My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2005

No one expected the person stepping out from the backseat to be Donna instead of Ethan. The last time Donna stayed there, she left behind. some jewelry. Therefore, she had to retrieve the jewelry and give them to her best friends. Meanwhile, Ethan was waiting for Josephine tor pick him up from the hotel for a date.

After opening the door, Donna headed to the guest room on the second floor, where she had stayed before. She opened the wardrobe and took out three boxes of expensive jewelry. Then, she arrived at the living room on the second floor and heard some noise from the floor above.

She couldn’t help but be shocked. Is Josephine still in the villa? Ethan said he was going to meet up with her. Is she back home to retrieve something?

Then, she went to the third floor and realized the noise came from the master bedroom. Although she was surprised, she didn’t read too much into it. As she looked at the door left ajar, she went over and opened it to make sure Josephine was home.

When Jenna heard footsteps approaching inside the bedroom, she was excited. She reckoned that Ethan would be astounded when he saw her, and he would tell her to put on her clothes. She just had to hug Ethan immediately and make sure he wouldn’t turn her down.

When the footsteps were close enough, Jenna rose from the couch and stood there with an innocent expression. Much to her surprise, the person entering the room was Donna instead of Ethan.

Donna thought Josephine was inside the room, so she didn’t expect to see a naked Jenna there. “Mrs. Quarles!” Jenna’s excitement turned into shame in an instant. She hurriedly picked up a bathrobe and covered her figure.

Donna instantly realized the woman’s hidden agenda. Although Jenna had promised not to ruin Ethan and Josephine’s relationship, she still did such a despicable thing in secret. If Ethan or Josephine had been the one who returned instead of Donna, their relationship would’ve been damaged.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Quarles. I…” Regardless of how thick-skinned Jenna was, she was ashamed and hoped Donna would forgive her this time. Donna’s face fell. “Say no more. I don’t want to hear your explanation, nor do I want to see you again.”

“I love Ethan! I can’t live without him!” Jenna yelled hysterically. “Even though you love him, that doesn’t mean you have the right to ruin his relationship with Josephine. You can’t be so selfish. You promised that you would stay out of their relationship, but you did such a thing behind my back.” Donna was infuriated.

From a woman’s perspective, she found Jenna’s actions outrageous. If she had any good impression of the woman before this, it was all gone now. She only felt disgusted at that moment.

When the bodyguard heard the noise, he came to the third floor. Donna said to him, “Get Miss Langley out of my son’s villa, and don’t let her come in again.” “Yes, Mrs. Quarles. The bodyguard then shifted his attention to Jenna. “Please come with me, Miss Langley.”

“Mrs. Quarles, please give me a chance! I’ll do better than Josephine and prove to be a wonderful daughter-in-law to you!” Jenna pleaded.

Donna stared icily at her. “I’m disappointed in your actions. You have no right to compare. yourself to Josephine. A shameless and scheming woman like you must not approach. my son and my family members again.”

Jenna’s eyes turned bloodshot. She didn’t expect to destroy her reputation in front of Donna. Her dream of marrying Ethan had been crushed. “You’d better leave now. Otherwise, I’ll inform your mother about it and let her discipline you.”

“Please don’t do that, Mrs. Quarles! I’ll leave at once!” Jenna was afraid. Moreover, she no longer had the nerve to appear in front of the Quarles Family again after the incident.

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