My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2016

“Me? No, I’m over the moon. I’m going to head back to my office. You keep an eye on the situation, alright?” “I’m not only going to keep an eye on it but also hire an army to belabor her!” Katrina busied herself with the incident. She didn’t want to do anything for the day except watch this episode unfold.

Soon after Tori left, Ivanka’s call came. “Ivanka, you saw it too, right?! It’s all thanks to you! Jacobson’s reputation is ruined for good!” “Naturally. Don’t forget who your sister is.” Ivanka gloated, for she was the one who came up with the idea..

“Hey, Ivanka, Josephine came to me earlier. She still looks pretty smug.” “Don’t worry. She won’t be for long. You’ll be able to take her place soon enough and make Mom and Dad prouder.” “I will also marry well so that Mom and Dad will be happy for me.” Katrina could already see a promising future.

Meanwhile, Josephine had already driven to her grandfather’s house. She didn’t talk this over with her parents, for she was seriously beyond furious for the first time. Her parents forbade her from using her grandfather’s connections.

However, this time, she wanted the culprit to suffer the worst consequence immediately. As such, she related the incident stoically to Peter, who lost his cool and slammed the table. “They what?!”

“Take it easy, Grandpa. Now, I just want to find the culprit and see that they receive the legal sanctions they deserve. At that, Peter grabbed his phone and made at call, ordering, “Come to my place at once.”

A dozen or so minutes later, a commanding man appeared and greeted Peter deferentially. “What seems to be the problem, sir?” “Mr. Finneas.’ Josephine was familiar with the man, Finneas Lind, who immediately became gentle upon seeing her. “Oh, I didn’t see you there, Joey!’

“Joey is facing a cyberbullying attack. Someone has used her photos to create some obscene pictures and post them online. I need you to find out about this before tonight and calm things down.” “Since you asked, I shall see to the end of it. Rest assured, I’ll get to the bottom of it by eight tonight.”

“Thank you, Mr. Finneas.” “Leave this to me, Joey. I won’t let anyone bully you. I’ll have them pay the price,” Finneas promised Josephine before heading off to investigate the incident. “Forget about going to work today. Spend some time with me here and wait for Finneas’ update.”

“Okay!” At this point, the internet was buzzing over Josephine’s scandal. Many even dug up Josephine’s affairs in the company, especially exaggerating how she seduced Ethan, ruining her image for good.

The person attacking most aggressively was naturally Katrina, who spared no expense in buying traffic to promote the incident just so that the whole world would know about this.

The netizens, too, played their roles as cyberbullies unabashedly, expressing their viewpoint on this scandal without reserve. Some men even posted lewd comments.

At this point, Katrina was only waiting for Josephine’s news broadcast the following day to see how far her ratings would drop or how the company would receive overwhelming complaint calls from the public. The whole world will certainly want Josephine to step down, and by then, the company will have a word with her regarding the company’s image and cancel the program for the time being!

However, unknown to Katrina, someone had already stepped in. A highly experienced team had already located the IP address of the earliest post and traced it to the computer technician Katrina contacted.

The man was still playing video games when the police barged in. He was petrified, and he confessed at once when the police pulled Josephine’s photo out.

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