My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2014

Josephine Jacobson, stop right there!” Katrina barked, then turned to her colleagues who were watching the commotion at the door and said, “Everyone, let’s reason this out. Josephine wrongly accused me without distinguishing right from wrong. She’s the one who engaged in such licentious actions, yet she wants to push the blame onto me. Have you all met anyone more unreasonable than her?!”

Everyone immediately stood on Katrina’s side, finding Josephine overbearing and unbelievable. Some female colleagues even stood up for Katrina. “We believe you’re innocent, Katrina. Josephine only acts high and mighty in the office because of her relationship with Mr. Quarles. What actual power does she have when she’s just a mere journalist?!”

Alas, Josephine had been in the limelight lately, and it made many of her colleagues jealous. Naturally, they would kick Josephine down and remove her from her position as the anchor now that the opportunity had presented itself. “Do you want to explain yourself, Jacobson? When did you take these photos?”

“Yeah! Are you broke?” “Even so, she shouldn’t stoop so low! The world isn’t short of broke women, yet none would take such licentious photos to make money either!”

Despite the crowd’s self-righteous accusations, Josephine calmly announced, ‘I won’t explain myself. All of you will know the kind of person 1 am once the truth is out.”

With that, she walked away, leaving Katrina barking behind her, ‘Do you really think you’re some big shot?! As if I’m afraid of you, b*tch!” Josephine had just returned to her office when Atticus’ assistant approached her, asking her to go to Atticus’ office.

At that, the young woman went to Atticus, who gazed at her with some regret. “Josephine, how can something so damaging happen? Do you not know that your image is everything as a newbie?”

“Someone set me up. I will get to the bottom of it. Please give me some time, Mr. Kowalski,” Josephine requested. She was the number-one victim in this incident, after all.

“Very well, Atticus agreed after some thought. “I’ll have someone cover for you for the time being. Take some time off for now. Do you want me to report this to Mr. Quarles, or will you do it?”

Josephine tensed up at once, and she quickly said, “I’ll tell him myself. No need to trouble yourself with this, Mr. Kowalski.” The last thing Josephine wanted was for Ethan to learn about this incident. Although the pictures were fake, they would still leave a negative note on Ethan when it was her face that was superimposed.

Hence, she wanted to deal with this her way. Even when the world had blown the issue up, Josephine remained calm. She didn’t lose her rationality and give in to anxiety and anger because she knew the people trying to kick her down would ultimately pay the price.

Since she was little, Mills had reminded Josephine to lie low and never tell anyone about their family, especially never to talk about Peter’s job. Josephine never got it when she was little. But a couple of middle-aged men approached her in school and gave her a gift that was worth tens of thousands in hopes that she would ask Peter to agree to have a meal with them.

Freaked out, Josephine ran away, and since then, she stuck fast to her father’s words, never mentioning her grandfather’s job and staying as low-key as she could..

Though Peter had already retired, he remained influential in politics. She never requested anything substantial from her grandfather, either. In fact, she didn’t even use his influence to get into college or a job. It was all herself.

However, what happened this time had crossed the line, and she was absolutely livid. She wanted to catch the culprit and make them pay at once. With that, she grabbed her phone and called Peter. “Hey, Joey, missing Grandpa?”

“Grandpa, I need your help with something. I’ll come to you now.”

“Have you been mistreated?” “I’ll tell you when I see you.” With that, Josephine grabbed her bag and left. When she stepped into the elevator, a senior who was usually kind to her comforted her. “Don’t let it get to you, Joey. I know it’s a move someone jealous of you made against you. Don’t take it to heart.”

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