on this movie.”

“Twenty million?”

Nan Chen was shocked when he heard the amount they were offering. It was not a huge amount to him, but it was to a newly debuted star like Ning Ran.

The film industry was currently suffering as many major studios did not have any filming material.

Ning Ran had only won one newcomer award, and someone was already willing to offer her that much money to star in a movie. It was amazing, indeed.

“What will the film be like? What’s the genre? Have they sent over the contract?” asked Nan Chen.

“That is still in discussion, and the contract is not ready yet. But I heard that it’s a fantasy film. As it concerns Ms. Ding, Mountain Studios would like to know if we will agree to sign with them.”

“Why are you asking me when the details have not been sorted out yet? I won’t be able to answer. She’s currently filming a show. Will there be schedule clashes? What will the film be like? Who will be the sponsors? You haven’t sorted out these details, yet you’re asking me that question?”

“I will clarify with them and give you an update,” Jiang Zhe said.

Then, he added, “Actually, I don’t think it is necessary to work with them, which is why I am reporting this to you…”

Nan Chen gave him a look that said, “Explain yourself.”

“I heard that they want Ms. Ding to play the second female lead. The payment is pretty high, but I feel that you won’t agree to have Ms. Ding play the second female lead,” Jiang Zhe expressed his opinion.

“So, why did you even ask me? Of course, we’ll turn the offer down. Even if they offer a hundred million, I won’t agree to let her be cast as the second female lead!” Nan Chen said coldly.

“Understood. I will call Star Entertainment right away and let them know,” Jiang Zhe responded.

As expected of someone who had been Nan Chen’s assistant for many years, he knew Nan Chen very well.

As soon as he heard that they were offering her the second female lead role, he knew that Nan Chen would refuse.

Not long after Jiang Zhe left the office, Nan Chen’s phone rang. It was Ning Ran.

Nan Chen answered the call and heard some static from the other end of the line. He guessed that Ning Ran was probably at the filming site.

She did not usually call him while she was at work. For her to do that, something must have happened.

Nan Chen could roughly guess what had happened. “Aren’t you working?” he asked casually.

“I heard someone invited me to star in a movie. Oh my goodness, the payment will be around twenty million. Is that true?” Ning Ran’s voice was full of excitement.

“It’s not,” Nan Chen answered coldly.

“What? That’s impossible. Ou herself called to inform me about it. How could it be untrue?” Ning Ran was confused.

“You’re not a superstar. Do you think it’s possible that they will offer that much for you to star in their movie?”

“But they already contacted me, and Star Entertainment said that they were seeking your approval on this. I thought you already were informed of this, but I guess you haven’t.”

“There is no such thing. Focus on your filming. How are the children?”

“The children are well. Erbao is also at the filming site today, and she did very well. I think she will win the Best Newcomer Award…”

“Pass the phone to her. I want to talk to her,” Nan Chen interrupted.

“Okay. If anyone from Star Entertainment contacts you, you must agree to it. I don’t care what the film is like or what role I’ll be playing. I want to do it. Oh, my goodness. I’ll be paid millions…” It seemed like Ning Ran was truly excited.

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