My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2002

“Oh, I get it! Remember Zuri Lindahl from NBO News? Didn’t the audience boycott her because of the scandals about her? This is a great idea, Miss Alford!” Katrina was thrilled. She didn’t expect to find a way to drag Josephine into the mud.

“That’s true, but the problem is how can we make up a scandal for her?” Tori acted as if she couldn’t think of something. She wanted Katrina to come up with the idea herself. That way, she couldn’t be implicated in the plot. Tori wanted Katrina and Josephine to fight among themselves.

Just as Katrina was cracking her head for an idea, Tori added, “If Josephine is removed from the position, I’ll write a letter of recommendation for you in support of you replacing Miss Ain.”

Katrina was ecstatic. With Tori’s recommendation and her brother-in-law’s connections, she was most bound to fulfill her dream of becoming an anchorwoman! “You will?” Katrina asked to confirm.

“Of course, and with my recommendation, the position will be yours. The only problem is that Josephine’s hold on that seat doesn’t seem shakable right now. I can’t help you, even if I want to!” Tori sighed. “I would much rather work with you, and in the future, if there’s anything you don’t understand, I would be more than happy to guide you.”

Katrina felt as if she was only one step away from her goal! ‘Don’t worry, Miss Alford! Let me handle this. I’ll think of something.” “You’ll need to hurry. I heard Josephine will officially take over the position in three days.”

“I’ll do my best. I’ll ask my sister for help.” Katrina wanted to use everything within her means to pull Josephine down from the position. Tori nodded and patted Katrina on the shoulder. “I trust you. I’m sure you’ll succeed.”

Once Katrina left the office, Tori smirked derisively. How can someone like her be an announcer? She’s only fit to be a pawn! Tori wouldn’t have bothered to associate herself with the likes of Katrina if she hadn’t. been worried about her future. Josephine was too much of a threat for her.

Alas, Tori had tried to seduce Ethan, but it didn’t work. She had no idea why Ethan wasn’t interested in her. Therefore, she had no choice but to resort to other schemes.

Tori’s words had planted a seed of greed that festered inside Katrina. She felt as if Josephine was the only thing standing in her way right now. As long as I get rid of Josephine, her position will be mine!

Katrina recalled a previous incident where a news announcer had been removed from the position. It was all because of a scandal that broke out. How can I implicate Josephine in a scandal too? If I do a good job, I might even get to drive a wedge between her and Ethan. Maybe Ethan will dump her too!

She was in no mood to get on with her work now. Instead, she called Ivanka and invited her out for a chat at a cafe. Ivanka was also a domineering woman. When she found out that Katrina didn’t get what she wanted because of Josephine, she felt upset on her sister’s behalf. To her, Katrina’s standing in the company was also a reflection of her image, and as the boss’ wife, she felt humiliated.

“Help me think of something, Ivanka! Miss Alford said she’d recommend me for the position, and with you helping me out, too, I’ll surely get to become an anchorwoman like I always dreamed of. You know that’s always been my desire,” Katrina pleaded with a pout.

“Don’t worry! I’ll help you. I never liked that Josephine woman, anyway,” Ivanka declared. “Let’s think of a plan together, Ivanka!” Katrina suggested. She was certain Ivanka could come up with something.

True enough, Ivanka was the kind of woman with too much time on her hands, to the point that her life was filled with nothing but gossip and schemes. After thinking about it for a while, she recalled the news she saw a couple of days ago and sneered, “There’s nothing to it.

It’ll be a piece of cake to destroy her reputation. You can create anything with a computer these days. Why don’t we just edit some of those kinds of photos and change out the face? All we need to do is make sure the issue blows up so that Josephine can’t escape from it.”

Katrina was thrilled. “You’re so smart, Ivanka! That’s such a good idea. As long as we edit Josephine’s face onto those kinds of R-rated content creators, say she was once involved in the adult entertainment industry, and make sure the news blows up, she’ll never be able to clear her name!”

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