My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1991

Which part of her is better than me? Unbeknownst to Jenna, love was not just visual for Ethan; he needed it to come from the heart. Ethan went back to his room and closed the door, then he called Josephine. “Your mom didn’t get mad at you, did she?” Josephine asked, worried.

“She didn’t. She’s just exhausted after the flight.” Ethan knew his mother didn’t like Josephine, but that was because she didn’t understand her. She’ll grow to like her.

Actually, Josephine wasn’t really that worried, but she couldn’t tell Ethan that. It was obvious Ethan’s mother didn’t like her. Ethan could’ve introduced her easily tonight, but she refused to see her.

Suddenly, someone opened the door, and Jenna came in uninvited. She noticed Ethan talking to Josephine on the phone, and the b*tch said, “Ethan, I got you some water.” Ethan frowned. “Why are you here?”

“Just worried you might get thirsty. My, your bedroom’s big.” She sat on the bed and happily. said, ‘Your bed’s so soft. I bet it’s good to sleep. in.”

“I’m on a call. Leave now.” Ethan covered the microphone on his phone so Josephine wouldn’t hear them. He knew Jenna was trying to cause a misunderstanding.

Indeed, Josephine’s eyes went wide. Jenna’s in his room, and at this hour? Why is she there? “I won’t get in your way. I’ll just stay quiet.” She lay on Ethan’s bed without his permission and shot him a look of allure. Ethan’s face fell. ‘Jenna, leave.”

Not afraid of his angry gaze, Jenna sat up and said loudly, “Oh my gosh, the wind’s so strong. I’m not wearing enough layers, I guess. I’ll need your shirt, Ethan.”

She walked to the closet swiftly so Ethan couldn’t stop her, but what was more important now was how Josephine was feeling. ‘Let me explain.”

Josephine heard everything. She knew Jenna was in Ethan’s room wearing nothing but a nightdress, and she could see that image in her. mind. ‘I’m fine.’ Josephine held her jealousy back. “Why is she there?”

“Just here with my mom. She’s not sleeping. with me but in the guest room on the second floor,” said Ethan. “Please don’t take this the wrong way.” Josephine smiled. “I won’t.”

Jenna came back out with a white shirt. “Do I look good in this?” She spun around. Josephine heard that. What is she doing? Is she trying to seduce him? “You should tend to your guest. I need to take a shower.” Josephine wanted to chat, but since Jenna was around, she couldn’t do that. “Joey…”

“I’m fine. Take care of your mom.” Josephine tried to stay calm, but she was obviously jealous. “I’ll explain this tomorrow,” said Ethan. “No. I trust you,” said Josephine seriously. And then Jenna gasped. “Can you help me up, Ethan. I fell.”

Josephine wanted to roll her eyes. What is she doing? If she wants me to be jealous, it worked. Josephine was really jealous. She was imagining what was happening in Ethan’s room -Jenna standing in front of Ethan wearing nothing but a nightdress and then falling down. What kind of position did she end up in? How much did she reveal?

Josephine hung up and took a deep breath. She told herself to stay calm and trust Ethan, but she failed. She couldn’t just pretend nothing had happened. Jenna was a model and her body was smoking hot. Any man would want to sleep with her. Now, she was standing right in front of her boyfriend, flirting with him. Even if Ethan didn’t get any ideas, it was still infuriating.

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