My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1910

Josephine couldn’t guess what meeting he was going to attend, but she didn’t want to pry too much, so she made a gesture and said, “Come on then!”

Ethan followed her and they went in. Suddenly, all of the six female receptionists were attracted to him and looked over. Josephine intentionally kept a distance from him by standing half a meter away. Ethan smirked upon noticing that. When they reached the elevator, Josephine rushed over from behind him to hold the elevator door for him like a server.

Ethan tried to suppress the laughter as he was amused by Josephine’s behavior. When they entered the elevator, Josephine asked him, “Which floor, please?” “16th floor,” Ethan replied.

Josephine blinked her eyes when she realized that it was where the company’s executives held meetings. While pressing the button for the 16th floor, she also pressed the button for the 8th floor. Finally, they arrived on the 8th floor. Josephine quickly said goodbye, “I’ll leave first. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” Ethan replied in a deep voice. As soon as Josephine got off the elevator, she felt a little dazed. Her mind was full of questions about what he was doing in the company and why he was going to the meeting room on the 16th floor. Is he here to meet a client?

As Josephine walked, she almost bumped into someone and that person was angered. “Josephine, are you blind? Can’t you watch where you’re going?”

Josephine sure was unlucky. The person she almost bumped into was Katrina. “Look at you. And you dare think about getting promoted with this kind of behavior. You must be dreaming.” Katrina sneered.

Following that, Josephine let out a sigh and walked back to her desk. Wren was curious and asked, “Where did you go? Why did you just come back now?”

“I was meeting a friend at the coffee shop downstairs,” Josephine replied. “What kind of friend? A male friend?” Wren teased, “Is Luke still pursuing you?”

“I ran into him at the wedding,” Josephine replied. “He’s not bad. At least he’s from a wealthy family. You should stop being picky and might as well go for him. You’re getting old so you shouldn’t be too choosy,” Wren said.

“Wren, this is about my marriage. I have to marry someone I love, not just someone who loves me. This concerns my happiness for the rest of my life. I don’t lack money. I just want to be with someone I’m in love with,” Josephine said.

“Don’t be too naive. Do you think you can find true love in this day and age? Love can’t fill your stomach, but money can fulfill all your material needs and buy your happiness and contentment. I think Luke is not bad.” Wren thought Josephine’s standards were too high. “Anyway, I won’t settle for less. I want to be with someone I love.” Josephine sighed.

“Tsk, I predict you will become an old lonely woman,” Wren, who was engaged, hoped Josephine would find a partner soon so they could have common topics to talk about. “I don’t mind being an old lonely woman. Being alone is quite nice,” Josephine said nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, Katrina came to deliver some documents to the office on the sixteenth floor. As she walked past the conference room, she couldn’t help but peek inside through the slightly open blinds. Her jaw dropped when she saw Ethan inside.

Oh my god! Where did this handsome man come from? That man happened to be in a meeting with Atticus. The quick-witted Katrina noticed an assistant carrying tea and she approached her and said, “I’ll take the tea, you can go do something else!”

The assistant happened to have something to attend to and handed her the tea. Katrina then knocked on the door nervously and excitedly before pushing it open. Even though she didn’t look directly at Ethan, her heart was already racing.

“Mr. Kowalski, here’s your tea,” Katrina handed a cup of tea to Atticus Kowalski, the director, and then handed another to Ethan. Katrina boldly took the opportunity to steal a glance at Ethan and she almost fainted right after. Ethan was so good-looking that he could be the reincarnation of Apollo. His face must have been carved by God himself. He was just too handsome.

“Kat, you can leave now!” Atticus had to remind his sister-in-law to leave.

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