My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2001

On their way back, Jenna made a good showing of herself and took great care of Donna. “Are you still staying with Eeth, Mrs. Quarles?”

“No. I’ll stay at the hotel with you. I don’t want to disturb them.” Donna had made peace with the situation. As long as the woman Ethan liked was a decent person with good character, it didn’t matter what her family background was. Furthermore, she felt more respect for the family when she heard Josephine’s grandfather was a well-known political figure..

She was sure Josephine’s family would’ve done a good job raising her to become an open- minded and farsighted person. “Sure! Let’s stay at the hotel together. I haven’t. had enough of my fun yet, so I want to stay a few more days!”

“Alright. Let’s stay a little longer.” Donna wasn’t in a rush to leave either. She hoped that when the time was right, Ethan would arrange for her to meet with Josephine’s family so that the two sides could get to know each other better.

Jenna was secretly pleased that Donna wouldn’t be staying with Ethan. It would make things easier for her to seduce him. Jenna. believed that as long as Ethan was home alone. without Josephine, she would get a chance to carry out her plan.

When Josephine returned to the company, she carried on with her trial broadcast. Ethan accompanied her to work as well. Even though he was well-off enough to provide for his future wife and family, he wanted Josephine to pursue her dreams and he was willing to help her with it.

Inside the studio, Josephine sat at the desk with poise and sophistication. The broadcast director went over and said, “Good luck, Joey. You’re going live soon. You’ll be greeting the nation.” She nodded. “Got it. I’ll get ready.”

Once she was on camera, she became a natural. Her pleasant smile and gaze complemented her clear, crisp voice. There was a unique kind of steadiness to her tone, and she had used it to perfection.

Tori kept standing outside the studio to eavesdrop. She hoped to see Josephine embarrassing herself, but she didn’t expect Josephine to be a natural at the job. Who would believe that this was her first broadcast?

It proved that Josephine was indeed someone worthy of the job. Will Josephine set her sights on my position as the primetime news anchor someday? Tori thought to herself. If she wants it, all she has to do is say the word.

That was the reason why Tori didn’t want Josephine’s trial broadcast to be a success. / have to make her crack under the pressure of a national audience and leave the studio.

“Miss Alford? If you want to listen to the broadcast, why don’t you head into the studio?” One of the crew members just so happened to walk by. Tori quickly cleared her throat and said, “I’m just here to get something.’ Then, she turned to leave.

When she went around the corner, she spotted Katrina. She heard that Katrina once had delusions of getting into a relationship with Ethan. She had even caused quite a bit of trouble for Josephine.

Tori’s eyes gleamed with a calculating look. A woman like Katrina is the best kind of person to make use of. “Katrina, come with me to my office,” Tori called. out warmly.

Katrina had always tried to get into Tori’s good graces, so she quickly smiled and said, “Sure, Miss Alford. Did you need something?” “Let’s talk when we’re in my office,” Tori said secretively.

Once the two women took their seats in Tori’s office, Tori asked, “Josephine is now an anchorwoman. How do you feel about it?” “W-What else can I feel… I’m envious, of course!” Katrina replied unhappily. “If I’m being honest, Josephine was merely lucky to get the job. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be good enough to be an anchorwoman.”

That was music to Katrina’s ears. “You’re absolutely right!” she quickly agreed. “I had a feeling she relied on her connection with Mr. Quarles to get into that seat. It’s not like she’s anything great. She doesn’t have any real talent.” “Do you want to get her out of that seat?” Tori asked.

“How can I? She has already taken over Miss Ain’s position.” “You’ll have to think of something, of course! If you can get her out of that seat, maybe you’ll be the one who replaces her!” Tori prompted. Katrina’s eyes lit up at once. “Really? Can I really take her place? But… how am I supposed to drag her down?”

Tori chuckled and suggested, “That’s easy. Just rely on the power of the audience. Do you think the audience will allow her to remain an anchorwoman if they find out she only got the position because she climbed into a man’s bed?”

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