My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1916

However, Katrina had to remember one thing- Peter’s status. Hence, it was expected that he would be acquainted with Ethan. Does that mean Ethan likes Josephine? As Katrina thought about it, her hatred for Josephine grew.

After Josephine had ordered the food, the director ordered some wine, while Atticus was in charge to liven up the mood. As Atticus was telling Ethan about how the project would progress, Ethan was zoning out. He looked like he was not interested in any of the projects Atticus mentioned.

Josephine was sitting beside him and noticed his mood. It seems like Mr. Kowalski is talking to himself! As she thought about it, she changed her sitting position. Then, she noticed that she had sat on her dress. Just as she stretched her legs, she felt that she had kicked something. At that moment, her mind went blank when she realized it didn’t feel like the table’s legs. What did I just kick?

In that split second, Ethan looked at her with a thoughtful expression. When Josephine met his gaze, her face turned red since she realized she had accidentally kicked his legs!

Josephine bit her lips and smiled awkwardly at him. On the other hand, Ethan raised his wine glass and winked at her, indicating that it was fine.

Everyone saw their sweet interaction and knew Ethan was uninterested in hearing the proposal. Instead, he had his eyes on Josephine! Katrina also saw their interactions. She clenched her fists under the table and thought, As expected, she is trying to seduce Ethan.

“Hurry up and give a toast to Mr. Quarles, Josephine,” said the director. “A toast to you, Mr. Quarles.” Josephine raised her glass toward Ethan.

Ethan also raised his glass and bumped it against hers. Just as Josephine was about to take a small sip, the vice director, Damien Posh, quickly said, “That’s not right, Josephine. You can’t just take a small sip when Mr. Quarles has such a high status.”

Does that mean I have to drink it all? I’m not a heavy drinker, though! thought Josephine. Then, she looked at Ethan. I’m sure he will get me out of this mess. However, Ethan didn’t say anything and was waiting for her to do as Damien said! She could tell that he was in for a show.

Although Josephine felt helpless, she still smiled and said, “Well then, I guess I have to do it.” Then, she drank the alcohol in one shot. Fortunately, the alcohol didn’t taste bad, or else she would have thrown up. What is wrong with him? I thought we were good friends, yet he didn’t help me! Fine then. I guess I thought too highly of our relationship, she thought grumpily.

When the food arrived, Josephine started to imitate how people at social intercourse would do. She was telling Ethan to eat while getting up and pouring him some alcohol, seemingly as if she was trying to get him drunk.

She sure knows how to bear a grudge. Ethan smiled inwardly.

On the other hand, Katrina could only watch as Josephine entertained Ethan while she sat in the dark corner. Since it was a rectangular table, she couldn’t do anything but just sit there.

Josephine didn’t eat much, but she had had three glasses of wine. At that moment, she was upset. After all, Ethan didn’t care for her. I might as well just drink to my death, she thought.

Just as she was going to have the fourth glass, Ethan finally made a move. He reached out and stopped her. “That’s enough. You have too much alcohol tonight,” he said.

Josephine was slightly drunk. Hence, she was bolder. When she heard his words, she smiled. The lights made her look like a goddess with that beautiful smile of hers. “This won’t do, Mr. Quarles. After all, you are my boss, so I have to satisfy you! Here’s another toast to you!” As she spoke, she raised her glass toward him.

On the other hand, Atticus was dumbfounded by her actions. It seems like Josephine is drunk. It would be bad if she offended Mr. Quarles with her slurs. Thinking about it, he stood up and said to Katrina, “Kat, come here and help Josephine to the car. It seems that she is drunk.”

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