My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2007

Ivanka even gave her sister a lot of money so that the latter could do such a thing regardless of the price. Katrina got some time off work to meet the hacker.

“70,000 is just the deposit. If I’m satisfied with the result, I’ll give you another 120,000. Katrina offered a huge price. “Deal. Pass me her photos. The more, the better.” Katrina then passed him the photos and videos that Josephine had taken in the company. “When will I see the photos?”

“The photos will be ready before tomorrow afternoon,” the hacker replied. Katrina nodded. “Alright. You must send them to me by tomorrow afternoon.”

After the negotiation ended, Katrina sat down in a cafe on her own. She envisioned herself sitting in the studio and presenting the news to the audience in the country. Not only would she become a famous news anchor, but she would also make her family proud. A bright future awaited her.

In the evening, Josephine brought Ethan to a new residential area. The house her parents bought for her was about 1,300 square feet with two rooms. They only expected her to live on her own, after all.

After they opened the door and turned on the lights, a cozy house came into Ethan’s sight. He fell in love with the decorations at first sight.

The bodyguard sent him some clothes and daily necessities. Josephine prepared a plate of fruits. After they showered, they sat on the couch and watched television together. Living in such a small house, they could see each other all the time. It was unlike how empty the villa felt.

While in the man’s embrace, Josephine fed him the fruits. Gradually, his gaze turned fervent as he looked at her. At the same time, his hands wandered around her body.

Josephine wanted to stop him, but he grabbed her wrists and pinned her on the couch, entrapping the woman in his shadow. Under the lights, Ethan was engrossed in the woman’s. alluring eyes. To him, the woman clad in a formal suit was sexy..

He started unbuttoning her shirt impatiently. “Don’t tear my shirt! It’s a newly bought custom- made shirt. It’s expensive!” Josephine tried to save her clothes. The man demanded hoarsely, “Take it off yourself, then.”

“No!” Josephine turned him down obstinately. Therefore, he suppressed his desire and took off her shirt patiently. The man’s chiseled face and thick eyebrows, coupled with his seriousness, were deathly attractive to Josephine as her body grew hotter.

The man had a kind of charm that would make a woman lose her sanity. The next morning, Josephine complained in the bathroom, “I told you not the neck, Ethan! It’s my first day presenting the news!” Ethan lifted the quilt and got out of bed before entering the bathroom. He wrapped his arms around her waist and said, “Let me see.”

Josephine showed him her fair neck. Much to her surprise, the man pulled a prank by sucking on the kiss mark. “You!” She turned around and pinched his waist with a smile. The man laughed after successfully pranking her.

It was her first day presenting the news on a live stream. To make sure she wouldn’t feel pressured, Ethan told her he wasn’t going to the company.

Before she left the house, he even gave her some encouragement. After she was gone, he told his bodyguard to come over and send him to the company.

Certainly, he wouldn’t want to miss his girlfriend’s first time presenting the news. When Josephine arrived at the company, she headed to the dressing room and bashfully asked the makeup artist to cover up the kiss mark on her neck.

After the makeup was done, she went to the studio. On her way, she appeared calm and confident while carrying the script. All of them were awestruck by her beauty, thinking she was like a diamond.

Josephine was understandably nervous, for she was about to present the news to the audience in the country. She sat down in the studio and took a deep breath while facing eight cameras. The director instructed the live stream to start, after which Josephine put on a smile and presented the news.

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