My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1998

“I was supposed to meet your mother today. If I had chosen not to take her to the hospital or got someone else to do it instead, then her impression of me would’ve been ruined.” All the possibilities were racing through Josephine’s mind right now. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to make a good impression.

On the other hand, Ethan had total faith in her. He knew she was a kind person through and through. “Hey, now. Don’t dwell on these thoughts anymore,” he said comfortingly. “My mom likes you a lot.”

“Hey, did you know? When you call me earlier, your mother even asked me if that was my boyfriend! Do you know how proud I was when I answered her?!” Josephine’s cheeks were still a little warm from the thought of that!

Ethan laughed. “It’s just as well then. My mom now knows how much you like me.” Josephine smiled. She couldn’t help but look at him with love-filled eyes. At the restaurant.

Jenna and Donna were the first to arrive. Soon, Ethan and Josephine came over hand-in-hand. Jenna immediately glanced at Donna to check her reaction as she thought to herself, She must be furious that Josephine and Ethan are being so lovey-dovey in front of her!

However, Donna showed no sign of anger at all. In fact, she had a faint smile on her face. Jenna was completely taken aback. What’s going on? Did Josephine manage to get Mrs. Quarles’ approval in just a single morning?

Josephine and Jenna ended up sitting right opposite each other. Jenna fiddled with her cup of tea as she eyed Josephine critically. Josephine had very little makeup on today, but her simple, easygoing look only added to her attractiveness.

On the other hand, Jenna was all dressed up and covered in heavy makeup as if she were about to attend a formal event. The bright lights in the restaurant only served to highlight the flaws of her cakey makeup.

“Here. Pick what you want, Josephine.” Donna passed the menu to Josephine and added, “Go ahead and order whatever you like. Don’t pay any attention to the prices.” Once again, Jenna glanced at Donna with a stupefied look.

“Yes, Mrs. Quarles.” Josephine took the menu and shared it with Ethan. The server handed another menu to Jenna. As she glanced through it absentmindedly, her eyes kept roaming over to Josephine and Ethan who were huddled together.

As Donna took a sip of tea, she couldn’t stop herself from observing Josephine too. There was something about the young woman’s confident and poised manner that she couldn’t help but adore. Jenna told Donna that Josephine was a shallow and materialistic woman, but she saw no sign of that. She noticed that Josephine was using an inexpensive bag. Her phone wasn’t the latest model and it even had a crack on the screen which Donna spotted across the table.

If Josephine is truly a materialistic girl, why wouldn’t she at least get her screen changed? It goes to show that she lives a busy, fruitful life and doesn’t dwell on these petty matters.

“Please excuse me while I head to the washroom, Mrs. Quarles, Josephine said as she rose from her seat. “I’ll come with you!” Jenna immediately stood up with a friendly smile. Josephine smiled back at her. ‘Sure. Let’s go.”

As soon as they entered the washroom, Josephine heard a snide voice sneering, “Josephine, do you really have no sense of self- awareness at all?”

Josephine knew from the start that Jenna was only tagging along to humiliate her. She turned around and smiled. “What kind of self- awareness am I lacking?”

“Considering how much Mrs. Quarles detests you, you shouldn’t even be upsetting her with your presence.”

“This is my first time meeting Mrs. Quarles. Why would she detest me?” Josephine asked. “Could it be that you’ve been badmouthing me behind my back, Miss Langley?”

Jenna had an unpleasant expression as she scoffed. “Why else would someone like you set your sights on Ethan and the Quarles Family if not for his money?”

Josephine abhorred being labeled as a money- worshipping gold digger. She was never someone who cared about material things. She frowned and refuted, “Do you think every other woman in the world is just like you?”

Jenna turned scarlet with rage. “What kind of nonsense is that? My family’s rich. I don’t care about money; unlike you who comes from such an impoverished family.” That made Josephine chuckle. “I would rather be poor and unashamed of it than be a vile and jealous person like you.”

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