My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1912

By now, everyone knew that this handsome man was here to find Josephine, but she was actually sleeping during work hours. To not let her continue to be embarrassed, Wren kindly poked her with a pen.

Josephine was happily riding unicorns in her dream when she felt someone touching her arm. So, she muttered in her sleep, “What?” “Joey, wake up.” Wren tried harder to wake her up.

Only when Josephine heard Wren’s voice did she realize that she wasn’t at home but at work. She quickly opened her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings, and she woke up instantly. Then, she sensed that someone was standing in front of her desk, so she looked up in shock.

As soon as she saw the man, she was petrified and wished she could bury herself in a hole. F*ck! When did Ethan come? And he’s standing right in front of me. Did I drool? She quickly wiped her mouth, thankfully finding nothing. “Why are you here, Mr. Quarles?” While blushing, she stood up but didn’t dare look at him.

With a smile, Ethan answered, “No reason. I just wanted to see you.” His low and husky voice sounded like a professional voice actor. “Are you done with your meeting?” She finally looked at him, meeting his deep and mesmerizing eyes, which made her face even hotter. “Not yet.” After saying that, he flipped through the documents on her desk and asked, “Are you not busy?”

At this moment, her face was burning. I am busy! Busy sleeping! “Here you are, Mr. Quarles! Mr. Kowalski sent me to look for you.” Atticus’ assistant came downstairs to find Ethan. “Okay,” Ethan replied before turning to Josephine. “I’ll go upstairs first.”

“Okay, take care,” Josephine answered and watched him leave. As soon as he left, five to six faces gathered around her desk, all clamoring to ask, “Who is he, Josephine?”

“What’s your relationship with him?”

“Is he pursuing you, or are you pursuing him?” “He looks very rich. What business is he discussing with Mr. Kowalski?” Her head was spinning at this moment, as she was surrounded and felt a little suffocated. Immediately, she stood up and answered, “I’m not close to him. We’re just acquaintances. Stop guessing around.”

No one believed her words. If they’re not close to each other, why would this handsome man come over and say hello to her? And his eyes clearly showed a hint of affection toward her.

As the others left, Wren whispered to Josephine, “Joey, does the husband of your dreams look like this?” Josephine burst into laughter. “I dare not dream such a beautiful dream.” “Exactly what kind of relationship do you have with him? Tell me. I promise not to spread it around.”

“There’s really nothing between us. We just met at a wedding. He came here today for a meeting and just stopped by to say hello to me,” Josephine explained, feeling a little guilty as she recalled the kiss she shared with Ethan. That should be a dream, right?

On the other hand, Ethan elegantly signed his name and became the largest shareholder of Tribus TV. After that, he turned to Atticus and said, “I heard that your company has a vacant female anchor position. I would like to recommend someone for the job.” “Who do you have in mind, Mr. Quarles?”

“Josephine Jacobson.” Instantly, Atticus was stunned and finally seemed to understand why Ethan had invested in their company. Did he invest in us for the sake of Josephine?

“She does have what it takes for the job. Okay, we will talk to her immediately, and we will train her if she is interested.” He didn’t dare oppose his suggestion. Then, he continued, “To extend our warm welcome to you, I plan to treat all the company’s mid-to-high-level employees to dinner tonight so we can get to know each other better.”

“Sure, just don’t forget to invite Josephine,” Ethan reminded him. Atticus nodded and bowed as he replied, “Of course. Josephine is our key training target. Of course, she needs to be there.”

“Great. I have some other things to attend to. Contact me tonight,” Ethan said as he stood up and left as if his visit was just a casual chat.

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