My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1993

She must take this slowly. Ethan nodded. “I can do that. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best. My mom will love you.” Josephine nodded. “I’ll try my best to keep this relationship alive.”

“You won’t try your best. You will keep this relationship alive, corrected Ethan. Josephine smiled. ‘Sure. You should go home now.” She stood outside her house and bade him goodbye, then she went back inside.

Donna was really mad. She had just arrived, and her son was already leaving her just to see a random woman. It hurt her heart. Jenna was sitting with her, trying to cheer her up as well as smearing Josephine..

Ethan parked his car outside in case the humming of the engine woke his mother, then he came in through the side door. Just when he was about to enter the living room, he heard Jenna talking to his mother.

“It’s alright, Mrs. Quarles. I’m here. I can’t believe Josephine would tell Ethan to meet up with her, and at this hour too.” And then Ethan harrumphed. “Do not slander her, Jenna.”

Jenna was shocked, and she raised her head. only to see Ethan standing at the doorway, and she got nervous. How long has he been there? An angry Donna asked, “It’s late. Where have you been?”

“A friend wanted to meet up with me, so I went to the bar and said hi,” said Ethan. He didn’t tell her he met Josephine since he knew Jenna must have slandered his girlfriend.

Donna looked a little happier, while Jennal looked sheepish. Okay, so that was awkward. “You shouldn’t drink at this hour. Get to sleep,” Donna said. “Jenna, it’s late. You should catch some sleep as well.”

Jenna was a little disappointed. He obviously met up with that woman, so why did he come back so soon? Did Josephine actually let him go? Unbeknownst to her, Josephine was that kind of woman, and thanks to that, Jenna’s lies failed to get through, so she went back to her room. Donna looked at her son. Not even a hint of alcohol from him. He lied. “So where did you actually go?”

It was quiet outside, making it a perfect chance for a good talk. Since Jenna was jealous of Josephine, Ethan knew she would try to slander her as much as possible so Donna would think badly of Josephine, and he wanted to talk about that. “I met up with Josephine.”

“Then why did you come back?” Donn asked. Josephine told me to. She said you must be exhausted from the flight, so you need me,” said Ethan. Donna was a little surprised. Is that so? Well, she’s an understanding girl, I guess.

“Don’t judge her before you meet her, Mom. You should get to know her yourself, not through someone else. Not through rumors.” Ethan looked at his mother solemnly. He knew his mother was not an unreasonable woman. She was respected in the company and a great helper to his father.

Donna knew what Ethan was trying to say. Jenna did speak badly of Josephine, and now that she thought about it, those rumors might be the fabrication of her own personal feelings. “Hook us up then.” Donna would like to meet Josephine and find out what kind of woman she was herself. “Sure. I can do that. How does tomorrow sound?”

Unbeknownst to them, Jenna was hiding behind the guardrail on the second floor, listening in. When Donna said she wanted to meet Josephine, Jenna felt all the strength leave her. One word from Ethan, and his mother changed her opinion.

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