My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2015

“Thank you. I’m doing good.” Josephine pulled a forceful smile. However, much to her dismay, she ran into Tori just as she left the elevator, and it was inevitable that Tori would have a few words to say to Josephine.

“Is what they say on the internet true, Jacobson? Did you really take licentious photos for money in the past?” Tori questioned with crossed arms. “Are you a part of this?” Josephine looked up and interrogated. “What are you talking about?!”

“I’m asking you if you have anything to do with my scandal on the internet,” Josephine reiterated, which caused Tori to snort disdainfully and retort, “What are you trying to say, Jacobson? Are you saying I’m the one behind this? Would I even need to slander you, given my ability?!”

Josephine quirked a brow in response. “You better have nothing to do with this, or I’ll have you expelled from the broadcasting industry,” she declared intimidatingly.

However, Tori burst into laughter and ridiculed, “You? Kick me out? Whom do you think you’re kicking down when you’re already in deep sh*t yourself! Mr. Quarles has probably seen those photos, hasn’t he? I wonder if he finds you revolting.”

“You better mark my words, Josephine warned. “If you are involved in this, tell me now and confess to the police yourself before I turn you in.”

Tori turned grim. She had an illusion that the issue was severe when she looked at Josephine’s expression, but she knew that she was merely being threatened into admitting the truth. As if she can scare me!

‘Josephine, I sympathize with you, but there’s nothing I can do. If you don’t take care of yourself, don’t blame others for wanting to take you down. Pray that you survive this!”

With that, Tori walked away, but just as she did, Josephine clasped her wrist and pulled her back. “What do you want?” Tori growled.

Josephine held her tightly and sneered, “I know you and Katrina have teamed up to attack me. I don’t have the proof yet, but I will find it. By then, you better not come begging on your knees.”

The young woman had an indescribable sense of dominance, and it sent chills down Tori’s spine. For a moment, she thought Josephine might actually get her way.

At that, Tori wrested her arm away and sneered. “You better not speak out of turn without evidence, Jacobson.” “Oh, I will have the evidence, Josephine declared and walked away.

Tori couldn’t help frowning in response. She hoped Katrina had done a clean job and not given Josephine any chances of finding any evidence, or Katrina, that big mouth, would certainly sell her out once they investigated her.. Even if Tori didn’t do anything, she was still an accomplice.

As such, she went straight to Katrina’s office. “Tori!” Katrina exulted triumphantly upon seeing Katrina. “Did you see it? The whole internet is condemning Josephine now. We’ve done it!”

“Good job,” Tori praised. “Of course, I, Katrina Sullivan, have always been reliable. Tori, you have to recommend me when the time comes!”

“Relax, I can only send you up after Josephine comes down. However, I ran into Josephine just now. She seems confident about finding evidence. You didn’t leave anything behind, did you?”

“How can I?! Trust me, she won’t be able to find anything even if she gets the police involved. Besides, does she even have that kind of ability?! If anything, Mr. Quarles might be questioning her now! Then again, he’s not in the country, so he can only question her on the phone.” “Mr. Quarles is not in the country?”

“Yeah! My brother-in-law said he’s away and won’t be back for a month or two.” At that, Katrina mused, With Mr. Quarles gone, Josephine will have absolutely no support!

Tori, on the other hand, eased up after having Katrina’s reassurance. Then again, Josephine sounded very confident. “Tori, you don’t look very happy. What are you afraid of?” Katrina asked, sensing that Tori still had some concerns.

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