My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1990

Donna went downstairs. Jenna was having tea, and the laptop was set aside. “We’ll stay here for the night, Jenna. You don’t have to go back to the hotel,” said Donna.

Jenna quickly said, “Sure thing, Mrs. Quarles. I’m exhausted too. It would be nice to stay for the night.” “That’s not a good idea, Mom.’ Ethan frowned.

“There are two guest rooms on the second floor. It’s fine. Or do you want to kick me out too?” Donna turned around. She hoped her son would give Jenna some attention too.

“It’s alright, Ethan. I won’t trouble you. I just want to stay with Mrs. Quarles,” Jenna pleaded. “He’ll be fine. If I say we stay, we stay,” said Donna bossily, disregarding her adult son’s wishes blatantly. She then sat on the sofa.

Jenna told her bodyguard to pick her stuff up from the hotel, and she told her assistant to take an important thing-her sexy nightdress. She would wear it for Ethan that night. His mother’s creating an opportunity for me. I have to grasp it.

Half an hour later, the bodyguard came back. with Jenna and Donna’s luggage in tow. Jenna took her bag and whipped out a champagne- colored night dress. It was sexy and beautiful.

She was a model, to begin with, so Jenna was confident that her body was alluring enough. She was sure Ethan would look at her. She knew Josephine couldn’t compare to her in. terms of figure.

Donna went to her room. Ethan went over to help her unpack while expressing that he would like her to stay with him, which was what Donnal was already planning to do. Noticing that her son was doing his utmost best to cheer her up, she sat on the couch and asked, “Why do your like her?”

Ethan sat beside her and seriously answered, “I like her personality and how genuine she is. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone like her, and I think it’s love… The mere mention of Josephine made Ethan’s eyes shine. Donna stopped him. “All right. Now how long have you known her?”

“About six weeks.” “Forty-two days? How are you so sure she’s the one? Donna thought this was unacceptable. He can’t be this frivolous about relationships. ‘Do you believe in love at first sight? Because I found one,” gushed Ethan.

Oh my God, he’s like a pup in love. I can’t force him to break up with her, so I’ll have to convince that woman to do it. “I’m exhausted. Let me sleep. And take care of Jenna.” Donna wanted to sleep, and she created an opportunity for her son to spend some time with Jenna. Ethan wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead. “Get some rest, Mom.”

“I will.” Donna nodded. Jenna got out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a thin dress. When she saw Ethan come out of his mother’s room, she said, ‘Ethan, do you have cold water?”

“In the fridge.” He looked at her and said, “Wear something less revealing before you come out.” Jenna walked up to him. “You’ve seen me in bikinis.”

He felt nothing toward her. She was just a good friend to him, or a sister. Ethan turned around. “The water’s in the fridge. Take it yourself.” “Can’t you stay with me? I want someone to chat with.” Jenna twirled her hair and shot him a bashful look.

Just then, Ethan’s phone rang. Oh, that’s Josephine. He quickly said, “I have something to do. You do what you want.” “Ethan! Jenna saw him off speechlessly. She knew she looked sexy in this dress, and yet Ethan refused to look at her.

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