My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2011

“Alright, see you later.” Josephine got out of the car and entered the company. When she was done with her makeup, she headed to the studio in tip-top condition. In the corridor outside the studio, Katrina stood there and looked at the confident Josephine in a blue suit while the woman presented the news. No doubt she was green with envy. Perhaps I’ll replace her soon and present the news to the audience. Just wait, Josephine. I’ll destroy you!

Katrina sent a document to Atticus. When she saw several documents that had to be dealt with urgently on the table, she asked, ‘Atticus, do you want me to send these to Mr. Quarles?”

“There’s no need for that. Mr. Quarles isn’t in his office. He’s leaving the country.” “Where is he going? How long will he bel absent?” she asked. “I have no idea where he’s going, but I suppose he’ll be absent for one to two months. He told me to take care of Josephine, though.”

Katrina was secretly pleased. When the scandal breaks out, Ethan won’t be in the country. That’s wonderful. Since he can’t help Josephine, her reputation will be ruined. When that happens, all the viewers in the country will hate her. By then, I just have to hire some trolls to flame her online. She will be so embarrassed that she will have no choice but to resign.

At the thought of this, Katrina was ecstatic. When she left the place, she even sported a smug smile. She had prepared some material, so she could post it online whenever she felt like it.

After Josephine and Ethan had their lunch, hel had to head to the airport. Donna would be leaving with him this time, and he would send his mother home before going to the Arctic to deal with his work.

When Josephine arrived home in the afternoon, she cleaned up the house and realized she had already started missing Ethan barely an hour after the man was gone. She missed him so much that she could no longer do anything else. She just wanted to space out and think about him.

At that moment, she couldn’t help teasing herself. Before she fell in love, she never expected to miss someone so much. Now, she finally realized the power of love.

She picked up her phone to call Ethan, but when she recalled that he must be boarding the plane at this hour, she put it down and scrolled through her photos. Just then, she received at message. ‘What are you doing right now? Ethan asked. Josephine straightened up and replied, ‘Hasn’t the plane taken off?”

‘It’s about to. I want to talk to you before we’re asked to turn off our phones.’ He wasn’t willing to turn off his phone, for he wouldn’t be able to contact her for over ten hours.

‘Alright, we can talk another time. Turn off your phone now, Josephine texted. She just wanted. him to be safe. Ethan sent her a selfie, which was taken from a weird angle. He wasn’t used to taking selfies, but since he was handsome, he looked good from any angle.

Josephine broke into laughter and saved the photo. ‘I miss you. We’ll talk when you arrive at your destination.” ‘Alright. I miss you too, he replied and turned. off his phone.

The next morning, Josephine arrived at the company with faint dark circles under her eyes. Fortunately, the makeup artist was able to conceal them for her. She had suffered from insomnia last night since Ethan wasn’t there to hug her. She kept tossing and turning until. 4.00AM before she finally fell asleep. Is this what happens when a person falls in love?

When she didn’t have a boyfriend, she could sleep soundly on her own. Now that she had. one, she felt hollow and uneasy when he wasn’t around. Soon, she successfully presented the news. Although it had only been a few days since she became a news anchor, she had already gotten the hang of it.

However, she wasn’t aware that someone had prepared some material to smear her name in secret. Katrina had passed the information to a small media company. As long as the scandal broke out, all the major news companies would report the incident, so she didn’t have to worry about the news not going viral.

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