My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2000

Donna understood the double entendre, but she pretended not to know, while Jenna caught the meaning and felt as if a boulder were crushing down on her chest.

“Okay. You don’t need to serve me. I’ll do it myself. Josephine lowered her eyes in embarrassment. Once lunch was over, Donna took Jenna by the hand and said, “Go for a walk with me, Jenna!”

Jenna smiled and said, “Let’s get Eeth to come with us!” “He still has work to do, so let’s not bother him. You can accompany me. There’s a church nearby that I’d like to see. Let’s head over there.”

Jenna was sorely disappointed that Ethan. wouldn’t be coming with them, but since Donna had extended a warm invitation to her, she couldn’t refuse. She had to force herself to perk up and do something she didn’t want to do.

Josephine was still staring in a daze as Donna left. Ethan put his arm around her waist and sighed in relief. “Well, we survived my mom’s trial.” Josephine blinked. “It’s over? Just like that?”

“Yeah. My mom likes you.” She did sense care and kindness from Donna. She hoped Donna would recognize Jenna’s true nature and stop believing her words.

Donna and Jenna arrived at the church. Donna sat down on one of the pews and closed her eyes in prayer. On the other hand, Jenna was bored out of her mind. She eyed her surroundings listlessly and scorned the aged. look of the place. When Donna opened her eyes again, she saw Jenna’s restlessness and said, “Let’s walk around, Jenna.”

Jenna quickly took Donna’s arm, and the two walked around the grounds for a bit. At last, Donna sat down on a bench and began to study Jenna so closely that the latter started feeling uneasy. “Why are you staring at me, Mrs. Quarles?”

Jenna had to ask. “You’re a good girl, Jenna. I hope you don’t stray off the right path.” Jenna couldn’t quite understand what Donna was saying. “Before I came here, you told me a lot about Josephine,” Donna continued. “You said she was a materialistic, money-worshiping woman who’s rude and spoiled, but I didn’t see. any of that from her.”

“Mrs. Quarles, you mustn’t be fooled by her act! It’s only natural that she acts like a Goody Two- shoes in front of you,” Jenna swiftly cautioned, her eyes filled with concern.

“Jenna, I know about your feelings for Ethan, but matters of the heart can’t be forced. If Ethan truly finds the person he loves, I will give him my support.”

Hearing this, Jenna realized that Donna had seen right through her lies. She turned scarlet as she stammered, “M-Mrs. Quarles… I-I really like Eeth so much.”

“I know, but relationships need to be a two-way street. Perhaps, Ethan only sees you as a younger sister. You’ll find someone better, Jenna,” Donna advised.

Jenna teared up. She immediately tried to convince Donna otherwise. “No, Mrs. Quarles. Please just give me a bit more time. I’m certain Eeth will fall in love with me.”

“Jenna, you’re an attractive girl from a good family. It’ll be easy for you to find a man who’s even better than Ethan, Donna consoled. Jenna’s eyes flashed with resentment. What did Josephine do?! How did she get Mrs. Quarles to accept her so easily?! I won’t allow this! I refuse to lose to Josephine just like that! Ethan’s a responsible man. If he ends up in bed with me, will he take responsibility for it just like he did with Josephine?

“I understand, Mrs. Quarles. I wish Eeth and Josephine the best, too. I was wrong for what I did, but it was only because I loved Eeth. But I’m mature enough to know when I should let go. I won’t try to disrupt their relationship anymore,” Jenna said with a look of shame and remorse. She had to maintain her facade of being a decent and sensible woman as she didn’t want Donna to shun her.

“That’s good. I’m glad you’re able to see things this way. I’m worried about your future, you know! After all, I’ve known you since you were a little girl and watched you grow up.” Donna was genuinely glad Jenna was able to be mature about the situation.

As Donna got to her feet, Jenna’s eyes flashed with discontent and malice. Who said I’m giving up?As long as Ethan isn’t married, I still have a chance. There’s no way I’d lose to Josephine.

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