My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2009

“Just deal with the problem as best you can. I can’t go away. What? Is that how you solve a problem?” Ethan sounded furious. Then, he started speaking in a different language. He still sounded displeased as though his subordinate had made a huge mistake at work.

Josephine was worried as she listened to him. Did anything happen to his company? He seems exasperated. Since she was well-versed in the language, she understood that Ethan had been asking for a solution from the other party, but he couldn’t get a satisfactory answer. When the call ended, he even spoke in foul language.

Josephine had to leave at once, for she didn’t want Ethan to know she eavesdropped on him. She realized he must’ve spent too much time keeping her company and ignored his work, which was why such a mistake happened. Therefore, she decided to let him go back and deal with his work. Although they would be separated for a while, she was fine with it.

When she returned to her office, she started working on her laptop. However, when she recalled how furious the man looked, she let out a sigh. Does he think I won’t let him leave? Is that why he’s been neglecting his work and staying by my side?

While she spaced out, a towering figure stepped into the place. When she turned around and saw the man, she rose from her chair and asked, “Are you alright?”

Ethan curled his lips. “I’m fine. Am I disturbing you?” “No. Do you have work to attend to, Ethan? You can go ahead and deal with it,” Josephine said. Ethan was an intelligent man. He realized she must’ve passed by the corridor and overheard him lecturing his subordinate. “Don’t worry. It’s no big deal.”

“No. Even though I love staying with you, I don’t want to affect your work. We can be separated for a while,” Josephine said sincerely. Ethan indeed had a problem to solve, but he said calmly, “I don’t have the heart to leave you.”

Josephine placated him by saying, “It’s fine. We can always hop on a video call. If you miss me, I can take some time off work and visit you.”

“I’d like to invite your family members to have a meal with my mom in the evening so that they can meet up,” Ethan said gently. He wanted both parties to meet each other and arrange for the marriage, “Alright, I’ll contact my parents. I have to call my dad earlier so that he’ll have enough time to come back.” Josephine was pleased that both parties were finally going to meet.

Then, Josephine called her mother. When Heidi learned about the dinner, she was elated. She had always been worried that the Quarles Family would look down on her daughter. It wasn’t that she was diffident, but the Quarles Family’s wealth was beyond her imagination.

“I’ll call your dad. We’re not going to invite your grandpa, though,” Heidi said. Josephine understood her mother’s concerns. Peter loved alcohol, so she was worried he would drink excessively during dinner. Given his old age, they had to ensure he would only drink moderately.

“Sure. Let’s meet up with Mrs. Quarles in the evening,” Josephine replied. Meanwhile, Ethan informed his mother about the dinner. Donna had always wanted to meet the Jacobsons. With Jenna serving as a bad example, Donna was satisfied with Josephine. The most important qualities of a woman were kindness and sincerity, after all. Her appearance and background weren’t so important.

Josephine was joyful as well, for her first live stream was successful. Her company had arranged a celebratory dinner party for her, but she turned them down since she had a more important meal to attend.

Ethan had already booked a place in a restaurant. He and Josephine waited for their parents’ arrival. Donna arrived at 6.00PM, followed by the well-dressed Mills and Heidi. When Josephine saw her mother wearing her most expensive pearl necklace, she knew the latter treated the meet-up seriously.

Donna and Heidi greeted each other. Although they came from vastly different family backgrounds, a sincere and frank smile was the best way to start a conversation.

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