My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2020

Hence, she would inevitably have to ‘serve’ this old man if she wanted to get away with it. Fear surged within her, but she had no other choice. He held the highest governmental position among the people she knew.

“Alright, I’ll go in, then. Please do speak up for me if there’s anything, Mr. Zeigler, Tori said with a sweet smile. “Go on!” Thomas Zeigler’s eyes beamed lecherously, surprised that Tori would one day come to him for help.

After Tori entered the police station, she was whisked away to give her statement, and the police asked her questions based on Katrina’s testimony. “Tori Alford, according to Katrina Sullivan, you’re the one who incited her to frame Josephine Jacobson, is that right?”

“Katrina’s framing me! That didn’t happen at all! Josephine and I are good friends. No way will I harm her. Besides, why would I want to do that?!” “But Sullivan insisted that you incited her into framing Jacobson and even promised to promote her to Jacobson’s position after this.”

“What a joke! Her brother-in-law is the station’s major shareholder. She just needs to beg her brother-in-law if she wants a promotion. Who am I to promote her?! I swear I’m innocent, officer. I have nothing to do with this at all. Do you have proof of my involvement?” Tori cleared herself of any involvement in the incident.

Indeed, Katrina was the only culprit based on the evidence they found. She superimposed the photos and uploaded them online herself. ‘Tori Alford, we reserve the right to prosecute you for this matter. You can go home for now. If necessary, we will ask you to come back.”

Tori was instantly relieved. Katrina’s verbal statement wouldn’t do her any damage.. However, she wasn’t sure if Katrina had other forms of evidence.

At that, she looked through her chat history with Katrina, and much to her dismay, they had discussed the matter over text, and she was the one who asked Katrina about the photos. ‘How did it go?’

‘They’ve been superimposed and ready to be uploaded any time. Just sit back and enjoy the show, Tori!’ Tori covered her mouth in fear at once, and she deleted the messages in a panic. However, she still felt disturbed, for she would be doomed if Katrina showed the police the messages.

Later, Tori gulped when she saw Thomas still waiting for her after exiting the police station. Ultimately, she took a deep breath and approached his car.

Meanwhile, Josephine returned home at about 10.00PM, and at this point, the news had turned around as the licentious photos had all been taken down. When she checked the comments again, everyone sympathized and apologized to her. Now, it was Katrina who was receiving public condemnation.

If her hunch was right, Tori was the instigator. Hence, Josephine wouldn’t stop at only having Katrina bear the brunt. She wanted to see Tori punished for her actions and apologize to her. The woman couldn’t be left out of this.

She had switched her phone off, for she had been bombarded with calls, and a dozen or so of them belonged to Atticus, presumably because his wife wanted him to ask her to settle do a private settlement. No way! Josephine would pursue the matter to the end. She would have everyone involved suffer the consequences they deserved.

At the same time, the Sullivans had been thrown into chaos, with Ivanka bawling and repenting to her parents, who were also all over the place, worried that this would be the end of their younger daughter.

“Mom, Dad, I promise you I’ll sort this out. I’l have Atticus save Kat!” Ivanka swore to her parents. Later, Ivanka threw the responsibility onto Atticus, who had no choice but to drive to Josephine’s home.

It was already 10.00PM, so Heidi couldn’t help but be bewildered to find her daughter’s boss at their doorstep. “What brings you here at this hour, Mr. Kowalski?” “Is Josephine home, Mrs. Jacobson? I’d like to have a word with her, please.”

“She’s upstairs. Let me get her for you.” Meanwhile, Josephine got dressed and went down when she heard noises. “I know why you’re here, Mr. Kowalski,” Josephine said, gazing at Atticus in the garden. “But there’s no room for negotiation. Please leave.”

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