My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2018

The police immediately took down all photos related to Josephine and also released an official statement regarding the arrest of the hacker and Katrina Sullivan. They explained the whole incident clearly and mentioned a female news anchor by the surname of Alford was also involved.

Instantly, netizens who had just been criticizing and cursing furiously on their keyboards turned their attention toward the cunning Katrina. Everyone was also wildly speculating about who this anchorwoman was. It turned out that the whole incident was nothing but a product of a vile and ignorant woman’s self-directed and self-acted jealousy.

Meanwhile, Ivanka was enjoying dinner with her friends when one of them leaned in and asked, “Hey, Ivanka, is your sister named Katrina?”

“Yeah, she is,” Ivanka answered, prompting her friend to press on, “Is she working in your husband’s TV station?” “Yeah, she’s there as an assistant.” “In that case, is there another girl named Katrina Sullivan in the station?”

“No, why do you ask?” Ivanka replied as she picked up her wine glass gracefully while her friend finally pulled her phone out and warily leaned closer. “Is this your sister?”

Ivanka took a casual gander at the phone before hastily putting the wine glass down and snatching her friend’s phone. Panic arose within her as she read the title and the news report.

“Sorry, I have to go!” Ivanka said and dashed out of the restaurant with her bag in panic. At the same time, her other friends leaned in and read the news. “Good Lord! Her sister is so shameless, using such despicable means to frame a newbie!”

“I’ve watched this new news anchor’s program. She’s good at her job and has an excellent temperament. She doesn’t look like a newbie at all. She’s pleasant to watch.”

“Didn’t Ivanka’s sister land the job because of Atticus? Word is that she graduated from a third-tier college and even used to be a delinquent.”

At the same time, Ivanka hopped into her car and called Atticus, who flipped out when he received his wife’s call. “Ivanka, why didn’t you stop Katrina from doing something so stupid?! She’s been arrested now, and my company has become a joke in the industry!”

“Honey, please save Kat! Ask Josephine Jacobson if she’s willing to settle the issue privately. We’ll give her money. Kat can’t go to jail!” “Do you think Josephine needs money? This can’t be resolved. I can’t even locate Josephine myself. She won’t answer any calls.”

“Go to her house. Go to her house and talk to her. I’ll do it. You ask her to come out. I’ll kneel even if I have to. Kat’s still so young. Her life will be ruined if she’s sentenced to jail time!” Ivanka was now in tears of regret. She never imagined how foolish she was when she suggested the plan.

It was she who ruined her sister’s life, giving her the stupid idea and even lending her money to frame Josephine. Alas, she was the one who sent her sister to jail. “I’ll try contacting her again. Don’t worry,” Atticus comforted his wife on the other end of the line.

News about Katrina’s misdeed spread even more wildly than Josephine’s photoshopped images on the internet at this point. After all, the former’s actions had pissed off the working class, who despised the shameless woman for playing such a dirty hand.

Tori, on the other hand, learned about the news after finishing the news broadcast and was resting in the green room. Her assistant camer running with the news to her, and her mind. went blank the second she read it, for she read the line, ‘A female news anchor by the surname of Alford was also involved.’ That sentence alone caused Tori to slump weakly into the chair and heave.

“Miss Alford! Are you okay?” “I’m fine. Let me have a moment,” Tori put up a calm front and said to her assistant, who left quickly, for she realized from Tori’s expression that the news was likely referring to Tori herself.

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