My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2013

Who could it be? Tori? But I think it’s likely to be Katrina, for Tori probably won’t do anything that might backfire. Josephine let out a breath and rose from the couch before leaving the room. Wren quickly followed her and asked, “Where are you going, Joey? Aren’t we supposed to call the police first?”

Without responding to her, Josephine walked up to the elevator where many colleagues looked judgingly at her. It was as though they were mocking her with their gazes.

Josephine tucked her hair behind her ears. without explaining anything. She frankly faced their gazes, for when the truth was revealed, they would understand what had happened.

After she entered the elevator, they started talking behind her back. “Gosh! I didn’t expect her to take such salacious photos for money when she was a student. Made me blush.”

“Well, all the male colleagues are drooling over her body now. It’s no wonder Mr. Quarles is fond of her. She indeed has a curvy figure.” “I wonder what Mr. Quarles will think of these photos when he sees them.”

“Needless to say, he’ll be displeased. The men out there have seen his girlfriend’s almost. naked body. There’s no way he can take it.” “That’s right. I suppose Mr. Quarles will dump her very soon.” “She’s very famous now, so it’s expected that some people would try digging into what she did in the past.”

After stepping out of the elevator, Josephine and Wren were greeted by another group of colleagues, who were usually on good terms with Josephine. However, they looked at her in a different light now.

“Josephine, are those photos real?” someone asked. “Of course, they’re not real,’ Josephine replied. After she was gone, someone sneered. “She certainly wouldn’t admit to it in front of so many people.” “If I were her, I would’ve dug a hole and hidden my face into it instead of walking around.”

Presently, Katrina was scrolling through everything about Josephine on her phone. No doubt she was pleased as she could already imagine Josephine losing her job. The netizens commented that they would boycott her news program.

A smug Katrina wanted to take a sip of coffee, which she had asked someone to buy for her. Just then, the door flung open, almost causing her to jump in shock. She lifted her head and saw Josephine storming into the place. Her gaze was filled with murderous intent.

Katrina put down the coffee and snapped. “What’s wrong with you, Josephine? If you break my door, I’ll make you pay for it!” “Was it you?” Josephine questioned while staring at her. Katrina was astounded, but she appeared as if she had been wronged. “What are you talking about?”

“Did you ask someone to alter the photos and post them online? You couldn’t outcompete me, so you pulled such a dirty trick on me, didn’t you?” Josephine balled up her fists. She was certain that Katrina was the culprit.

Katrina put on a sneer. “That’s funny. How can you accuse me of doing such a thing without any evidence? What right do you have to slander me? I can sue you.” Suddenly, Josephine stepped forward and clenched her collars before pulling her closer. “Did you do it?”

Behind her, Wren was astonished. She had never seen Josephine being so ferocious. A furious Katrina shouted, “Are you out of your mind? Release me!” “I knew it was you!” Josephine said through. clenched teeth.

Meanwhile, many colleagues had gathered. outside to watch a good show. Katrina had wanted to push the woman away, but when she saw so many people around, she decided to put on an act. She started sobbing and said aggrievedly, “What right do you have to bully me? I don’t know what you’re talking about. How could you shift all the blame to me when you did such a thing in the past?”

Since the woman refused to admit to it, Josephine pushed her away and stepped backward. “Just you wait. I’ll look into the matter. Regardless of who the culprit is, I won’t let them off!”

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