My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2006

An embarrassed Jenna soon left the villa. Donna took a look at the mess on the bed and realized Jenna must’ve slept on it. She reckoned that everything on the bed and the couch had to be replaced. Given Jenna’s promiscuity, she might carry some diseases. Therefore, Donna even had the urge to sell the villa.

After giving it some thought, Donna called her son and told him what Jenna had done. Ethan was furious upon hearing that, for the woman’s actions had crossed the line. “Just sell the villa, Mom. I don’t want it anymore,” he said. Donna respected his decision. ‘Alright. We’ll buy a new one.”

After the call ended, Ethan saw Josephine arriving at the hotel entrance in her car. During lunch, he avoided mentioning Jenna, but he talked about moving to a new place.

“Huh? Why are we moving to a new place all of a sudden?” Josephine liked the villa they lived. in. “Nothing. The house is too old, and I don’t like the design. Before we buy a new one, we’ll stay in a hotel.”

Josephine was puzzled. Even though she had no idea why Ethan was determined to sell the villa and even wanted to stay in a hotel first, she didn’t want to ask further. He must have his reasons for doing so.

“If you’re fine with the small house my parents bought for me, why don’t we stay there for now? You’ve always lived in big houses, so you might not get used to it, though,” Josephine suggested. Ethan’s eyes brightened when he heard that. “I’m fine with that. Let’s stay in your house, then.”

Josephine nodded. “Alright. I’ll tell the housekeeper to clean it up tomorrow. We’ll move in after that.” “Tell the housekeeper to go over now. We’ll move in tonight.” Josephine batted her eyes, wondering why he was in a rush. “Why don’t you like the villa anymore?”

Ethan could only come up with a random. excuse. “I found a dead mouse under the bed, and the entire room stank. I’d rather stay in a hotel than go back.”

Hearing that, Josephine broke into laughter.. Well, I guess a wealthy man like him can do whatever he wants. Just because he found a dead mouse under the bed, he decided to buy a new villa. Now I know he’s a clean freak!

“Alright. No problem. I’ll ask the housekeeper to go over now. The sheets are all new. I’ll ask my mom to bring them out under the sun, and we’ll be able to sleep on the bed tonight,” Josephine said. Ethan let out a sigh of relief, feeling glad that Josephine didn’t probe him further.

Inside the hotel room, Jenna’s face was still scarlet. She didn’t think she could ever forget about the humiliating experience. Since it had already happened, it was pointless for her to be regretful. Her foolishness had destroyed her reputation in front of Donna, who must be loathing her now.

“Ah!” A hysterical Jenna screamed and splashed cold water onto her face. She was too ashamed to see anyone now. She reckoned Donna must’ve told Ethan about it, so she was too embarrassed to see the man again.

At that moment, she swore she would never appear in front of the Quarles Family again. Just then, someone knocked on the door. She opened it and heard Jacques saying, “I’ve received a call from Mr. Quarles. He said that: you have to leave the country before 6.00PM.”

Jenna closed her eyes while feeling abashed. Ethan has found out about it. “Alright. I’ll pack up and leave.” With that, she closed the door. She had to save her last bit of dignity. Before 6.00PM, she left the country without hesitation.

Meanwhile, someone was trying very hard to frame Josephine. She was none other than Katrina. She had found a top-tier IT technician through her connections. It was said that his skills were impeccable. As long as the price was good enough, he could perfectly alter a person’s face in photos using Al technology.

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