My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2017

“It’s me. I superimposed these photos. I’m sorry!” “Who asked you to do it? Tell the truth!” “It’s a young woman. She was wearing a face mask when we met up, so I don’t know what she really looks like either. But… But I have her bank account number. You guys will know once you check!”

The man was taken away, and very quickly, the police identified a young woman by the name of Katrina Sullivan following the bank account. number provided. They also found out she worked in the same TV station as Josephine. With that, the police dispatched six of its members to seize her.

Alas, the oblivious young woman was still celebrating her victory and was about to invite some colleagues to hang out when she received a call from the hacker. In the phone call, he asked to meet up in the garden outside her company for something important.

Katrina got restless, so she rushed to their rendezvous point at once. However, she didn’t see the man. Instead, several cops in casual clothing pinned her on the ground as soon as she appeared.

“Ah! Who are you people?! Let me go!” Katrina screamed in panic, thinking she was being kidnapped. Just then, one of the officers showed their badge to Katrina and said, ‘We’re the police. Come with us.” “W-What are you arresting me for?!” Katrina widened her eyes with incredulity. “What crime have I committed?!”

“Do you really not know?” The young woman’s head went blank. Never had she thought the police would find her in less than three hours of the photos being posted. Finally, it dawned on her that she had committed a very serious offense.

Meanwhile, Peter was attending to his vegetable patch, and Josephine was helping him water the plants when the elder’s phone. rang. “Hello?” He answered the call.

“It’s been sorted out, sir. We’ve found the culprit. It’s Josephine’s colleague, Katrina Sullivan.” “Good, that’s settled then. Please issue a statement on the internet as soon as possible.”

“We will, sir.” At that, Peter ended the call and turned to his dear granddaughter. “They’ve found the culprit. It’s your colleague-Katrina Sullivan.” The answer was well within Josephine’s expectations, and she snorted. “I knew it!”

Inside the police station, Katrina covered her face, blinded by the suddenly glaring lights. Her makeup was smudged at this point, and her face was ghastly pale as she gazed fearfully at the interrogators. “Will I be sentenced for this? How many years will I get?”

“Ten years and above if it’s severe.” “What?!” Katrina nearly passed out. She closed her eyes as tears fell like a never-ending waterfall, confessing. “I didn’t mean to do it! I was just jealous of Josephine. I didn’t intentionally want to ruin her reputation. I… I just acted impulsively.”

“It’s useless to say that now. You better confess. When did you start planning the crime?” “It wasn’t me. I didn’t initiate it. I never intended to harm her. Someone incited me!’ “Who is it?”

“Tori. Tori Alford, the seven o’clock news anchor at our station. She called me into her office and incited me, saying that she would recommend me as a news anchor if I ruined Josephine. I was influenced and committed this crime.” Katrina confessed everything.

She finally realized how wicked Tori was. She is the one jealous of Josephine, yet she incited me to commit the crime while she achieved her goal by just moving her lips. Now, I am the guilty one, while Tori is free of any charges.

“Can I please talk to Josephine?” Katrina still wishfully thought she could talk to Josephine, ask for her forgiveness, and deal with the incident privately. “Do you not get it, Sullivan? You’ve committed a crime. This is no longer between you two.”

Oh, how Katrina rued the day. Her mind was blank at this point. It was Tori’s incitement and Ivanka’s suggestion that formed the incident. However, she ended up being the one to pay the price.

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