My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1914

“Really? Tonight? Can I leave work early and go home to dress up?” Katrina asked quickly. “Okay, okay.” Atticus let her leave early. After Josephine returned to her desk, she continued to work absentmindedly. She looked at her phone several times, wanting to ask.

Ethan what he was doing at the company and if he would be at the dinner tonight that Atticus had asked her to join. Could it be that Mr. Kowalski thought Ethan has feelings for me, so he wants me to be Ethan’s companion tonight? I think this is highly possible.

“What did Mr. Kowalski want with you?” Wren asked curiously. “It’s nothing. Just work-related.” “Is he promoting you? I believe her acknowledges your abilities.”

Just then, Josephine checked the time, and it was already 4.30PM. So, she got up and said, “Wren, I have something to do. I’ll leave early today.”

She drove to a dress shop contracted by the company. As soon as she entered, a service staff greeted her and helped her with makeup. and selecting dresses. She picked a classic black mini dress that could be worn for both daily wear and dinner parties.

After staying there for a while, it was almost 5.30PM. She received a text message from Atticus with the address of a restaurant, a five- star one. Seeing that, she wondered, Will I see Ethan tonight? With that thought in mind, she left the dress shop and drove straight to the hotel.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel, Ethan also received the address sent by Atticus, along with a message saying, ‘Mr. Quarles, we’ll be waiting for you at this restaurant. Josephine is here too. When he read the second part of the message, his eyes lit up with a strong anticipation for the night.

On the other hand, Josephine was tidying up her dress and getting into an elevator. Just as it was about to close, someone rushed in from the opposite, and the elevator opened again. To her surprise, it was Katrina, dressed in a sexy outfit.

When Katrina saw that Josephine was also wearing a mini dress, her eyes flickered with surprise, and she asked, “Where are you going?” “To the company dinner. What about you?” Josephine asked.

Incredulously, Katrina raised an eyebrow. “You’re also invited?” Since she had been out in the afternoon and went to look for Atticus as soon as she returned to the company, she had not heard about the event of Ethan going downstairs to look for Josephine. “Mr. Kowalski personally invited me. I didn’t want to go, but he insisted, replied Josephine.

“Hmph! Well, let me make this clear. Among the guests who will be here tonight, the tallest and most handsome man is mine, so you better not try to compete with me,” Katrina said with a commanding look while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Hearing that, Josephine waved her off. “I’m not interested.” When Katrina sized up Josephine’s outfit, she couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous. Josephine usually only wore shirts and jeans. tonight, yet she exuded a flamboyant and bold beauty tonight after dressing up. That gave Katrina a sense of crisis. Mr. Quarles won’t take interest in her, will he?

The two of them arrived at the restaurant together, while Atticus had already arrived early. As he looked at the two beauties of the company, he thought, This will definitely satisfy Mr. Quarles. “Here. Come here. Your mission tonight is to make our major shareholder happy.”

“What major shareholder?” asked Katrina. “Mr. Quarles, the one you want to meet. He has invested in our company and entered as the largest shareholder.” Atticus revealed the truth. so that Josephine and Katrina could understand the situation and serve this major shareholder better. Josephine’s eyes widened in surprise, and she asked, “Are you serious, Mr. Kowalski?”

“Do I look like I’m joking? Of course, I’m serious. He will be in charge of everything in the company from now on. Your chance has come, Josephine. You have to try your best to serve him well tonight.”

At his words, Josephine’s face flushed. What does he mean by ‘serve him well?’Does he mean I have to be Ethan’s companion throughout dinner?

On the contrary, Katrina was confident. “Don’t worry, Atticus. I will definitely serve him well.” Hearing that, Josephine turned around to see Katrina’s ambitious smile and thought to herself, Does she want to sleep with Ethan?

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