My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1997

Donna sensed how cautious Josephine was. She must be worried about me not liking her! In reality, Donna now had a favorable impression of Josephine. Based on personality alone, Josephine was the kind of young woman she was fond of.

Donna found Josephine to be a frank and unpretentious young woman with a bright and cheerful personality. Even her looks were exactly to Donna’s taste. She looks like someone open and gentle.

It’s no wonder Ethan likes her and keeps saying that she’s special. Although Donna couldn’t tell what was special about Josephine just yet, she believed that Josephine was someone worth getting to know better. Ethan quickly came back. “Let’s go, Mom!”

Just then, a car pulled up in front of them. Jenna had rushed over thinking that she would come in time to have lunch with Ethan and Donna. She didn’t expect to run into them in front of the building.

Jenna got out of the car. She was all dolled up and fairly attractive under the sunlight. When she spotted Josephine, she figured it was a good time for her to show off her relationship with Donna. Thus, Jenna had a brilliant smile on her face as she walked over to Donna. “I came to look for you, Mrs. Quarles!”

Donna had the genial smile of an elder as she watched Jenna coming over, but by now, she knew what Jenna was truly like. Why didn’t J realize sooner that Jenna’s the type of person who stabs people behind their backs?

After thinking about it for a moment, she supposed it was because she never had the opportunity to see the other side of Jenna. Thanks to the situation with Josephine, she finally had a clear understanding of Jenna’s true nature. She was very thankful that she realized this in time. Otherwise, she would’ve been supportive of having Jenna as her daughter-in-law. “You’re here, Jenna. We were just heading out to have lunch together. Come with us!” Donna invited.

It went without saying that Jenna would never refuse such an invite. “I’d love to!” she quickly agreed. ‘I came over thinking to have lunch with you guys,” she added. She took Donna by the arm as if they were the best of friends and gave Josephine a smug look. Just then, Donna turned to Josephine and asked, “You don’t mind, right, Miss Jacobson?”

“No. Not at all.” Josephine smiled. Ethan minded, but since his mother and girlfriend both said they didn’t mind, he didn’t want to go against them. Furthermore, he could tell that Donna did like Josephine, so he didn’t. have to worry about that anymore.

“Take Josephine with you, Ethan. I’ll ride with Jenna, Donna said. Jenna wasn’t pleased with the arrangement, but she had to go along with it anyway. She would’ve preferred it if Donna went with Josephine and arranged for her to ride with Ethan.

After getting into the car, Jenna seized the chance to start badmouthing Josephine again. She assumed that Donna and Josephine ran into each other in the lobby and had no clue the two already met earlier. ‘Mrs. Quarles, do you think Josephine is seducing Ethan to get to his money?”

She’s at it again. Donna went along with it and asked, “What do you think?” “Of course, she is! Look at the way she dresses. It’s so plain! It’s obvious how poor her family is. She’s trying to seduce Ethan so that she can elevate her status in society! You have to stop them from being together, Mrs. Quarles.”

Donna chuckled. “You seem to understand Josephine very well, Jenna. Have you had a lot of dealings with her?” Jenna had a lofty look in her eyes as she said, “With some people, you don’t even need to get to know them before you know what they’re like. I can see right through her.”

“Well, I think there are some people whom you need to spend more time with before you realize their true nature, Donna said while casting a meaningful glance at Jenna.

However, Jenna didn’t notice that Donna was mocking her. She was busy thinking to herself, Does that mean she wants to get to know Josephine better first?

Meanwhile, over in Ethan’s car, Josephine was patting herself on the chest with one hand. while fanning herself with the other. “That was such a fright! I had no idea she was your mother! What a fool I am. Why didn’t I notice it sooner?”

Ethan chuckled at how adorable she was being. “Isn’t it better this way? My mother got to see your real, natural self.”

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